When someone is your favorite, you are appreciative of the experience that you have as a result of enjoying their company or you are vested in their interest and you appreciate how you feel after being with them. Your favorite person should be you! Sometimes we can spend too much time trying to flatter, impress or entertain someone else and have no idea what entertains, impresses or flatters us! Focus your energy on what IS your favorite instead of what isn’t! #BeYourFavorite #LoveStartsWithYou #StopTellingPeopleWhatYouDontLike #YouCanDoIt #AmazingAwaits #YouAreAmazing

#repost from my lovely friend @lostinsplendor !! This really hit home for me. The evolution of the woman I have become, and continue to strive to be, has been a looooonnnng work in progress. If you’re still waiting for someone to show you you’re worthy, you’re wasting your time. It starts with YOU!! ♥ #motivation #inspiration #dedication #selfesteem #selfrespect #quotes #quoteoftheday #bodypositivity #lovestartswithyou

It’s perfectly ok to seclude yourself from the crowd from time to time. Doing so will only permit you with the time to truly find and love yourself. We are too busy occupying our time trying to entertain these fabricated friendships and trying to be liked by everybody else, that we lose sight on who we really are. We must learn to love ourselves first. Nobody will ever be able to strip you of the love that you have for yourself. ☝️#LoveStartsWithYou ✌️#EmbraceTheLonliness 😌💭

#Repost from @gentlemenhood that I can’t get enough of!! You can complete yourself! It’s awesome to find complementary people for your life, but you have to find that sense of belonging and wholeness in yourself to be truly, genuinely fulfilled. Once you love you, you’ll be surprised how many other people can’t resist! ;) Happy Hump Day! #motivation #inspiration #quotes #quoteoftheday #wisewords #beyourbestyou #lovestartswithyou #loveyourself #youreawesome