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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo One Year Anniversary

Life is like a dream. Right and wrong. Love and hate. They all get buried with the passing of time and leave quietly with no trace.

I don’t fuckin know if I’m single handedly saving the world by being vegan, probably not even close. but what I am saying is….valuing animal lives is the fuckin building block to giving a shit about others with less power. like come on, if you can’t recognize the innocence of a dog or cow or sheep than really ask yourself if your empathy extends as far as you think it does. how can we expect humans to coexist and love one another if meanwhile we’re slaughtering billions of animal lives, it’s gory and it’s ruthless and if you find it easy to eat a being that would never intentionally harm you unprovoked, how far will you go with it? and if you’re going to say some shit like vegans only care about animals, think again bc its the easiest shit in the world to care about humans and meanwhile avoid animal products 


Diana of Themyscira from the Dark Knight The Master Race. Book #8

“blessed be
who is
Taylor Rhodes

:: Archetypes ::
  • Sun/Leo: The Ruler King, Father, Performer, Divine and Chosen Child, Creator
  • Moon/Cancer: The Queen, Sorceress, Caregiver, Lunatic, Mother Goddess, Abandoned Child, Wet Nurse, The Mystic
  • Day Mercury/Gemini: The Trickster, Jester, Comedian, Eternal Student, The Child, The Academic, The Messenger
  • Night Mercury/Virgo: The Maiden, Healer Goddess, Servant, Nurse, Mother Medic, The Innocent, Teacher, Analyst
  • Day Venus/Libra: The Lover, Peacemaker, Temptress, Justice Seeker, Counselor, Mediator
  • Night Venus/Taurus: The Seductress, Earth Mother, Enchantress, The Artist, The Builder
  • Day Mars/Aries: The Hero, Destroyer, Fighter, Warrior, Pioneer, Adventurer, The Infant
  • Night Mars/Scorpio: The Villain, Angel of Death, Guardian Angel
  • Day Jupiter/Sagittarius: The Explorer, Omniscient, Philosopher, Storyteller, The Professor, The Wanderer, Spirit Guide
  • Night Jupiter/Pisces: Spiritual Healer, The Visionary
  • Saturn/Capricorn: The Wizard, Wise Old man, Father Time, Sage, Crone, The Judge, Mentor, The Alchemist, The Wayshower
  • Uranus/Aquarius: The Rebel, Genius, Scientist, Outlaw, Change-bringer, Revolutionary, Mother of Humanity
  • Neptune/Pisces: The Wounded Healer, The Fool, Martyr, Heavenly Mother, The Psychic, Mystic Medic, Dreamer, Addict
  • Pluto/Scorpio: The Magician, Detective, The Wise One, Fortune Teller, The Scapegoat, Reformer, The Witch, Hypnotist

Such a lovely prompt from @elvhen-apostate-hobo, and I cried through the whole thing. I made this for @silent-of-spirit and her Inquisitor Liarha, the bold, strong spirit who suffers through so much, yet brings order to Thedas. And a massive thank you to @elfsplaining who I really never ever could write anything without. :’)

I hope you enjoy!

Hushed whispers and shocked gasps echoed through skyhold when the news spread and now silence clung to the walls as if death himself had walked through the mass.
Dinner was cut short, although no order of it had been given. The population of their small community roamed the halls, heads hung low in solidarity with their leader.

Clan Lavellan had been completely wiped out.

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