loves on her


Clarke backing Lexa into things + Lexa’s reaction


Karamel in 2x16 vs. 2x17

Aka, let’s talk about how much I love this parallel already.

oh my god please picture this:

Amélie Lacroix, post-talon. After waking up late in the morning (sleeping in is a luxury talon did not afford her) she makes her way to the kitchen with a blanket draped over her shoulders. she has bedhead and tired blinky sleepy eyes and mumbles a soft bonjour to anyone she passes. her pyjamas are white button-ups with tiny lilac patterns - she picked them herself. she makes herself a coffee, slowly, a nice one with milk and brown sugar, maybe with hot chocolate powder, and maybe a little whipped cream on the top if she’s feeling fancy, and on extra special occasions she’ll even get out her secret box of chocolate sprinkles (just a pinch, for the aesthetic, she says).

she then proceeds to sit on the couch, legs crossed, covered in her blanket, and sips at her coffee, bleary-eyed, sleepy and content. the whipped cream gives her a tiny moustache but she doesn’t notice til much later. she watches birds out the window, quiet and content, thinking about nothing, at peace with the world


riley matthews in every episod☆ girl meets world [1x01] 

how long do i have to live in my father’s world?