I’ve been re-listening to Florence + The Machine’s “Cosmic Love” and YYY’s “Skeletons” and thinking about how the sun and the moon must be the most romantic and the most in love of all lovers. During eclipses, they’re probably dancing. And they probably trace constellations on each other’s bodies. Or whatever. *runs away* 🌚🌞 #hopelessromantic #workinprogress

Hi there! This is my second Clone Wars AMV. I hope you’ll like it. I sure spent a whole lot time working on it :)

You can find it here in bigger version:

I need to make an another version for youtube, because I couldn’t upload it there)


Stuck in my head all day long.


Lovers on the Sun - by David Guetta ft Sam Martin


David Guetta - Lovers On The Sun (Official Audio) ft Sam Martin
It’s so great :)