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Hi there! My question: I want to add text to my gif and when I do I want to add a stroke so you can see the text much more clearer. When I add the store to the text it only applies to 1 frame instead of all of them even when I've selected all the frames... is there something im doing wrong? Help? Please and Thank you!

Once you added the stroke effect, select all the layers. Then by clicking on the eye next to the text stroke, make it invisible and then visible again. The stroke should now be on all the frames. 

i felt like there are so many people who deserve kudos for being so great and lovely and awesome, so i’m making my own follow forever. you guys really make my dash a place that i can truly enjoy and i don’t know what it’d look like without you! i included new and old mutuals alike, as well as a couple non-mutuals, just because all of you guys come together to make my dash what it is.


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