None of this playing in the snow is in the script. When we went back for the few days to do the couple of scenes, I bumped in the worst snowstorm in 20 years. By noontime, there was just nothing I could do, and the producers said call a halt. And I felt badly because I had made the decision. I made the decision to have Ali and Ryan fly out ‘cause I thought the weather would be good. And when we reached noon and nothing to do, and everybody want to call it a day, and I was upset and the producers kept saying "It happens, we’ll pray for better weather tomorrow”. And I said, “Don’t call it a day, take the actors to lunch, meet me at Harvard and I’ll think of something”. When they came after lunch, I remember that when they arrived, I said to the producer, “ I need a football stadium open and a football”. He looked at me strangely and he said, “Arthur, there’s three feet of snow and it’s snowing, and you want a football stadium open and a football?”, And I said yes and he got them for me". - Arthur Hiller