You are the warmth that lingers
beneath my thin coat in winter,
the humming of the birds in springtime
and the sun urging my eyelids to open.

You are the soft, gentle breeze
blowing across my forehead mid summer,
the rain that taps on my broken window,
and the scent of purple liliacs
long before I can see the tree.

You are the song stuck in my head I can’t forget,
the dew drops that kiss each of my roses
and that dream I just can’t remember.
To me you are my everything,

I only wish that you knew. 

My World in YOU

It starts with you. And ends with you “ My World ” It was my secret… But my eyes revealed it… I belong to you… I belong to only you… Your memories make me restless.. You’re so close … Yet so far… What shall I do ??… For you have stolen my heart… For with you ….we shall make our path ♥ ♥