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isn’t it amusing that we’re in 2017 and some people on this site are still like THEY LITERALLY HATE EACH OTHERRRR HoW cAn YoU ShIp ThIs??

Poet and he didn't know it

“…I’m not saying that I don’t remember your sword. I don’t remember your heart. Whenever I face an opponent, I can slightly tell what my opponent is thinking. I can’t read their minds, but I can tell why they’re fighting, what they want from me, or if they’re looking down on me. During battle, I’m desperate, so I usually notice it after it’s over, but the stronger my opponents are, the stronger their hearts are conveyed.”

-Ichigo Kurosaki, Episode 297. Chapter 399.

Well, He does look up to William Shakespeare.

This is the side of Ichigo that many viewers don’t pick up on. Ichigo has a pensive and empathetic personality hidden in him.

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WELL there’s one in rl that came to mind but she was such a bitch so instead i’m gna talk about @leakylungs n truly me n grace have never really spoken that much??? especially since i abandoned peach which i regret bc i lost contact w a lot of people.. but whenever we have spoken its been so lovely bc i get such positive n thoughtful vibes she knows so much about astrology n she’s so COOL like she has her own style n she’s so effortlessly interesting and also she is an avid jk lover which we can all relate to i really do love grace n i hope everythin is good ❤️❤️

The best boyfriend you’ll have_isn’t the best looking, the funniest, or the richest. It’s the one that makes you feel gorgeous, hilarious, and like a million dollars. He makes sure you know he loves you.
—  kreniel