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In the Stubborn Hearts part of the Lovesong verse, is it noticeable in Blaine's voice that he has a TBI? Other than his needing to stop and pause, would you be able to hear in the tone or cadence of his speech? I'm just curious because when I read, I'm not sure if what Blaine says would sound like canon Blaine speaking, or if I need to imagine something else.

At this point in his recovery, it wouldn’t be as noticeable unless you knew what to look for or if you were talking with him for awhile. It’s hard to explain how I hear it in my head, but I think his cadence is a little slower than it was before, but at this point it’s not as noticeable unless he’s having an off day or a hard time! I hope that helped?

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so i dont know if youll answer this or not but whats the next part of lovesong suppose to be? and if youll finish that drabble of kurt coming home from work to find blaine on the floor in the living room after having a seizure?

The next part of Lovesong will be Blaine visiting Cooper in LA. And I’m honestly not sure if I’ll finish that drabble, I wrote it ages ago and forgot about it and I’m not really sure if it would fit in with what I want anymore!