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Nerve part 5 (JokerXReader)

Oh guys, writer’s block is finally over! :D It’s 3:15 in the morning right now but I got hit with inspiration and I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer. :* And since you all have been waiting so long for this chapter for what I’m really sorry, I decided to make it a little longer. Hope you will like it! <3<3 :**

Nerve Chapter 5

You were standing in front of the mirror in the changing room, the saleswoman behind you was trembling like hell, as she fixed the beautiful new dress you tried on.

It was made out of white lace, with it’s pretty wide V-neck and the long sleeves, it looked absolutely gorgeous on you.

Hopefully Mr J would like it too.

Fifteen minutes ago he had given you a challenge.

He had taken you to one of Gotham City’s most expensive boutiques and your task was it to find something that would make your daddy really, really happy.

Otherwise if you won’t find something that makes him happy, he would kill all the saleswomen in the store off, without even thinking about it, twice, and you were absolutely sure he also had plans for you too, if he would win this challenge.

Your phone was vibrating on the small chair in the changing room, it was Mr J.

Thirty minutes, angel. Daddy can’t wait to see what ya wearing for him.

You gulped.

„This godless scum“, the saleswoman behind you said and looked at you with a sympathatic facial expression.

As if she wanted to help you get out of this nightmare.

„How did a lovely young girl like you got into this?“, she asked.

„I went to the wrong place some night“, you just said silently.

You couldn’t risk that Frost or one of Mr J’s other henchmen could hear you.

„Listen, there is an emergancy exit just a few steps away from this changing room, if you’re fast enough you could-“

You shook your head to cut the woman off.

„It wouldn’t work. He would find me, anyways. And I have nowhere to go, that’s why I’m staying with him“, you explained.

„But where’s your mother, hunny?“, she asked carefully.

„She’s dead“, you whispered.

„Was it him?“, she asked further.

„No. She died two years ago in a car crash, my father was with her. I have no other family.“

„I have a daughter, she’s just a few years younger than you, if she would be standing here instead of you, I would totaly freak out. I don’t know what she would do, if she knew what happens here right now.“

„What’s her name?“, you asked.

„Maggie. She’s at school, I never thought I would go to work someday and begging to god that I have to survive this day, to see her again.“

„I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that he planned this“, you said blinking away some tears.

If this was your mother …

You would’ve done everything to save her life.

„It’s finished, hun. You look amazing, too bad it’s for a bastard like him. I would’ve loved to see such a dress on my daughter on her first date or … I’m sorry, I’m just getting sentimental …“, the woman said and whiped away the tears that came across her face now.

„You won’t die here, I will bring you outta here, alive“, you said.

„Let’s find some more clothes, I won’t lose this challenge and your daughter won’t lose you.“

Daddy wants a challenge?

He will get a challenge!

This was nothing else than another Nerve game and you had done so many dangerous things until now, so you were absolutely able to win this one too.

You were the player and Mr J was your watcher at the moment, you just had to imagine it that way, to make the whole thing work.


„Boss“, Frost said as you took the stairway down into the luxurious store again, where Mr J was sitting in an armchair directly in front of the stairs, like a king waiting for his queen.

His henchmen, -all of them armed to death with machine guns-, were still guarding the front door and the three other hostages, who had been working, before he decided to assault the boutique.

Mr J looked up from his phone, where he watched the last seconds of your challenge time running out.

He smiled wickedly as he saw you in the white lace dress and you already knew you had won.

„Oooh, there she is … pretty, pretty, so pretty. Come here, I wanna see how good it fits your beautiful body“, he murmered and reachd his right hand out for you to take it.

He pulled you onto his lap, letting out a deep growl as he began sliding up and down his hands at the sides of your body.

„White lace … never thought this would look that perfect on you, little doll“, he said, whilst placing his crimson red lips on the naked skin of your V-neck and started sucking on it, leaving bruises to make sure everyone knows to whom you belong.

You couldn’t help but let your mouth escape some kind of a pleasured sigh.

Realising what you just did, you had to look him in the eyes with reddened cheeks.

How embarrassing, obviously your body couldn’t decide if you were turned on by this man or rather scared.

„Hm, what was that, angel? You want your daddy?“

His cold blue eyes were gazing into yours and you were surprised in which kind of way they looked at you.

He desired you, and for the first time there was something inside you that was making you feel more good than scared.

Something about the way he touched, looked and talked to you was just … nice and it made you feel wanted …

But it also irritated you.

You were still scared of him, but now you also kinda liked him?

What was wrong with you?

Or instead what was he doing to you?

Was he manipulating you?

„I-“, you wanted to say but he interrupted you with crushing his lips against yours and forcing his tongue roughly into your mouth.

„Mhmm …“, you panted out.

You couldn’t believe this felt so good, you couldn’t understand that this man had such an effect on you, even if you were scared of him.

„What was it that you wanted to tell me, angel?“, Mr J whispered at your lips, making you close your eyes.

This felt so nice … why does it feel so nice?

„I’ve found some more things I could wear for you … daddy“, you whispered back shyly.

„Oooh, really? What a good girl, thinking of daddy so nicely. Show me those things, baby, shoo“, he grinned at you, after releasing you from his lap.

„Can I take her with me, daddy? She made the dress look so good, I want her to help me“, you said with your cutest voice and pointed at the saleswoman, which you promised she would make it outta here alive.

„If she’s making my doll look beautiful for her daddy, then I’ll let you have her“, he said and gestured towards the middle aged lady with the long black hair.

„Thank you, daddy“, you said and gifted him a big smile, before disappearing with the saleswoman in the changing room again.

„Okay, listen, I will try on all this clothes and if he’s pleased with all of them, I’ll tell him that you helped pick the right one’s and that I want him to let you live. I don’t know yet what it is that he wants from me, but I know that he’s trying to give me everything I want or need. And if I say I want him to let you live, I’m eighty procent sure he would do it, even if it would be against his own self interests“, you told the woman, whilst dressing up for Mr J again.

This time you wore black stockings and an also black mini skirt with a matching light pink sweater that revealed the soft skin of your shoulders.

He would love this outfit and he wouldn’t be able to say no, when you were pleading at him to let the saleswoman go.

„Thank you, hunny. I don’t know what to say … may god always be with you. I will pray for you, if we make it outta here alive“, she said.

You smiled at her.

„Think of your daughter, you will see her when she comes from school, I promise“, you said, before stepping out of the changing room for a second time.

„Ahh, look at that … isn’t she gorgeous?“, Mr J asked standing up from the armchair he still sat in and gestured towards you with his big signature smile.

He was asking everyone in the room and lord would they be fucked by answering this question the wrong way.

There were approving mumbles from all of his henchmen but no one really looked at you, besides of one guy standing in the background, he was close to Frost, who was also nodding his head but keeping his eyes glued to the ground after taking a quick look at you.

But the guy besides Frost couldn’t keep his eyes off you and he was a nervous wreck as he realised that Mr J had noticed it.

„She’s beautiful, isn’t she?“, Mr J asked the young man, before stepping towards him with nothing than this eerie and sinister look on his face.

He was mad and everyone in the room knew it, that’s why they were all looking away now.

„Y-yes, boss. Absolutely“, the young guy answered.

The fear was written onto his face and a few of the other henchmen were just shaking their heads about what a fool this boy was.

„Do you like her? Or why am I catching you, staring at my little princess, hm?“, Mr J asked, circling his new victim like a hungry wolf it’s fresh prey.

„N-no, Sir. Of course not“, he panted out.

„Wha? Did ya just said that she isn’t that beatiful? Or do you wanna tell me I have a bad taste in pretty things?“

„N-no, Sir. None of it. I just-“

„What? What was it, Paul? Come on tell me, I’m sure I know what you were trying to say“, Mr J said and took his gun out of his holster.

„P-please Mr J, I didn’t mean to say something that would disrespect your girl.“

„Oh, you didn’t say something bad about her“, Mr J suddenly smiled at the guy and clapped him on the back.

His whole facial expression changed from scared to relieved, but this was a big mistake.

„You stared at her like she’s fresh meat for you and that’s even worse“, Mr growled and in the second the young mans face nearly fell to the ground he shot him straight into the head.

Blood splattered into the hallway of the boutique and the three salewomen -which were kneeling just a few inches away from the corpse- screamed in horror.

Oh god …

Mr J’s henchmen acted like they didn’t care, they had probably seen such a scene from him a thousand times, but you were shocked.

Since J had murdered your stupid ex he hadn’t shot someone directly in front of you, but this made you think again, of who he was.

It was kinda nice to play with him a little bit, while he was in the mood for it and since you knew the game he was playing, it was easy for you, but now he was pissed and you knew how he was, when he was pissed.

It made you be scared again and you really didn’t know how you wanted to manage that you could get him to the point to let at least the saleswoman alive, that helped you find some pretty clothes for winning your challenge.

Mr J came across you now and his facial expression still hasn’t changed since he shot Paul.

You tried to look like you weren’t scared of him but you were trembling, your whole body was trembling and you knew he could see it in your eyes.

„Look at me“, he ordered in a rough tone.

„Look at me!“, he suddenly yelled.

Tears were trying to from in your eyes but you kept them back, he hated seeing you cry it just would’ve made him even more upset.

Instead you were looking at him now, still scared.

„Listen to me, doll. I don’t want you to be scared of me and I don’t want you to look away from me. You will learn very soon that those things are necessary for daddy, to keep you save, are we clear, angel?“, he snarled.

„Yes …“, you whispered in a thin voice.

„Yes, what?“, he growled lifting your chin up.

„Yes, daddy“, you answered.

„Now be a good girl and give daddy a hug.“

He spread his arms a little bit, but still looking a tad mad.

As much as you were trembling you decided to give in, maybe this would calm him down, and maybe you could have a chance now to save your saleswoman.

„I’m sorry, daddy“, you whispered letting your eyes escape three little tears that you whiped away quickly with the back of your hand before you cuddled yourself against Mr J’s steeled chest.

„Aw, it’s fine, doll, just remember daddy’s rules“, he said a little more soft this time.


„Yes, angel?“

„Can I ask you for something?“

„What is it?“

„The woman who helped me try on the clothes for you, there are a lot more and they’re all very pretty you will like them …“

„Doll, just say what you want daddy to do“, he said a little anoyed.

He hated to be kept waiting.

„I know you don’t do this usualy, but would it be okay for you to let her go? I mean … she has a daughter and she was so nice to me … please, daddy. Please let her go“, you whispered, begging he would accept your request.

For a few seconds it was completely silent and you became worried you might took this too far and he would kill off all the people in this room, but a few moments later he spoke up again, his voice not at all delighted.

„Just this one time, baby. Because you were asking daddy nicely, but next time I won’t show any mercy on them. It’s time for you to accept daddy’s business. Understand?“

„Yes, daddy. Thank you“, you said and hugged him back a little more stronger.

„Let’s bring you home.“