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Hey! Could you please update the teacher-student fic?? Thank you so much!!🤗


Professor Stilinski by LoveStiles (1/1 | 1,930 | NC17)

Stiles is an English Literature professor at a large university. Derek is his best student. There is a mutual attraction between them. What will happen when graduation day arrives?

Teacher by megacookie2002 (2/2 | 4,629 | NC17)

Stiles didn’t expect to get fucked by his History teacher on the first day of school. Or the second day either.

Inspired by Slashpalooza’s comic, link in notes

House of Hale (School for Supernaturals) by ironmuffin (7/? | 31,897 | NC17)

“We had teachers teaching them but they couldn’t take it any longer and resigned,” Peter told him. Derek’s eyes widened, staring at his uncle in disbelief.

“You want me to handle a bunch of misfits on my first day? You gotta be kidding me!”

“They may be lacking in the sense of behavior but they have great abilities, Derek and they need someone like you to lead them”.

Where Derek finally said yes to Peter’s request to teach at the House of Hale, school for supernaturals which was founded by his late mother, Talia Hale.

Sunburn by CosmicJ_Writing (1/1 | 608 | PG13)

Not all ‘Congradulations’ are happy and full of congrats. Some are full of disappointment and failed goodbyes.

They Can’t Take That Away From Me (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request: Hi there can you please make a fluffy Steve x Reader based on the song “They Cant Take That Away From Me” by Jose James❤️❤️

“Woo!  Get in there, Cap!”

Steve turned and shot a mischievous yet warning glance over his shoulder to Sam, who was sitting with an equally inebriated Clint on one side and a sober yet eager to make trouble Bucky at his other.  The three men only continued to cheer their friend on, warning or none, but no matter how eager they were for him to claim his moment, none of them could compare to the look of unabashed excitement in Tony’s eyes as he held out your hand to Steve. He had been trying to set the two of you up since your first day working for him at Stark Industries, and he wouldn’t believe that his intuition was wrong.  It took moving your work to the Avengers tower and then reassigning you as Steve’s assistant to get his plan into action, and now that he was seeing his genius idea reach its pinnacle, of course all because of him, he was almost as proud as if he were your own father.

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We hurt because that person we love is not with us anymore
But that pain, these tears, are very important still
They show us that we still love
You needn’t be alone when you feel it.


A little doodle for @trixystix, because I heard today’s kind of a tough day for you. I hope your pain eases soon


  • At first he didn’t notice
  • But then he found himself siling everytime you entered the chatroom
  • “MC: Yoosung are you okay”
  • “Y.. yes? Yes, yes I am”
  • no he’s not


I mean, the boy is seducting“Hello beautiful”“Zen wtf”He would be 100% cool about it


  • Just like Yoosung she wouldn’t notice
  • Until Jumin pointed out
  • “How did you notice”
  • “You smile and loo at the phone every 3 seconds”


  • He’s chill
  • “Hey MC I think I like you”
  • very romantic much love
  • Still, he tries his best


  • He’s worried
  • on one side he wants to be with you
  • on the other, he wants to protect you
  • “Hello MC…. “

well can i request a all boys from DR1 falling in love with a male s/o?

Of course! I’m in the mood to write about the DR1 boys today, so here you are~ 

And if you are wondering, I can’t go without using a “school environment” joke with Ishimaru. I am physically incapable. 

-Mod Iruma

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Do you happen to know all the songs Harry wrote for 1D? Like a list of them?

Everything About You
Same Mistakes

Back For You
They Don’t Know About Us
Summer Love
Still The One

Story Of My Life
Right Now
Something Great

Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Fool’s Gold
Night Changes
Stockholm Syndrome
Change Your Ticket

If I Could Fly
Walking In The Wind

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Hiii, ya girl is going through a tough time so can you please rec some super cute, fluffy, happy fics? Thank you 💕


then somebody bends by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 2,171 | PG13)

When Stiles invited himself over to Derek loft for some ‘Netflix and chill’ Derek expected sex, not watching Beauty and the Beast.

If You’re All I Got, I Sure Do Got a Lot by alienalicia14 (1/1 | 1,273 | G)

Fluffy fic about Old Couple!Sterek. They wear matching outfits and it’s just really freaking cute. Based on real events!

Beautiful, Good, and Loving by LoveStiles (1/1 | 797 | G)

Stiles is beautiful, and Derek wants him to realize that. Derek is good, and Stiles wants him to realize that. And they love each other. This story is pure fluff. Sweet fluff. Tooth rotting fluff. For those who like that.

A baby by mee4ever (1/1 | 741 | G)

“Derek, I don’t know how much of high school you missed, but I am male, not just psychologically but also biologically, and I do hope you know that means I cannot bear a child.”

Or the one where Stiles smells like pack, family and a baby.

Let the Rain Fall Down by tabbytabbytabby (1/1 | 673 | G)

Stiles thinks the rain has ruined his day with Derek. Derek shows Stiles otherwise with tea and lots of cuddling. 

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Pet names for teen wolf please❤

Scott: Babe, love

Stiles: Silly names like ‘schmookums’ to embarrass you, babe, honey

Lydia: Baby is really the only one she uses

Allison: Love, sweetheart

Isaac: Darling, lovely, beautiful

Derek: Derek’s not really one for petnames but if he’s going to use one on you, it’ll be babe

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Could I get a update on Alpha!Stiles ? Thank you dudes ❤️

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Jump (For My Love) by KaliopeShipsIt (1/1 | 6,723 | G)

Stiles wants to get married in an untraditional way to defy the “Alphatriarchy”.

Derek doesn’t think before he speaks and ends up regretting all of his life choices.

Turns out, he needn’t have worried at all.

Alternatively titled, “The One Where a Severely Acrophobic Derek Gets Out of Bungee Jumping Into Holy Matrimony And Still Manages To Defy the Alphatriarchy”

Of Claws and Fangs by GateKeeperOfEchoes (3/? | 10,222 | NC17)

When you hear of the name Stiles Stilinski you probably think of the hyper active, always talking, and very much human seventeen year old boy who attends Beacon Hills high school and who is/isn’t apart of a Werewolf pack. But what if Stiles Stilinski isn’t what he makes himself appear to be, what if he’s something far more than anyone else expected him to be?

Or : Stiles Stilinski isn’t as human as everyone thinks, he’s actually a special kind of Werewolf breed, a werewolf breed that has only has 1% chance of appearing.  

A Wicked Game by oblivions172 (4/? | 9,823 | NC17)

Derek is the omega son of wealthy business owner, Talia Hale, and the target of a recent stalking. After Derek’s murderous ex girlfriend escapes from prison, Derek’s life is flipped upside down. What started off as playful threats soon escalates into something that threatens Derek’s life.

Stiles is just an alpha trying to keep his clients safe. He’s pretty damn good at being a personal bodyguard so when Cora, his long time best friend, comes to him with a job to protect her big brother, Stiles knows he can’t turn it down. He’s determined to protect Derek even if it costs him his life.

White Wolf Alpha, Black Wolf Omega by LoveStiles (1/1 | 2,155 | NC17)

When young alpha and omega werewolves reach the age of 18 they are sent to Summer Camp Lycan to meet their mates. Most of them go eagerly, anticipating the happiness when they meet their mates. But not omega Derek Hale.
(Omega Derek is sent to Summer Camp Lycan where he meets a unique and attractive Alpha.)

The Accidental Alpha by maiNuoire (1/1 | 7,131 | PG13)

When Stiles goes away to college, he finds a new group of supernatural friends (because of course he does) much to the chagrin of his dad and Derek. It turns out he’s pretty good at leading a group of werewolves–and a witch!–through the trials and tribulations of freshmen year.

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Hi Lovelies, Love your work as always. Do you think we could get an update of the Dragons tag? Many Thanks

sure thing!!

Dragon Rider by GoNEF (1/1 | 4,701 | NR)

Stiles’ birthday is coming up and Derek has a perfect gift for him he just never thought he would be jealous of it.

We Fit So Neatly by skoosiepants (1/1 | 4,792 | PG13)

When Stiles is thirteen years old, he falls in love.

She’s over ten feet tall, with gray-green leathery skin and a plump, yellow belly, bright purple eyes and an ungainly wingspan that makes her topple when she spreads them open too wide.

In the time it takes for the dragon to bury her too-warm muzzle in the palm of his hand, Stiles knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Her handler is gruff, dark-haired, wide-shouldered, and scowling down at him. He’s got a burn scar running down the outside of one forearm, and the flight vest open at his throat reveals an angry red claw mark on his collarbone.

Stiles maybe falls a little bit in love with him, too.

The Golden Ring by LoveStiles (4/4 | 9,656 | R)

It is a time long ago in a land far away. Stiles is a Mage, and Derek is King of the Werewolves. There are good and evil forces striving with each other to gain control over that ancient world. And there is a ring made of pure gold which holds great power within it. 

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Is there a serial killer tag? And if so is it due for an update🙂

there sure is

Blind Eye by jessicawitte (1/? | 1,122 | NR)

A serial killer has been running around in Beacon Hills, and nobody knows who he is. But Stiles does, cause he is the one everyone is looking for, but they’ll never find him, cause he’s to smart and to good an actor to get caught, he has an IQ of 193 after all……

Bad Blood by BrotherlySoulmates (1/? | 1,146 | PG13)

What if no one even knows who you really are? What if you’ve been letting everyone believe in a lie? A lie that even you had almost started to believe- almost. Because, like they say, the past will always catch up with you and one day, you will have to face it…

Control Me by BrotherlySoulmates (16/? | 24,908 | PG13)

“Freedom is a burden,” The whiskey-eyed male drawled, kneeling down in front of Derek who growled in the back of his throat, eyeing his owner with red glowing eyes. “You should be glad I took it away from you.”

Stiles Deals With Theo by LoveStiles (1/1 | 2,081 | G)

Theo has returned to Beacon Hills, and everyone believes that he has reformed. Except for Stiles and Derek. They are suspicious of Theo and of his motives. 

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Hi! I was wondering if you have a fluffy/ fare share of smutty fic where stiles and Derek are married? Thank you so much!

Fluff AND smut.These are a few of my favorite things. (all explicit) - Anastasia

Originally posted by inever-explain-anything

TTC by Saucery

(1/1 I 980)

Stiles and Derek are a couple trying to conceive. Of course, this means lots and lots of sex. Stiles is starting to get tired of it.

Except for how he’s not.

Sweet Tooth by BabyMilk

(1/1 I 1,166 I Mentions of Sexual Assault)

Stiles Stilinski-Hale works at a bakery.
There’s always this one customer, this one guy, who never seems to leave Stiles alone.
When Stiles gets a little mouthy with this shady character, who knows what could happen!!

We Are Having Pups Sourwolf! by stygitsune

(1/1 I 1,436)

Derek and Stiles were having their first litter together, yes thats right a litter of pups! Five to be exact. Join them both on their journey through Stiles’ pregnancy and when they think back on how they got there with the pack and all the shit that happened along the way. Can’t be that complicated of a history right? Well besides all the hot sex they were having it wasn’t that bad.

One True Dick by eeyore9990

(1/1 I 1,898)

Which was why Derek was pacing back and forth in the middle of a circle of mountain ash, watching Stiles writhe and moan on their mountain ash-encircled bed whilst painting his well-lubed rim with yet another circle of — that’s right — mountain ash.

a Sunday morning at a window (and beyond) by Siriusstuff

(1/1 I 2,187)

While conversing with their senior citizen neighbor (who’s a very nice lady but talkative) from their window, Stiles does things to Derek.

Just An Old Fashioned Love Song by LoveStiles

(1/1 I 2,731)

When Stiles and Derek first met they weren’t exactly friends. In fact, each one found the other one annoying. Stiles had Derek arrested for a murder which he hadn’t committed. After Derek was released, he and Stiles were constantly at odds with each other. Derek would lose his patience with Stiles and shove him against a wall. Stiles would lose his temper with Derek and snark back at him. This went on for a while, until really dangerous things began to happen to the pack of werewolves that Derek and Stiles were part of.
Then something unusual happened. Stiles and Derek began to save each other’s lives on a regular basis. And their animosity toward each other faded away. And they became friends.
Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, and all the years ahead, Stiles grows from a teenager into a young man. And Derek was there to share all of the birthdays. This story will follow Stiles and Derek from the first day that they met and into the future.

Brought to You By the Letter D by Inell

(1/1 I 6,378)

When Derek and Stiles get home from a party, Stiles decides the word of the night is debauched. He’s really lucky that Derek is willing to be seduced.

the first addition to the Stilinski-Hale family by OnlyMyThoughtsForCompany

(2/? I 8,568)

“Hey Stiles,” Derek called to his husband, eyes never leaving the television screen. He didn’t bother waiting for a response when he continued, “Do you want to have a baby with me?”

A series of one-shots following Stiles’ first pregnancy.

ladybugs by thepsychicclam

(1/1 I 20,723)

It’s Saturday night, and Derek Hale is at Toys R Us. Shopping for Leapfrog games. If asked, it wasn’t exactly how he pictured his life. Or his Saturday nights.

In which Derek and Stiles have been married for ten years, have two kids, and are planning their five year old’s birthday party.

I Tried to Be Chill, but You’re So Hot That I Melted by khasael

(1/1 I 24,434 )

Stiles lifts his head out of his hands, even though the cold wave of panic is trying to wash over him, and finally voices the worry that’s been haunting him, getting louder as the day goes on. “What if—What if he doesn’t want to marry me?”

Scott’s hand comes to rest on Stiles shoulder. “Dude,” he says, squeezing firmly. “You’re already married. This is just a formality.”

Stiles blinks for a moment, looks at Scott’s earnest face. “Oh. Right. Thanks.”

They Can’t Take That Away From Me

*Request* Bucky songfic to “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by Frank Sinatra. I’m not sure this is where it was supposed to go, but it’s what I’ve been thinking for a while…

Bucky Barnes x Reader

“We met in the spring of 1940.” You knew your eyes lit up when you talked about him. Your first love. Even after all this time, after the war had ripped you apart and his death had nearly killed you, talking about James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes still put a spark in your words and a fire in your voice. You didn’t talk about him much, but you wanted to. It was so good to have the opportunity; for someone to ask.

“Was he your boyfriend?” Emily asked you, holding the photo in long fingers, a mischievous smile on her face. She was too much like her mother, that one.

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Hey any chance you guys could update the stiles keeping secrets tag? I'm on mobile so sorry if it's not been enough time 😬. Thank you guys For everything you do!!


Stiles Deals With Theo by LoveStiles (1/1 | 2,081 | G)

Theo has returned to Beacon Hills, and everyone believes that he has reformed. Except for Stiles and Derek. They are suspicious of Theo and of his motives.

The Story of Tonight by vampressbdb (7/7 | 1,879 | R)

Stiles and Derek have become friends, kind of. What happens when Derek finds out about Stiles’ big secret?

You Were Never Meant to Know by Mooneye (1/1 | 8,521 | PG13)

“Not a fan of exorcisms, Stiles?” the figure asked as though he were enquiring about the rain.

“Not really. I could spew black bile if you’d like more authenticity,” Stiles answered.

“Stiles, what’s going on?” Scott demanded, unease growing.

Stiles is a demon, always has been, and never intended for anyone to know. Unfortunately, his secret is forcefully revealed and he has nowhere to hide.

Say Goodbye East Coast by IMANTSINMYEYESJOHNSON (3/? | 18,200 | NC17)

“So, you look like my dad’s financial adviser, but like, in an undiscovered model, early mid-life crisis kinda’ way.”
Stiles laughs, light and free, and Derek is 100% ambivalent on all the reasons he wants to shove him up against that wall.

Derek gets fired from his fancy journalist job in the Big Apple and moves to L.A. with Laura in hopes for some existential epiphany on what he’s going to do next with his life. Instead he finds a 5'10" smart ass who has really pretty eyes and an even prettier voice.

Don’t Fuss Over Me by Delightful_I_Am (9/9 | 14,964 | PG13)

Stiles has a pretty big secret. Peter helps him keep it.

Waterworld by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek (1/? | 6,130 | NC17)

In the future, the polar ice caps have melted and covered the earth with water. Dry land is a myth that people tell their children about when they put them to sleep. People live on floating communities called atolls and merchant ships.

Over centuries, mutations have evolved from the human race to allow for their survival in this post-apocalyptic world. Stiles is a mutation, an omega, living in this world. But Stiles has a secret. He knows where dry land is. Or, at least, he might know where dry land is. He’s not sure if it’s real, but he knows that’s where he comes from and that his father is supposed to be there waiting for him. And he has a map that’s supposed to tell him exactly where it is.

Enter Derek Hale, an Alpha mutation that has adapted to life fully on the water.

Stiles and Derek set out on a lifetime journey to find mythical dry land and dammit, Stiles can’t help but be attracted to Derek and his intoxicating scent.

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Can you recommend some fics that are insanely fluffy plz?

tooth rotting fluff

As We Dream By The Fire by milkyway (1/1 | 1,049 | G)

There’s only an hour of Christmas left, when Derek realises that it’s his first Christmas since he and Stiles have been together. In fact, it’s been his first real Christmas since a long time ago. Or, the one where Derek realises that not all fires are bad.

Badass Supernatural Crime Fighting Doesn’t Pay The Bills by XOSweetsOX (1/1 | 3,340 | PG13)

Stiles lives a double life.

Derek fits into both of these lives.

But neither of them know it.


Sugar Pie (Honey Bunch) by larriecloudss (1/1 | 2,657 | G)

“Was that eat-in or takeaway?” the girl at the counter recites monotonously. Her disinterest in the answer is obvious. Her attention is instead devoted to glowering at a group of middle schoolers throwing chicken nuggets at each other. Derek tries not to be annoyed by the amplified clacking of her chewing gum. He watches as one of the preteens gets pegged in the head and goes down.

“Takeaway, thanks.” Stiles replies cheerfully by his side. His boyfriend is smiling widely at the grumpy waitress. “Sound alright, schmoopy?” he asks, directing the question at Derek.

Derek’s eye twitches.
Or, Stiles just really loves to annoy Derek with pet names.

Dear Friend by LoveStiles (2/2 | 6,307 | PG13)

Stiles has a new job, working in a bookshop. And of all things, working with a grumpy manager, Derek Hale. Derek was on Stiles’ case constantly. Nothing that Stiles did pleased him. And he was very grumpy. And Stiles was very grumpy towards him in return.

Call Me by Thealmostrhetoricalquestion (1/1 | 2,624 | NR)

The one where Derek is a nerd without a phone and Stiles is the jock who has to resort to Ye Olden Day ways of communicating.

(Based on a Tumblr post. Link in the notes.)

It Wasn’t A Cat-astrophe by heyhoechy (1/1 | 1,094 | G)

So yeah, Stiles thinks Dinah’s the best cat to grace this planet. Especially after he meets Derek’s cat.

A second chance at making a first impression by Sexonfire24 (1/1 | 4,564 | NR)

The amazing Kitsunequeen
asked for:

“you tried to barge into a private conversation so I said something devastatingly witty and dismissive but you came back with something even meaner and more clever” au for sterek would be awesome:)