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Let’s Stay Together

A Jonerys au

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have been best friends nearly their whole lives. Jon and Daenerys have been through thick and thin promising to always be there for one another. Though when opportunities arise life will put them on different paths. Now years later Jon is a famous football player while Daenerys is a beloved teacher at their old high-school. Though not everything is what it seems.

When Jon has an unexpected injury that brings him back to his old hometown and back to Daenerys. Given him a second chance to make things right between him and Daenerys. Jon and Daenerys will rediscover what it means to be young and free again.

As old friendships are rekindled and a new romance starts to blossom will the two friends finally have a chance of happily ever after with one another? or will life keep them a part once more?.

Love and friendship will be brought into a whole new light.

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Five Times John Watson Couldn't Stop Being a Doctor (and One Time He Could)
By Organization for Transformative Works

A look at John and Sherlock’s relationship and its development over the years, including post-TFP.

Higher Love
Ideals that make us act irrationally
That’s not Love’s doing
That’s the expectations yelling
How could two people like us be together?
We wanted a higher love and not each other.

When you spent 600 on coffee
And kissed me publically
Wrote me a letter talking about destiny
And called me baby

The thought makes me want to laugh
But I did things I wouldn’t ever again either
Like shop for your clothes and eat your favourite candy
Call you babe and send you embarrassing selfies

What you wanted was someone less tricky
And I wanted someone a little more okay with me
You were all sci-fi and music I’ve never heard
I was too mainstream to be your love

But it was such a YA story
Two opposites meet and fall in love quickly
I was a rainbow and you were black and white
But when we parted ways the colours did collide

I see a patch of you in me even today
I don’t want to get rid of it no matter what my friends say
I thought I would love you forever and you thought I was silly
That clearly wasn’t true but I am still very silly
Wade in the Water
By Organization for Transformative Works

2 Chapters | PG-13 | 5.400

Fluff | Romance | AU | Angst | Hogwarts

Slytherin!Harry asks his best friend to help him with the second task of the Triwizard Tournament.


Slytherin!Harry, AU!Fourth year and adorable little boys???? Amen altså, what more could you ask for! 

Super cute and adorable, with just the right amount of fluff and angst. Harry’s personality and characteristics are still spot on even though he’s in slytherin and Draco is just .. well Draco.

the earth around me by casfallsinlove

Rating: Mature

Word count: 7,419

Summary: “I’m running away,” Dean blurts and fuck, it feels good to say that out loud.

Cas blinks at him over a box of cod liver oil. He plants it unceremoniously on the floor and pulls off his creased Walgreens apron.

“I’m coming with you.”

Okay then.

(In which Dean and Cas run away together and learn how to be free.)

bleep0bleep  asked:

derek/stiles + “Would it be all right if I borrowed your sweater? It smells like you.” + bonus points if this is before they start dating <3 <3 <3

Something More. Derek/Stiles. Teen.
Derek and Stiles get together twice a week to hang out. This time, they decide to watch a movie after dinner, and their friendship becomes something more.

“Would it be all right if I borrowed your sweater?” Stiles holds up the charcoal gray sweater to show Derek which one he’s talking about. Bringing it closer, he sniffs. “It smells like you.”

“I haven’t had a chance to wash it since wearing it last night.” Derek looks at him and arches a brow. “I’ve got a clean sweater you can borrow instead.”

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Summary: Sam asks Cas to tutor him one night. Cas agrees and gets much more out of it than he expected.

Words: 1.6k+

Jock!Sam x Nerd!Cas

Warnings: slightly NSFW (implied smut), angst (if you squint), mostly fluffy fluff

Notes: Look, Sastiel! Don’t get too excited, I wrote this because I needed practice and @teamfreewill-imagine conned me into it. Anyways this was harder for me to write because I don’t write Sam very well but I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you thought in the comments :)

Shoutout to @chucksangel for being my beta. You’re the real MVP.

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Cas still couldn’t wrap his head around it. Why was he doing this again? Oh, that’s right. Because of a stupid crush. He felt like an idiot as he made his way towards his dorm. But why should he? After all, it wasn’t him that had gone to the most popular guy on campus for tutoring help. And in math, of all classes. No. It was all Sam Winchester’s fault. 

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You’re a star that illuminates my heart;
such a shame each star shines so far apart.
My life can be upsetting sometimes, I need you here -
A thousand miles separates us, but you’ll always be near.
—  @jarfidd | Long distance friends | 

All these Halloween posts have me convinced that human!Cas would go so fucking hard for the holiday. He’d see those posts and legitimately believe Halloween is something you start celebrating in September. Sam and Dean go to bed August 31 and wake up the next morning and there are fucking ghosts everywhere in the bunker - they’re hanging from string in the doorways, plastered to the walls. The fridge is decked out in monster stickers and there are pumpkins on every available surface, cobwebs in each corner adorned with plastic spiders and Sam yelps when he walks into the bathroom and finds a life sized Frankenstein in one of the shower stalls and Dean is pissed because there’s a huge skull where the coffee pot used to be.

And it just gets worse as time goes on. Dean finds the coffee pot but four days later the coffee is missing, replaced by pumpkin spice latte mix. Sam keeps finding spiders in his running shoes every morning and now there are bowls of candy everywhere which Dean can’t resist even as he grumbles about everything else. Cas turns to baking. He starts with pumpkin pie and at first Dean is ecstatic, finally seeing the silver lining of this Halloweentown nightmare but then it’s pumpkin cookies, then it’s pumpkin bread, pumpkin fudge, a very noble and disastrous attempt at pumpkin juice after a Harry Potter marathon.

Cas builds a Halloween playlist consisting of cliche hits like “Monster Mash” which he listens to once a day. He starts hosting movie marathons that result in Dean actually having to watching “Halloweentown” and all the damn sequels (they both agree to pretend the fourth one doesn’t exist) and Dean wonders how Sam has dodged these horrible insults to cinema but he doesn’t mind as much when the marathons move to Dean’s room and Cas starts sleeping over when it gets too late, bringing his pillow and blanket with him which are decorated in cartoon vampires and Dean scowls when Cas drapes it over both of them but falls asleep all the same half way through “Hocus Pocus.”

Cas makes Dean do cliche fall activities like apple picking and drags him through a corn maze which Dean lowkey loves as they race Sam through the field and they totally win. But then Halloween is just a week away and Cas is freaking out over costumes and Dean can’t understand because “we can’t go trick or treating, Cas.”

“But why not?”

Because we’re grown men. People don’t give adults candy.”

And Cas pouts for the rest of the day so come Halloween night Dean is angrily walking through downtown Lebanon dressed as a cowboy and right beside him is Cas who settled on a bee costume they found in one of those pop-up Halloween shops. He looks ridiculous in that yellow and black stripped sweater and those fucking antennas but he’s also kinda super cute. Cas decides they don’t have to go trick or treating, just walk around so he can see the other costumes but Dean has the decency to stop and buy some caramel apples and you’d think he’d given Cas his grace back the way he smiled and then he had to stand there and watch Cas try to figure out the best attack plan for a caramel apple without getting his entire face sticky which he fails at miserably and that’s all Dean can take dammit.

He kisses him. Right there on the square, he presses his lips to Cas’s and Cas opens his mouth in surprise before leaning in. He tastes like sour apples and peanuts and they stick together for a moment when Dean tries to pull away. They’re both smiling and Cas asks to go home where they make out under his vampire blanket.

"Don’t get me wrong, Cas, this has been fun and all,” Dean says as they both start to yawn, “but I can’t wait till all these damn decorations are down.”

Cas just laughs and wraps his arms tighter around Dean. “Don’t worry, Dean. I’ll take care of it.”

And Cas is true to his word. When Dean wakes up the next morning all the ghosts and pumpkins are gone… Replaced by paper snowflakes and mistletoe.

The Badger

Castiel started awake, his heart pounding, breathing erratic.  There was something outside the cabin.  Or someone.  It was still and silent and black as pitch out in the woods of West Virginia.  He was secluded and far from home and there was someone outside the door.  Or something.  He swung his feet out of the bunk bed, and grabbed the flashlight from where it was hanging on a nail in the wall.  He tiptoed quietly and carefully across the floor toward the door in the dark, not wanting to use the flashlight just yet.  The campers around him were sleeping soundly, unaware of the creeping menace outside.  Warily, heart in his throat, he reached a hand for the latch to the cabin door—slowly, slowly…

A shriek pierced the quiet of the night and the dozen campers in the cabin started awake, some screaming in alarm and adding to the chaos.  Castiel threw the door open, turning on the flashlight and squinting against the light.  He still managed to see Danny Kellerman, the youngest of his charges, standing just outside the door, crying hysterically while a dark wet patch discolored the front of his pajama bottoms.

The laughter and whooping of a pack of delinquents disappearing into the woods drew Cas’ attention toward the Badgers’ cabin.  He knelt in front of Danny quickly to let the little boy know he was there and everything was okay.  Then he stood up and yelled, “Dean Winchester!”

From farther away he heard the group of kids let out teasing sounds as they reveled over the fact that their counselor was going to get in trouble.

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Pause (Gay Short Film)

PAUSE" is a short film that tells four intertwining tales that connect a group of gay men through their decisions. The film is intentionally vague and open ended. We hope that viewers see themselves, their lovers, & friends in this short film. PAUSE isn’t about safe sex, it’s not about transmission, nor is it about alarming statistics. PAUSE is us. It’s a glimpse into our passion, desire, connections, sex and decisions. We want nothing more than for viewers to ponder the possibilities as they view this short film. Why? Because, the impact of our decisions, sexual or otherwise, goes far beyond infection rates. Our decisions have a tremendous impact on how we see ourselves and how we impact the men in our lives. The film is meant to remind us that everything is a choice and one of the best choices one can make is taking a moment to think. Give yourself a PAUSE. Allow yourself to contemplate before making any decision. 

Courtesy of: The MALEficent Journal | Cinema

Moving In (1/4)

Happy birthday, @annytecture! I hope your day is as fabulous as you are. I’m so thankful for your friendship and your positivity (and your saltiness). <3

Summary:  Killian ends up moving in with his friend Emma when he and his long-term girlfriend Milah break up. They’ve been friends for a decade, but could it turn into more?

Rated T. (For now.)

Also on Ao3.

Chapter 1: Trouble

Day 1

Emma massaged her temples in frustration. She got it, she really did. But why did David have to pick NOW to move in with Mary Margaret? Yeah, yeah, love and all that jazz. But it was October, not the best time for finding a cheaper place or another roommate. Everywhere affordable was rented out by July, and pretty much everyone who wasn’t completely sketchy had their living situation figured out by then.

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amoosebouche suggested Haru and Sousuke being really awkward about calling each other by their first names and reverting back to surnames.  The OVA made me very emotional.  Sousuke is a nerd who tries to act all cool but gets flustered way too easily and I love him.

Sousuke fidgets in his seat, trying not to play with his hands.  He watches Haru plate the food out of the corner of his eyes, wondering not for the first time how he’d been roped into this situation.  It had started well within their comfort zone; lunch with Rin and Makoto at Haru’s house, nothing too out of the ordinary.  But one of Makoto’s siblings caught the flu, and then Rin was stuck back with an overdue assignment, and somehow Sousuke ended up here, alone with Nanase Haruka, at a total loss for what to say.

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The Coat (that was also a blanket. And a metaphor)

John is cold. Sherlock has a large swishy coat. Burrowing himself into that large swishy coat (and, as a result, Sherlock) leads to a great deal of realization for one John Watson.