lovers can relate

Other person: *gets in their feels while listening to a sad song about their love life*

Me: *gets in feels thinking about death of my favorite character, and fictional love lives*

In Arabic we don’t say “This person is cute” we say “يقبرني (yok-ber-ni)” which is a phrase that literally means “Bury me”. In other words it means that you love something so much it’ll be the death of you. It sounds hardcore and stuff but you usually say it to your relatives’ children who you can’t admit make you uncomfortable.

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Random but if the Batboys had a Greek god parent which one would you think it would be for them

Sorry, it took a while!!!! idk much abt Greek gods and goddesses. I only did some 5 minute research so please don’t yell at me if I got any of these wrong, thanks.


son of Aphrodite Goddess of Love, Beauty & Eternal Youth

Okay, so we all know how Dick can be a bitch ass sexy motherfucking fuck boi right? Guess who he got that from?? 🙄 Aphrodite had so many lovers so like, Dick can relate. His beauty turns the heads of both men and women. The amount of love this man has in his heart is astonishing and I can’t believe I’m saying but I didn’t know Aphrodite can fight. I always thought she was all looks, love, and sex. So when I read something that says she can also fight I was shocked so basically, I can’t think of any other god or goddess that would have Dick as a son.


son of Ares God of War

Ares is like the black sheep out of the Gods so that’s one of the reasons why I chose him because Jason can relate, like father like son. You know how Jason takes care of crime differently and disobeys most of Bruce’s orders? That’s almost exactly like Ares because the Gods didn’t agree with his unpleasant aspects of battle.


son of Athena Goddes of Wisdom and War

Tim is so fucking smart, just like Athena. And when it comes to battle he has a lot of wisdom and rational thought. They both are great at strategic warfare and pack a lot of strength. A lot of people are writing Tim as the weakest in the Batfam so I’m just like ??? Why??? This is fucking Tim Drake we’re talking about and he’s amazing at pretty much anything???? He has a lot of courage and is fierce and ruthless just like his mother. Also, Athena was Zeus’s favorite and he hated her male counterpart, Ares. So this can also be related to Jason because he thought Tim was his “replacement” and Bruce’s favorite.


son of Artemis Goddess of Hunting and Wilderness

I didn’t know Artemis was also the goddess of animals so when I was doing my research, I had to make her Damian’s mother. Apparently, she’s a virgin tho??? So idk if I should really make him her son??? She hates guys but if she somehow did have a son I really think it would be Damian because we all know how much he loves his animals and how much he would take care of them. And I didn’t only pick Artemis because of the animals, I also picked her because she acts out in anger whenever her wishes were disobeyed and also because of her skills in combat. 


If you know a lot about Duke Thomas you should totally add him to this post btw.

Poet and he didn't know it

“…I’m not saying that I don’t remember your sword. I don’t remember your heart. Whenever I face an opponent, I can slightly tell what my opponent is thinking. I can’t read their minds, but I can tell why they’re fighting, what they want from me, or if they’re looking down on me. During battle, I’m desperate, so I usually notice it after it’s over, but the stronger my opponents are, the stronger their hearts are conveyed.”

-Ichigo Kurosaki, Episode 297. Chapter 399.

Well, He does look up to William Shakespeare.

This is the side of Ichigo that many viewers don’t pick up on. Ichigo has a pensive and empathetic personality hidden in him.