Gift tip - Dolfin Chocolate

What do you give your friends who already have everything they desire? Well, from my perspective a good bottle of wine or some delicious chocolate.

Like with the coffee story, I appreciated dark chocolate after eating milk chocolate for years. The moment I reduced eating sugar by not adding it to my coffee or tea I found out that a lot of milk chocolate was just too sweet for me. And reading the labels of my food as a habit, finding out I ate stuff with ingredients I can’t pronounce made me want to try organic, slave free and even raw chocolate.

One of the bars I like is Dutch based Lovechock. Another delicious one with a nice packaging is the Dolfin 70% with choconibs. Valrhona does miracles too!bGift tip y'all. Buy three bars, put a ribbon around it add a bottle of bubbles or red wine will give your friend an awesome time ;)

Time for snack with raw chocolate (flavours like coconut, goji/orange and mulberry/vanilla) and Froosh bottled starfruit/yuzu smoothie, yummy 😀👍 #smoothie #chocolate #choklad #lovechock #thegrownupchocolatecompany #thegrownupchocolate #froosh #rawfood #rawfoods #rawvegan #rawfooddiet #rawfoodshare #vegan #vegetarian


We touch our finger to the hot stove again,
jump in the icy lake a month earlier.
Wrap our bodies in another warm blanket,
another set of arms. Always surprised at
the effect when it comes around again.
The catch in our lungs. The shock.
What we thought we knew about love
forever confounding us.