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Diabolik lovers: Lunatic parade Shin and Subaru (CD drama) ~translation~ (summary)

This translation was made by @ariadnasmtk~
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—Both Subaru and Shin are accompanying Yui going shopping some things she needs.

Sin calls his familiars (his wolves) to accompanying them, but because of this people are getting

away; Yui asks Shin to takes them away. Then Shin calls his pups wolves (awww) something he

doesn’t want, because all women became crazy when they see them. Guess who became crazy

for them? Subaru! XD. Then while they were searching for the things Yui needed, a wolf

approached Shin telling him something.

Shin: “Well, I’ll be gone for a moment”

Subaru: “W-Wait. I’ll go with you.”

Shin: “Heeeh. Well, follow me if you want.”

It looks like Subaru thinks Shin’s pups are cute.

Shin: “Sorry to keep you waiting. Here, eat this.”

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Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: Sakamaki Laito (Sub scenario w/Azusa)

Azusa: Ne….Laito-san, you’re the youngest of triplets aren’t you….?

Laito: That’s right~

Laito: But you see, to such an adorable little brother Ayato-kun and Kanato-kun aren’t kind at all~

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Diabolik lovers Lunatic parade Shin and Subaru (CD drama) ~traducción~ (resumen)

Había una parte que me gustó mucho de este cd xDD
Traduciré sólo esa parte no el cd completo porque tendría que escucharlo unas 5 veces D: Soy mala con los audios.
Pueden escucharlo aquí x

Pues Shin y Subaru la acompañan a comprar algo que ella necesita.
Shin llama a sus familiares(lobos) para que los acompañen, pero por culpa de eso todas las personas se alejaban, así que Yui le pide que los saque. Entonces Shin llama a sus lobos-cachirritos (awww) cosa que el no quería porque todas las mujeres se vuelven locas cuando los ven.
Pues fue lo mismo para Subaru cuando los vió xD.
Bueno, buscando lo que ella necesitaba un lobo llega y le habla a Shin diciendole algo.

Shin: ‘’Bueno, me iré por un momento.’’
Subaru: ‘’E-espera. Esto… yo también iré’’
Shin: ‘’Heeeh. Bueno, sígueme si quieres.’’

Al parece a Subaru le parecen muy tiernos esos cachorritos xD

Shin: ‘’Perdón por hacerte esperar. Ten, come esto.’’

Shin le da nueces al cachorrito y le dicen que son deliciosas.

Subaru: ‘’Podría ser que te había avisado que tenía hambre?’’
Shin: ‘’Así es.’’
Shin: ‘’Es porque aún son niños, así que son algo blandos. Son unos niños que dan algunos problemas~.
Shin: *Rie* Tú*le habla a Yui*… estas haciendo una cara de un idiota mirandolo.’’ 
Shin: ‘’Oye, qué tal si lo acaricias?’’

Shin le dice que ella puede acariciarlo y será como una recompensa para el cachorro. 

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Remember in DL Lunatic Parade~?
Both Yuma and Subaru’s sub scenarios Shu is riding a cup (Teacup Ride)~?

I was making tea and I saw this mug and I was like maybe Shu can fit in there?

Shu: so annoying…I’m trying to sleep cannot see? What a stupid woman you are…really helpless..

Here are the Links of Scenarios:

New costumes 💖 My reacction…

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  • 【DIABOLIK LOVERS LUNATIC PARADE】 Web Countdown Voice 7 「Day Of ①」


Sakamaki Ayato: Heheh. It’s finally the release date, huh? Geez, making me wait this much!

Mukami Kou: Huh? Kanato-kun, your eyes are red, though…… Could it be, you were so excited you couldn’t sleep?

Sakamaki Kanato: It’s not that I couldn’t sleep. It’s just I was doing image training to prepare for today’s release.

Mukami Yuma: Oi. If we don’t hurry and get the game, aren’t we going to be late for the parade?

Sakamaki Reiji: We still have time, so it is fine. More importantly, you are in too much of a hurry… Please do not lose my copy of the game.

Tsukinami Shin: Nii-san! The game’s arrived! Let’s open it right away–wait… You’ve already started the game!

Tsukinami Carla: Shin. Don’t get a late start. I have already finished the prologue.

Mukami Azusa: Ah… the Vita won’t start up… Ruki, what… should I do?

Mukami Ruki: It’s because you didn’t properly prepare beforehand. Here, you can hurry and leave it charging with this.

Sakamaki Laito: Hey, hey, Subaru-kun! This morning, I saw you mixed in with girls buying the game, lining up at the cash register!

Sakamaki Subaru: …Tch! Laito, don’t give it away! I just happened to be passing by the store! It’s… not like I wanted the store bonus, either!

Sakamaki Shu: …Hah… You’re all too noisy. I can’t hear the opening at all… What are you going to do about it?