My babygirl.

My heart is like the way the sky looks as the sun sets off into the horizon, a dash of red, a kladiescope of orange, and a kiss of pink.
It’s like magic the way the sky can be blue all day and midnight blue to almost black at night,
But just for that one moment where the day is transitioning to night, the sky becomes an array of colors.
The reason why I compare the state of my heart to this, is because of my girlfriend Jewels.
She is the magic in my heart, like the magic of the sunset to the sky.
She is marvelous. Beautiful. Sweet. Intense. Hilarious. Cute. Intelligent. Caring. Honest. Geunine. Talented. Lovely. And I never believed in the word perfect until I met her.
Her smile is like the silver of clouds when they dare to stand in the sky as the sun sets.
I fought to be okay, I fought broken love in my heart and I waited, walked through places and people to get to her. I didn’t know that I would be so blessed.
Mi beya bebe, tu es mi puesta de sol y soy tu cielo.