lovers deluxe


1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Black

Even after Leo Fender left his namesake company, they continued innovating and experimenting. The single-coil sound may be what Fenders are most known for but by the 1970’s, the brawnier, beefier humbucker sound was everywhere. To develop their first humbucker they brought in Mr P.A.F. himself, Seth Lover. These pickups are the heart of the Tele Deluxe, which also featured individual volume and tone controls for each pickup. They offer more output than any previous Fender pickup, and more clarity than what Gibson was offering. As Fender has always been a company that kept a mindful eye on the bottom line they were always looking for ways to simplify construction. For the Deluxe, they used the same neck as their Stratocaster with the larger “CBS” headstock, bullet truss rod, three bolt neck and rounded neck heel. This made managing their on-hand inventory easier. Custom colors were available for order but most can be found in Walnut Brown, Blonde, White, Natural, and Black. As with a lot of Fender’s in the 70s they tend to be on the heavier side, but this very vibey black one is super light and only 7.4 lbs!

This guitar is currently available for purchase at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. We ship world-wide. Please contact our store directly at 773-878-8616, or email at for more info.

So, I wanted to thank everyone who followed me, so here I am, tagging over 400 people
This is going to be hell, huh?
((None of these are in any particular order))

Also, before I jump to listing everyone, I wanted to advertise some of my blogs and hopefully more follower forevers will be made in the future on these blogs if I reach a milestone/be active enough

“You all give me hope”
These people are the best, I’ve had the most interaction with them and they’re absolutely lovely!

@shitispilledmytea - bro I know you have nothing to do with my roleplay account but like you’re literally one of my favorite people and I love you please keep up being the trashy asshole you are (I don’t deserve you ur like the bomb) aLSO I LOVE YOU AND ALL OF YOUR OCS AND HHH GO TO HELL FOR BEING SUCH TRASH WITH ME
@sxnxsuke - you’re the babe and like you’re the go to place for Izando headcanons and you’re really nice and I ship you with happiness o boi 
@ninokied - thanks for coding my shitty game
@muffinglitch - I love you, you draw really nice and you should roleplay so we could roleplay and I could torture you with 5 paragraphs per reply, also, don’t spend money on me
@grimokami - OH SEAT!!! you’re the bomb yo and you’re really fun to chat with and joke around with, bab Grim is also really precious and I ship her with love and care
@touko-fukawa-rp - you’re a meme and I love you, thank you for listening to me rambling about my ships and thank you for being my new mom
@ishislut - we haven’t actually talked in a long time but damn you’re great and 10/10 would talk again plUS YOUR ISHIMARU IS WONDERFUL 
@avis-icarus you have a wonderful art style, you’re a nerd and you’re my despair daddy 
@cultiism - BR O YOU ARE MY LOVE you have the trashiest ocs (just as trashy as you ;^) ) and your sprite drawings are so wonderful I don’t understand and like you in general, you’re wonderful and hhhh sTOP BEING SO RAD ??
@cheesedio - god you’re probably never going to see this because do you even Tumblr anymore, but you’re one of my best friends and I love you and I would honestly be so alone right now if it wasn’t for you??? 
@vivianandclover - we haven’t actually talked in a really long while, but you’re one of the first people I’ve ever roleplayed with and you’re genuinely the biggest cinnamon roll
@hajimeme-hinatiddies (and all your other blogs I’m too lazy to list) - honestly this, all of this, is because of you and I don’t know whether to tell you that you ruined my life or made it better, because sure all of my late replies are hell, but, like, I’ve found so many cool people and you’re really cool too and honestly thanks I love you bro yOU’RE THE B OI YO

“Let’s continue our friendship”

People who I haven’t had too much exposure to, but I still roleplay with some

@nekoxgamer @youcanttellmewhattodomom @despxndencyridden @ohnoyoupresididnt @yasunoki @lovesickened @shsl-broken-dancer @bxrtending @conflictedtiger @fxshionable-mxsks @disenchxnt @sharktoothedgrin @hammerheade @pekoisms @swcrdstool @murderouswriter @pxlotspeaking @those-ofjustice @ultimatearchaeologist-tamiko @miyujishan @theanalystandassistant @intoexile @hopeinreserve @digitizedwxrld @vilipcnd @makotonaegishope @reptigilant @shsl-food-connoisseur @im-shsl-something @rikaikokai @shslfreaksandgeeks @breakneckcrimson @patchedupholes @kamukurauniverse @shsl-royalty @ultimategreasemonkey @disciplinxry @inevitabilis-sors @wrathbuilt @pekoyama-ultimate-swordswoman @meat-lover-deluxe @snakefumes @withxxhonor @jrco-disd @gxldengxngstergxrl @ninedragoncrown @red-cat-masks @lostandalonewithredeyes @musesofhopespeakacademy @xcreeazm @hxlianthes @udanx @mikantsumikiwi @ultimate-princess-sonia @interitxs @gutaikibou @gxdhelptheoxtcxsts @pollyxnna @yakyuxsenshu @goreglitters @myakxdo @bunny-helper @deadlyxlife @kamitterugyaru @legixnxfmuses @ultimateblacksmithyoi @cxndyaddictedfox @northmatthewsandfamily @sunnydespair @bcxeriisms @cutiesoldiermukuro @thequeenofdespair @katateochi @emissicius @djwiththefxre @princessxroyale @narwhal-blast @scholarwarriorfather @queenmabelton @mirxclerabbit @shsl-webcomic-artist @wrenchheld @lumberfatale @latvico-fan-01 @terutwo @ciphersass @heartfulprincess @museiketsui @lucky-nagito-komaeda @despairiisms @littlewitcharia @theatreofmisfits @reaperdachi @silverbulletkicker @creamsoudapop @shsl-omlet @bluemxndss @theluckieststudent @charismachiina @wrthlcss @actual-ibuki @thefxfthmxtsu @remxrseless @themomentonlyexistsonce @ask-skylark @ladradio @pcinful @ultimateprogrammingprodigy @jennasakura @artifiicial @princessxnevermind @playfulcrow @wxllcipher @ask-sora-waters @unfcrseenfate @donecxalboxpilosa @ludrous @ultimate-impostxr @expiabit @coding-hope @losing-hand @maizono-san @littlegxmergirl @xx-forbiddendarkwaters-xx @itsjustmikantsumiki2 @imbeciiile @mastcrspark @anghelfromtheabyss @bxg-band @vanitesque @itsjustmikantsumiki @shslunholytrio @shslarcher @cxnsigliere @ketsuekilyo @ocularious @inoccentgamerboy @incubliable @mistertanakaladymioda @thouxandknocks @diva-for-despair @irusuyoisho @raventressed-mechanic @unluckxter @komxnna @ku-iin @powerfrommyfourdarkdevas @soudamotors @kazukuraxgami @pharmaciii @volatilenurse @hopeful-hugz @pudgypunkpredator @cheeriisms @snow-princess @kuwaleon @maelstromdivers @mekanikku @pxstelhell @blygsel @pixalatedprogrammer @ishi-no-maru @shsltxlents @shsl-mentalist-trio @idollteen @shiinome @nidaisaymoreadmin @bosozoku101 @daimonthehero @jinkouken @neglecteddiscipline @rysing-tyde @littleprxgrammer @chousho @cluelessclairvoyant @ghostofmourning @caffeinatedmuses @airheaded-donuts @glxmorousterror @shsl-uneasyutaite @ultimate-uncreative-url @thelovesickartist @llaqueum @ofgalaga @lucksterstudent @sleepyshsl @hungryrobin @akahopu @mammasapling @shinzoukou @oddlingsouls @soothingpresence @coderandgamer @onceagainkomaeda @bxrnwiththesun @jellyfish-nerd @despairing-hopefulness

“Don’t fall into despair without my godly powers”
Literally shitpost blogs that are following me for ??? something (thanks assholes)

@gonfuckingfreecss @ghoulish-child @love-synths @dirtyapostate @lunaandkirigiriaremygfs @auraphoenix1500 @lacomealmas @hydraulicwolves @animeotaku2000 @elelead @superhighschoolleveltom @naegifricker @gala0mega @dippereyes @audris-sama-tsu @sapphirepeal @blxssfully-obsessive @tairulz @king-zigzag @myboynagito @green9802 @epouvantailmasque @imissleeandluke @tobbs-5 @maximumcloudcupcake @samcuc @pudthepudding @purplebel @webbernetjunkie @fiytvuytvuyt @themotherfuckingcookieprincess @rajinshuuqueen @thefactorywolf @yes-i-am-sataneal-i-accept-buns @legendofandreya @harleyquinn500 @tell-them-makoto @norijou @pennypop @inorizarakiblack @spacebeingg @youareprettierthanthestars @myst-syo @guesswhosbored @absolutehopetrash @dangerouslydeepestfan @tanukisi-b @moimoiaru @pokemonsunandmemes @zoldyckromo @socialanxietyshippingaddict @anime-is-the-shitx @kitokumeep @veronicathemexicantaco @mynameisgundhamtanaka @deviantpear @pastelsforjaida @sassy-pika @yuichiroswife @akkorokamuisan @crystalclauds @neikothelucario @kitty-cass @ponynoon @thesilentend @fennec-burger @morgangreig12 @xenonmikejacob @saltail @catnipcosplay @mermaid-slut @ghoul-city @carolinenoxious @thetruescallop @weirdly-obsessed-fangirl @pokepal515 @remzero @fallendead667 @shslsuccc @osomatsuandgintokidylanbunn @grenadecookielunar @despair-hope @highwaytoheckle @shsl-hand-crafter @theherooftime2011 @gundamswaifu @hazwarudo @blackbloodkishin @uknowxox @akanodai @t3chicken @cyanideshirogane @archididascalos @talesfromthecreed @tiyatiya227 @lolz-6980 @pastelgundham @halfrican-meme-queen @theschwiftiest @freezestime @fieryteil @atheneaastraid @thatfishygreaser @komakomakomahinatrash @katconway @lyre-leaf @shsl-succ @xxchidori-nagashixx @doedeerr @sassytimelordminion @leilanistirling @icantthinkofanythingsowhoop @nightmare-graves @letstalkaboutmurderblog @lanziniart @delphox4 @pearla-thirst @mamisamis @the-egotistical @darklordgundham @deadlyvervain @daddygundam-tanaka @night-crayon @ariahope @thisisareallymeaningfulurl @ultimate-reserve-hope @tsumibukaitenshii @doperebeldragon @thatoneguy157 @aichanhime @fourdankdevasofdestruction @crazypietalk @togami-salami @chihiro-fujasaki-star @mysteriousportal @coredesignixandnekonee @holy-shit-dangan-ronpa @s-quiggles @kirbykat7997 @diddleyropey @kittyandrealovesu @crave-the-scrolls @aesthetic-memedaddy @kosmickreatur @peridots-dorito @nsfw-invasion @bewarethequeenthatspeaksofmemes @totalbean @barlynjay @whythefuckismyusernametaken @skeltalfan99 @cyanide-cinnamon-roll @cryopearl @cisammo @ask-the-sexiest-weapon @awkward-alien-turtles @the-monster-mash @meownishes @real-sasori-no-akasuna @oddnatureboy @captaindisgrace @crissa1234 @fayylen @that-one-dove-you-know @nagito-komaedead @breakthecandyeater @hoplo-phobiaa @sombra-arg @animequotel @i-want-naegi-to-run @syonne @nicothething @ylissean-shinigami @dangan-dorks @nerdydogelover @spooky-mormon-hell-dream @shadowinthemind @aproffesionaljiangshi @apocolythe @scumbagmackenzie @obsidiansaliva22 @outburst-of-art @questioningcorgi @im-alone-with-the-moon @captian-bedhead @scabdick @upliftingtunes @kichy-mau @bubossauro @sweets-and-horror @digistar1221

I am sorry if I listed someone in the wrong place, because there’s so many, it’s hard to not get mixed up.
But, thank you, all of you, I wouldn’t be anywhere without the help and support you all gave me and I absolutely love all of you.


                                LOVERS DELUXE

Happy Valentines Day!  For all of the lovers tonight, we’re doing a special tribute to the ultimate love siren, Sade.  DJ Wildcat and Camp Gabby will be serenading you all night long with Sade, Sade and more Sade, YAY!  And everyone’s fav nightlife don, Henri Binge, will be hosting the love fest.  Bring your lover down!  10pm.

Ok HOLY SHIT!!!!!! I had no clue I’d ever make it to 200 followers! I mean, at first this was just a side-blog that would probably never go anywhere. But NOW?! IT’s at 200 + followers and is still slowly rising! I can’t believe people actually like my Jin portrayal! Thank you all so much for the amazing support and love! Ok, enough rambling, let’s get onto the list.

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So, I just surpassed 200 followers on this blog and while I’m mostly like, “Lol, why all I do is shitpost and take forever to reply to drafts you guys are all so much better.” But! Thank you guys so much! I’ve really enjoyed this past month here and I just love this roleplaying community to bits!

So, uh.

Time for me to awkwardly do a follow forever under the cut! Let’s go! (Assume that if one of your blogs was mentioned then your sideblogs/alts if I know of them were too)

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