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So, recently something big happened: I reached 500 followers!! I had 500 once before, I thought, but the numbers kept fluctuating on me. Now it seems to be stable though.

This is so so so exciting!! ❤︎ I’ve met a lot of lovely people here on tumblr, and when I made this a kpop blog last November (I was still @bryony-raylene then!) I never thought that I’d build a little base around these seven adorable, floofy boys. They are the loves of my life and owners of my heart, so!! I’m happy to continue to stan them and bring top quality content to your dash! Seriously, I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with me and this small blog. You guys are the absolute best! Let’s spend many more years together as Monbebe and lovers of kpop in general!

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abracataako replied to your post “No, but like, what if Taako was the one to die at the beginning and he…”

consider: taako doesn’t have an official uniform like reapers do, but he’s usually seen various punchos/sweaters/scarves/wraps/etc. his mom knit them for him.

Oh no… oh no that’s too cute… 

I bet the first thing she gives them is like… the biggest scarf. One of those that you could just wrap around yourself a few times. It’s the most impractical thing, and Taako keeps tripping over it when he goes places, and it’s making him look uncool in front of Kravitz.

Eventually they negotiate a wardrobe - a lot of knit things like scarves and ponchos and such, and also sundresses, and things with bright colors, and things that sparkle (Istus loves dressing him up and Taako isn’t complaining because she has an excellent sense of style when the options include more than just knitted things).

An additional thought: what if Istus also crochets? I have seen people do some amazing things with crochet… and knitted or crocheted, everything Taako owns that Istus made him is stunningly intricate.

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If Meg is White Gold, maybe Lindsay is Rose Gold. I mean. Between the red/pink hair and Ruby Rose?? Fill it out with Michael being Black Gold (which is technically not gold but w/e)

alright anon imma need you to get outta my head with this mind reading stuff thnx?

not a week ago i was thinking the same motherfucking thing down to michale being black gold

but i mean he could also be red gold too so i mean there’s that

OKAY Y’ALL. I FIGURED IT OUT. I’ve toyed with a thousand different things I can do as a follower thank-you event. I was going to open up fic requests, but frankly I just can’t? And I know that, and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. So then I was going to do a follow forever, but then I started getting worried like, what if I forget someone because I’m a literal wet noodle who follows 1300 blogs and it’s entirely likely I’ll forget someone??? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings?


Every day (hopefully! May skip one or two), for the next however long it takes, I’m going to do one blog shoutout a day, individually calling out the blogs I love, whether they be mutuals or creators I admire or folks who show up in my notes a lot and make me smile. It’s going to be a very long ongoing project, but it’ll be more fun than a follow forever because everyone gets their own individual shoutout! Which I think might be really cool? And I’ll collect them with one tag so people can browse that tag for blog recs?

I don’t know. Someone tell me if this is a bad idea! I just think it’ll be fun to spread it out over time! 

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I need some ficlets about how different people find out about John and Sherlock. Like; Mycroft, Lestrade, molly, and THE MEDIA (dun dun dun)

I’d never seen Mycroft speechless. I no longer found the Stalinesque office intimidating, and I’d faced down a hundred versions of his poker face, but this was new. At first I thought he was angry, and then I thought he didn’t believe me, and finally I realized he actually looked moved, and uncomfortable about it. Well, I never can predict him. I’m don’t even think Sherlock can. “Anyway,” I said, “I wanted to tell you first. Before the CCTV team tracked us kissing somewhere in a back alley and you took out a hit on me.” Not even a pained grimace in response to the humour. He was still just looking at me. “I swear I’ll take care of him.”

“I trust you will,” he said, finally, a little faintly.

“Be warned, he plans to tell your parents next.”

“I’ll brace myself.”

“Don’t bug the flat.”

“I make no promises.”

I found we were smiling at each other.

* * *

When the sun started to drop below the city skyline, and Lestrade got up to switch on the lights, “I’ve got to go,” I said, regretful, “Rosie’s sitter’s got a concert at seven. Sherlock?”, and I know by now when he isn’t hearing me. I brushed my fingers over the back of his hand, and his eyes flickered away from the paperwork spread over the table and came slowly up to rest on me. “I’ll meet you at home, yeah?”

“All right,” he said, vague, but fond, “I’ll be done soon.”

“No you won’t,” I said, and reached for the hand again, and squeezed it, so he knew I didn’t mind. “Unless you solve it. Wake me up and tell me all about it at arse o’clock, when you get in.”

“Mm,” he agreed, drifting again already. I turned to Lestrade.

“Got to go,” I was going to say, but his expression stopped me.

“Since when?” he demanded, and I felt my ears flush.

“Since three days ago.” I was surprised we’d kept it to ourselves that long. Every time I looked at him I wanted to kiss him. Half a decade of repression all let out at once.

“Go on, then. God.” He was starting to grin, hugely. “Go get Rosie. I’ll interrogate this one instead. But you’re going to get it from me tomorrow.”

“Piss off.” My whole face was flaming, but the grin was contagious.

* * *

I was just outside the sitting room door, pulling off my hat and scarf, when I registered Molly’s laugh. I hesitated. They’d been having a hard time, lately. This sounded–good.

“So you really aren’t surprised,” said Sherlock’s voice, and she laughed again.

“Not since he moved back here. You should have seen him, day of, going in circles round his flat. He was so happy he couldn’t think,” she said in a tone properly described as maternal, and I nearly turned around and went right back downstairs. I’d had no idea I was that obvious. “I had to talk him through taping up the boxes and emptying the fridge.”

“I didn’t know.” Sherlock sounded flustered, but very pleased. I sat down on the top step and sighed. I could suffer a little embarrassment for that tone.

“So yes, I knew. I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you, Molly.”

“Just–be kind to each other. And talk to each other, for God’s sake.”

“All right.”

“And stop stealing my scalpels. I do notice.”

“All right.”

* * *

“You realize the media’s going to find out.” He’d been playing something pensive for half an hour, and I’d been drowsing in my chair. I jumped awake.

“Hm. Yes.”

“Maybe we should just tell them.”

I sat up straighter and scrubbed my hands over my face, through my hair. He looked worried. “Control the narrative?”


“All right.” We don’t have a happy history with publicity. It’s a side effect of loving him I hadn’t anticipated: glass house living. Being on display. Having one’s life considered public property. “What do you want to do? An interview?”

“God, no.” He looked horrified. “Never again.”

“Twitter? YouTube upload? Take out a billboard?”

“John,” he scolded me, and crossed the room to stand in front of my chair. I looked up at him, soft in the lamplight, beautiful. Mine.

“Then what?” I said, and pushed myself slowly out of the chair (old man, I am) to kiss him.

“Hmmm,” he said, indistinctly, into my mouth, and then, “Put it on your blog, and come away with me.”


“Italy. Malindi. Morocco. Anywhere with mopeds.”


“My parents would be overjoyed to keep her.”

“How long?”

“A month? Just enough. Please, John.”

And oh, God, he says that so rarely, and he needs me so honestly. I caught his mouth again and kissed it slowly, breathing him in, until he made a sound past words, and then I let him go and said, “Yes.”

“To what?”

“All of it. Always. Yes.”

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For those complaining about Soulstorm...

If you wanted Abe’s Exoddus, play Abe’s Exoddus. This is Soulstorm. It’s a new, DIFFERENT game.


crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 1.15 josh has no idea where i am!

me: man, I really wish I could finish this thing I’m working on!

my traitorous brain: you should totally start something new to get your creative thoughts going!

my browser: *has six google docs tabs open with half-finished fics in them*

Here, take this promnis WIP that I will probably never finish. 

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I wrote an A//lfon//se x sum//mon/er thing. It’s pretty rough so probably not my best work, the ending might be a little abrupt and I’m worried it might be too apparent I abandoned some ideas, but I wanted to wrap it up and post it tonight because I’m just coming out of a rough writers block and it’s been too long since I posted anything here. So, hope people enjoy it anyways!

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Could I have headcanons or a scenario where after midoriya becomes a pro, he and his male s/o go out to eat to celebrate and his bf proposes? Sorry if this is too detailed adjfhel

  • Izuku is… shocked?? The whole time you’d been dating he’s been, like, mildly in denial so to hear you propose is??? astonishing
  • He actually needs a minute to process what just happened. It unnerves the hell out of you because HE’S JUST STANDING THERE
  • when he actually snaps out of it, he turns really red and flustered. If everyone’s staring he might just evaporate
  • He starts rambling about it and it honestly takes all of your willpower to stay quiet and on one knee
  • He does say yes, at the end of it all. It’s very quiet and meek, and he sort of ran out of breath mumbling. He picks you up and spins you around kissing you and starting to come up with plans
  • He’s very excited for this next chapter of his life, and he’s even more excited to spend it with you

The word “appealing” has been bothering me a lot lately. I’ve seen so many artists with appealing and unique design and just by the look of their work you can tell their style is. Though I can’t say the same about my characters. Not being negative or any thing, but what really makes a character appealing. It’s so easy to point out the negatives but what about the positives? I guess from observation, I like to use round edges but that isn’t really something that stands out in terms of character design. Even doing research on the time period doesn’t help as much and I end up drawing out fits on the character, step back and observe, not really a bad habit but it’s not something to rely on, especially with art directions. I don’t know