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Cordelia and charlotte hcs ?

  • they absolutely met at the supermarket and you can’t take this from me
  • cordelia was completely filling her shopping cart
  • charlotte noticed (and wasn’t staring at all, i’ll have you know)
  • cordelia threw this big cheesy grin at her and charlotte gave a nervous giggle and wave
  • cordelia walked over, ready to give her best cooking advice, but is honestly a little starstruck at seeing charlotte’s face up close
  • charlotte, waving her hand in her face: are you okay?? you zoned out
    cordelia, snapping out of it: nonono!! i’m fine haha! just a bit… faint
    charlotte: oh well, i’m your doctor- A DOCTOR, NOT YOURS… I AM A DOCTOR hA
  • that started the affectionate “she’s my doctor”
  • they weren’t awkward at all after that – i mean, they both practically emanate lesbian energy
  • if you don’t think uses awful doctor-based lines, you’re utterly Wrong
  • cordelia: oh charlotte, i think i’m sick – lovesick, that is
    charlotte just affectionately rolls her eyes at her
  • cordelia, fake-swooning: char, i require a practical
    charlotte, rushing in: what’s wrong??
    cordelia: it’s my mouth
    charlotte: …huh?
    cordelia: i think you need to examine it-
    charlotte: uuuh ok, let me grab my things
    cordelia: with your mouth
    charlotte, catching on: that’s not appropriate doctor etiquette
  • this obviously ends in lots of kissing and cuddles and more (duh) but charlotte absolutely goes into a fit of giggles about how horrendously bad that pickup was afterwards
  • their preferred relaxing position is cordelia laying across charlotte’s lap trying to get her attention as charlotte reads a magazine
  • cordelia is constantly grabbing charlotte’s face and covering any available spot in little kisses – charlotte should protest when cordelia’s wearing lipstick but she never does
  • cordelia will often mix drinks for them after a rough day or when they’re just wanting to relax with a drink. cordelia makes the best drinks and everyone agrees
  • cordelia will make a game of drinking something and then making out with charlotte and getting her to guess the flavour
  • charlotte, clearly not paying attention to the taste: uuuh… strawberry?
  • cordelia: mmm close but no. it was sambuca and baileys
  • charlotte: how was that close
  • cordelia is actually an amazing cook but it does take her a while to get used to making new things (see: jason’s bar mitzvah)
  • she cooked a meal for charlotte on their second date which was delicious. cordelia was so happy when charlotte praised her that charlotte found herself doing it a lot more often.
  • cordelia will absolutely jump on her girlfriend and plaster her in kisses at any given opportunity. (all i talk about is kissing *shrugs*).
  • cordelia has tiny, tiny freckles over her nose and charlotte gives her bunny kisses across them. 
  • every time cordelia laughs her nose crinkles so charlotte gave her the nickname bunny. cordelia protests each time she uses it but can never stop smiling about it.
  • charlotte is outrageously ticklish so any time cordelia’s cooking a new concoction and charlotte is distracting her, cordelia will just give her a poke in the side.
  • they relentlessly tease each other and are the world’s grossest, soppiest couple.
  • charlotte: here, you have something on your face, come closer… closer
    cordelia: huh?
    then charlotte will just lick her cheek
    cordelia: EW CHARLOTTE!
  • they’re simultaneously the worst and the best. sometimes they’re so mushy that it’s hard to stay in the same room.
  • charlotte is constantly replacing names in love songs with “cordelia” or she’ll make up her own soppy songs on the spot and sing them to cordelia.
  • cordelia will just shove new foods in charlotte’s mouth and charlotte doesn’t even have time to protest.
  • charlotte: you’re lucky i don’t have any allergies
    cordelia: darn, my plan is foiled
    charlotte: you won’t get rid of me that easily
    cordelia, smiling and smooching her: pity
  • they own cats – two, eleanor & lorena
  • cordelia: i love my kittiesss, they’re gay and in love
    marvin: cats can’t be lesbians
    whizzer, kicking him: don’t be a fucking homophobe, marv
  • charlotte and cordelia totally have a record player and a small but loved collection of vinyl.
  • they’ll play it on quiet nights on the lowest volume and slow dance together in their little apartment.
  • the day they moved in together was the best because they both absolutely love decorating and while their aesthetics very they still have the most lesbian looking apartment ever.
  • after a day of decorating they were covered in paint, especially since they had a mini paint war. they ended up with coloured hand prints over their clothes – charlotte has an old shirt and trousers on while cordelia had old dungarees on and they have a polaroid to commemorate That Look.



❝ I don’t have an apartment. ❞
❝ Thought if I was smart I’d make it far. ❞
❝ But I’m still at the start. ❞
❝ Guess I’m contagious. ❞
❝ It’d be safest if you ran. ❞
❝ Take my car and paint it black. ❞
❝ Take my arm, break it in half. ❞
❝ Say something, do it soon. ❞
❝ It’s too quiet in this room. ❞
❝ I don’t have an agenda. ❞
❝ All I do is pretend to be okay. ❞
❝ I need blood in the cut. ❞
❝ I need noise.  ❞


❝ Me and my friends, thicker than blood. ❞
❝ Just trying to breathe something thicker than dust. ❞
❝ I need to keep my mind, my mind moving on up. ❞
❝ Thinking about when I felt lovesick. ❞
❝ I’m in the mood for a plot twist. ❞
❝ Never cared what I’m supposed to be. ❞
❝ Wishing my future would carve out. ❞
❝ Might spend a whole night smashing. ❞
❝ World never seemed like a fair place. ❞
❝ Same shit playing on the airwaves. ❞
❝ All my life been a good kid. ❞
❝ Money’s overrated, sex ain’t hard to find. ❞
❝ We’re not in love, since when is that a crime. ❞


❝ Everyone I know, everyone I know is sad. ❞
❝ Smiling in a bad way, high off stolen meds. ❞
❝ But they all just play the keys in shitty bands. ❞
❝ Call my phone if you’re feeling lonely. ❞
❝ Cause I’m not anyone’s one and only. ❞
❝ I’m dead, I’m dead. ❞
❝ Write me back if you’re feeling empty. ❞
❝ I don’t like pretending I’m bad. ❞
❝ Cause I’m not bad, cause I’m not bad. ❞
❝ Everyone I know, everyone I know is great. ❞
❝ Come around if you’re feeling frightened. ❞
❝ I can see that the noose is tightening fast. ❞
❝ Good enough to fight for second place. ❞


❝ I don’t like anyone better than you, it’s true. ❞
❝ You are my citadel, you are my wishing well. ❞
❝ I used to like liquor to get me inspired. ❞
❝ I used to like smoking to stop all the thinking. ❞
❝ The world is a curse, it’ll kill if you let it. ❞
❝ I know they got pills that can help you forget it. ❞
❝ I don’t need drugs, ‘cause I’m already high enough. ❞
❝ You got me, you got me good. ❞
❝ I’m already high enough. ❞
❝ I only, I only, I only got eyes for you. ❞
❝ Do you see anyone other than me? ❞
❝ They bottle it, call it medicine. ❞
❝ I found a different buzz. ❞

another max update: a few weeks ago he posted this picture of a page from a book on facebook and i asked him what it was from and he never responded which was like classic max in an annoying way but then today i got a package and it was the book that the page was from so obvi my heart skipped a beat because i’m a lovesick sucker

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Lovesick yandere here! I'm actually in a relationship and my significant other is aware of my yandere ways, and is perfectly okay with it. In fact, they actually really enjoy all the attention I give them. ( their previous EX was neglectful and cheated) to all my fellow psycho-lovers, please don't lose hope. I never thought anyone would understand the intensity of my love, but here I am. There are people out there who are willing to love and accept you for who you are! 💋🔪💖

Black Hat from Villainous

Just a quick sketch I did right now.Just came back from Prague home but I’ll go there again on Friday :’).I hate traveling so much…I honestly thought that this fandom wouldn’t take me but oh boy it did-I’m lovesick with Paperhat (BH x Dr.Flug)!Oh boy be ready for more stuff from Villainous! :)


a non-exhaustive list of media i want to consume but may never have time for:

  • new season of bnha (also, catch up on the manga)
  • season 2 of sense8
  • the get down
  • american gods (it looks so good but how do i watch it…)
  • the newer rick riordan books
  • rewatch/reread fma
  • master of none season 2
  • lovesick season 2

i’m sure there’s more stuff im forgetting but like dang look at all of that already?? thats so much

Double date

Jakuzure: Inumuta, you have a mini camera or a spycam or something, right? Come with me for a bit
Inumuta: Huh?

J: You know what, Toad-chan and the slacker are going to the amusement park on a date~! Exciting, am I right? Don’t you wanna follow them?

I: Well, that’s unusual. Gamagori invited her?
J: Heheh~ you’re half-right.
I: Half-right?

A few hours ago

J: Here, take these
Gamagori: Hm? Tickets to the amusement park? But…
J: Oh~ don’t worry about thanking me, I have nothing but good intentions

J: There are two tickets, so why don’t you ask out that slacker and have a good time

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i'm lovesick. like literally sick with love. and i hate it. i've never been one of those cheesy, lovey-dovey people, but damn, i see love everywhere. in tv shows, in movies, irl around me. i want love so much. but i also don't. idk how to explain it. i love love, it's got me diseased with warm cheesiness and i hate it. i don't want to want love. pls, get me rid of it.

i understand what you mean. it’s tough. it’s such a paradoxical feeling as well, wanting but not at the same time? craving but being terrified of it at the same time. it’s the worst. i’d love not to want it either, to be able to just walk free without it. but, thing is, you can’t really escape it. the only way you could be free of any warm cheesiness, as you call it, is if no one around you has it either, and that’s not possible. you can’t prevent people from loving. you can’t. so, i guess what you have to do is deal with it (like most things in life tbh). it’ll be okay, though. someday you’ll find someone that’ll make it seem like it’s all worth it. 

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I hope Lovesick gods is going well! I don't mind that other fics may take longer, I want your book to do well!

Thank you!

I’m super excited to split it into two books, which was an idea I had a while back when I realized how LONG the Lovesick fic was. 

What’s funny is despite everything I cut, given all the original plot items that got added in, it ended up being almost the exact same amount of words, so it’s just too long for a single book. 

I’m thinking right now it will be a two part series: Lovesick Gods & Lovesick Titans. I’m splitting my time between edits, reading through the final version, and doing little bits of other writing, but fics likely will slow down since I want to be sure to have the first Lovesick book out in August/September, and my typesetter needs time.