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Ayano probably suffers some form of extremely rare neurological disorder where her brain’s chemical receptors have extreme insensitivity to the hormones dopamine, serotonin, adrenalin, cortisol, and norepinephrine, to the point where they can’t even detect the levels of these chemicals without the presence of testosterone, estrogen (responsible for lust) oxytocin, and vasopressin (responsible for emotional attachment).

Probably the reason the doctors were worried was because she had absolutely no fight-or-flight response. Her hypothalamus probably works just fine, it’s the chemical receptors that are fucked up in the amygdala and lymphatic vessels, not the release system. Her adrenal glands do not release adrenaline without the four chemicals stated above. They literally can’t receive the signal properly.

The result: Extreme, sudden, emotional attachment to the first person she finds sexually attractive, confusing love, lust, and just the ability to feel and receive certain signals, causing her entire focus to revolve around him. Without her love, she only feels just enough to know that she feels empty.

Obviously, there should be some other effects as well, considering that a good chunk of her brain, lymph system, and nervous system don’t receive hormones properly as a result of being malformed. It may have affected her ability to feel pain and hunger, differentiate hot and cold, and lead to frequent, undetected illness as a result.

Her immune system would also be non-existent because of the abnormalities in her lymphatic and nervous system. She would never live a normal life. She would become severely ill from vaccines. She would get the flu every single year, and would never build up an immunity to anything.

Wait. How is she not completely paralyzed due to her body’s severe insensitivity to some signals from the brain? How is it only confined to some parts of her nervous and lymphatic system and not others? How is she even alive? How has her family line even carried on this long, considering that this is genetic?!

I have questions.

I want you to remember me like this.
Smiling despite how much I hate how it looks, with my guard down completely. Laughing so much I can’t breathe, holding onto the collar of your shirt like a railing. Looking at you as much as I can before you look away, because you can never really let me see all of you. I think your scared that if I do I’ll run away.
I could’ve ran so many times before, and maybe I should’ve. Maybe I should’ve ran as fast and as far as my feet could take me. Maybe I should’ve, before your voice became my favorite song and your eyes my favorite color.
But if I ran back then you wouldn’t be in front of me right now, and I’ve never felt more content in my life then being here, staring into your eyes on the back of someone’s porch at 2am.
—  v.m

Lovesickness / Miku Hatsune

Sunafuki / Sept 26, 2014