loves enduring promise


Never missed a sunrise or sunset while I was there. I visited the temple almost every day, and yesterday, I went there to say one last goodbye before the burn to cry my eyes out. Many strangers comforted me. It’s such a powerful thing when someone walks up to you and opens their arms. At least three people held me as I wrung-out my heart. They all had similar words… “It’s ok to let go”

Last night, after the temple burn, I finally did. I let myself feel the pain I’ve been running from for so long, and let it go. Ready to move on❤️ Ready for the next chapter.

After running the hardest endurance race yet, spending day after day riding a bike, thinking, celebrating, mourning, and processing the last year, I came away with one thought… “You may not get the burn you want, but you will always get the burn you need.” Not at all what I expected, but I couldn’t be happier about it.

Thank you✨