He loved her a lot
but not in the right way
at least not the way
she deserved to be loved
for a whole lifetime.
—  kenzie lawson

How did I not notice this little moment? Dean’s got his hand on Sam’s hip and is pulling him close. Like to say “c'mere little brother, it’s okay, you’re safe”. And it’s little moments like these that show just how close Sam and Dean are.

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His hands must be soft,

To caress away the stress of life,

Yet strong enough to defend against

The toughest of foes.

His eyes must be able to see

Past the surface to the beauty beneath,

And deep enough so as to loose myself in them.

His arms must be fortified to carry me

Through the darkest nights,

Yet tender enough to shelter me in the storm.

His heart must beat loud,

To drown out the sorrow that

Threatens to bury me,

And true enough to beat only for me.

His soul must be bright,

To light the path when I get lost,

And dark enough to shield mine from

The burning light.

His stance must be fierce enough

Stand against my own,

Yet humble enough to know

When to allow me the lead.

His honor must be solid,

Unquestionable to all,

With the ability to convince

This withered heart of loyalty


His endurance must be eternal,

To love beyond the darkness,

To fight against the demons that

Have ravaged my own.

His mind must hold the knowledge

To know,

That all that is worth,

Is worth the battle for it all.

Do you have these things?

Will you give them all to me?

This your challenge.

Once accepted, it cannot be put down.

Think hard before you commit,

For it one that is eternal,

As will be my reward.