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What is some of your favorite music?
I LOOoOooove music. Favorite bands are probably The Black Keys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, LANY, and Fleetwood Mac. My favorite songs are Home by Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes and Rhiannon and Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. I’ve been really into Timber Timbre lately, like weird haunting stuff like that. Owl by She Keeps Bees is lovely. Laurel is my latest discovery. She is absolutely wonderful

If you have one, name a favorite book or poem.
Most books I read are more or less poetry, but as far as actual poems, the first that comes to my head is Mad Girl’s Love Song by Sylvia Plath. I was really into her a few years ago and that one always stuck with me. I love The Lover’s Dictionary by David levithan, I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, the History of Love by Nicole Krauss, Intentional Dissonance by Iain S. Thomas, to name a few.

Thank u! ❤️

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Another Roleplay sheet! E’ir Awandah

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NAME: E’ir Awandah

▌HEIGHT: 5′10

▌SPECIES: Mixed of Seeker of the Sun and Keeper of the Moon(Though looks more like Moon)



▌BIRTHDAY:  23rd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
SUN SIGN: Menphina, the Lover.
RESIDENCE: Small hut out in the Dravinian Forelands.
MARITAL STATUS: “My wha? Wassat?”
ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
DRINK: "There’s more than water?”
FOOD: "I like my meats. Maybe some stew.” 

▌DAY OR NIGHT: “Whenever I’m awake.”
SNACKS: “Hmm…I like some mixed fruit.”

▌SONGS: "Nah, don’t have time for music.”
PET: "A pet? Don’t have one.” ((Technically you could say it’s his dragonet, but he views it more as his son. *nodsnods*))

COLOR: Greens and Browns!

FLOWER: “The one’s that don’t smell.”
SEXUALITY: "Ehh? The one’s I like.”
BODY TYPE: Muscular build.
EYE COLOR: Right eye is purple, left eye is Blue.
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown, messy, has a pretty full beard.

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海とlady sea&lady

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4/30 Days of Lazy Team 

Writing prompt : One day, the sun doesn’t rise. You journey to the end of the world to find out why.

It has been 7 days since she has started her journey. In normal cases she would have a sea of water on her forehead because the yellow orb. She raises her wrist and twists it as her right hand directs the flash light, it is 2 o’clock at noon.Yet the surroundings were onyx, there were no stars in the sky, it was just pure black. This reminded her of a story her mother used to tell her; The darkness and the sun are lovers, the sun warms and helps the universe grow and then gifts that to the darkness. Without one another, the universe will die. Her mother only told her this so that and she and her sister will get along. But now, it makes sense, it has been a week since the sun has disappeared and the results are disastrous. The farmers can’t grow their crops, the trees and the flowers have died,and the grass is grey. People in her town have been developing heart diseases at a faster rate ever since the golden globe has vanished. Well to be exact, it did not vanish just like that, she thought. It actually started losing its color through the course of its existing. First it started with months, but then it started losing its color increasingly in weeks. The first to notice it was a homeless man in the middle of Chicago. He went around yelling about how the world would end soon. No one knew if he was telling the truth since he had always been known to run around people and yell that they would end up in hell, she argued back her thoughts. She stops to realize that she had hit a what it felt like a huge rock with her left foot.The pain surged from the upper half of her foot to the big toe and back. I must be getting closer,she thinks to herself.

“65 million years ago, Dinosaurs lived on this earth which is a based fact as we have found hundreds of fossils that credit the theory. However where did dinosaurs actually come from? The folklore tale of Yamaha states that Dragons are in fact the center of this earth, they were one of the first inhabitants of earth, as they made it more inhabitable for their cousins, the dinosaurs. The first dragon,Draasi and his mate Daara that stepped onto the charcoal globe breathed fire into it and burned it for millions of years until it was put down because a war begun between the dragons wanting to take over the burned ground. The dragons manage to kill Draasi which makes Daara furious. Instead of attacking she,herself becomes fire. As the firs grows, more dragons die,until the fire becomes humongous and explodes. Daara is what we would call the sun, she is the mother of all. Now I would like you to head for pag- “ She turns the television off. She had been tired all week because of exams. Her first history exam went well but the English went awful. Her head hurts when she thinks about it. It is almost 03.00 AM and she still can’t fall asleep as her anxiety is increasing. She flips for the tenth time to the right, blanket in between her legs and look at the window. I wonder if I could fly a rocket and live on those stars, she questions loudly. Suddenly she sees the shooting star. So fiery, she thinks to herself. She gets out of bed and closes onto her window. Wishing stars are supposed to disappear in sight,right? she asks no one, as the wishing star is heading downwards at a very fast speed. She starts panicking because of the light that is increasing with the shooting star. Her dark room lights with intense white light, when the star reaches the biggest mountain in her county. Then it comes, the sound of a hit .. As if it was the sound of wood burning in fire. It became quiet. Very quiet until, the wind- coming from the direction of the mountain closed her window violently. What the hell happend? She asks with fear tearing down her face.

1. I did the Briggs’s personality quiz, and I got the “executive” as I read through it, it is not so accurate… 
2. I did not go to the gym, instead I spent time studying biology and psychology :) 
3. Also spent te time decorating my bullet journal :) 

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Can you write a poem about cheating on a lover

The sun fucked the moon beneath the stars so many times, eventually even the continents cracked in two and volcanoes erupted. If a planet destroys itself to create life, how do you think a human will respond to this situation?

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Are you in love with the moon more or with the sun? Can I fall in love with your words? (not sure if you got this earlier because my internet fucked up)

The moon leaves by morning with pulled up jeans up to its waist bending at the knee saying, I’ll be back tonight. I can’t tell if it’s loyal or if I’m convenient. The sun arrives with no bras and panties, I guess nudity blinds all men and we’re trapped in a radiance so intense, that we need to wear shades to even try to understand such a sight. Messy hair flowing outwards and playing with the clouds, her thighs waist deep into the sea by noon, her curves dipping deep into the horizon’s lips and the moon finally arrives and I finally realize that I’m nothing, but just another lover that wasn’t the sun. No, I’m not the sun… I’m just another lover. I’m just another lover…

¡ 1,2,3…..cerrando maleta!😎🌴☀️🏄 ¡Disfrutar del fin de semana! ❤️️🙋🏼
Luggage done!!🏄⛱ Happy Friday #lovers!😎Have fun!💥
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