"i love you."

REQUEST ;; shawn and y/n are bestfriends (in love) and y/n has a really bad boyfriend and shawn and y/n get into a fight because shawn says she deserves better but it ends up in a crazy, passionate, hungerly kind of sex ( this probably sucks i’m so sorry )

NOTE ;; language and some abuse
considering shawn is in japan, i tried to make it as realistic as possible
i know the boyfriend is cameron; i didn’t mean for him to be cameron dallas. but yea 😂

—————— • ——————

y/n pulled up to shawn’s hotel. he was leaving for tokyo soon, and even though they had spent the past two weeks together, she wouldn’t see him for awhile. she lived in la so they never saw each other a lot and recently they spent so much time together.
she exited her black dodge challenger and strolled up to the door, fixing the jacket that sat over her hoodie.

y/n made her way to his hotel, knocking on the door to see andrew. “hey, shawn here?” she asked softly. he replied with a nod as him and geoff left the room.

y/n walked into the room to see shawn folding clothes and putting them into suitcases. “hey y/n!” he exclaimed, turning to face her, flashing her his signature smile.

she smiled and strolled over to him, plopping on the bed behind his suitcase, “it’s gonna be weird without you now,” she sighed.

“we’ve done it ever since you moved.” he laughed,
“well yes, but we’ve spent the past two weeks together like.. non stop. so it’ll be weird.” she laughed softly, her laugh paused when she received a text from her boyfriend; cameron.

‘y/n, baby. where are you?’
she read the text from her lock screen and sighed softly. opening it up while she listened to shawn go on about how excited he was for japan.

'i’m at shawn’s hotel, just telling him goodbye. :)’

'are you two alone?’

a shiver went down her spine, last time cameron found out the two were alone. it wasn’t pleasant, he left a huge bruise on her arm and when shawn saw, she had to say she ran into a wall, which was so unlike her.

'no. andrew is here.’ she lied, locking the phone to see shawn staring at her.

“who’s that?” he asked, shoving a pair of black shoes into the suitcase beneath his fingers.
“cameron,” she replied. “i forgot we were supposed to have lunch together.”

“do you need to go?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing. he didn’t know how cameron treated her, other than crap. but he did know he didn’t like cameron, cameron was rude and obnoxious; he took advantage of y/n, and he hated it.

she shook her head, looking down to her phone again. “n-no. it’ll be alright.” she smiled,
shawn reached for the phone in her grip and she pulled away, shaking her head. “um exscue me, mr nosy?” she laughed, trying to hide the fact he was threatening her.

shawn laughed and pretended to give up, going back to packing. finally taking it from her loose grip when it was open.

'good. because you know i don’t like hurting you baby girl.’
'i can’t wait to screw you again darling, and feel you around me. i’m getting a boner at work. might need a nice pic of you. ;)’
'baby come back ;)’

“what the hell is this, y/n?” shawn yelled looking at her, she stood behind him, looking down at her feet.

“it’s nothing, shawn, please just give me my phone.” she spoke soft, fear in her voice.
shawn handed her the phone back, watching her reply.

'you’ll have to wait. use your imagination.’

'well f.ck you, y/n.’

she sighed and locked her phone.

“what did he do to you.. last time?” shawn asked softly, stepping closer to her.

she took her jacket off, along with her hoodie to reveal a short sleeve shirt, she lifted her sleeve to reveal her arm. “last time.. he.. he slapped me.” she spoke,
“anything else?” he questioned. tears welling in his eye, but also anger filling him.

she lifted her shirt to reveal her side, “last night… i-i jokingly said something about cheating on him when we were watching this movie, and he took it serious and hit me with a vase.” she spoke, she had scratches on her side and it was very bruised. obviously cleaned up, but still horrid.

shawn stepped back, “why would you let him do this?” he yelled, his arms reaching for her shoulders to hold her, “you’re strong and i know you could fight him.” a huff leaving him, showing he was a bit calmer.

she only nodded, removing herself from his grip. “sure i could, but then he’d make it worse. he’s rather scary.” she spoke, staring out the window.

shawn stood behind her and hugged her, “i love you, y/n. you have to stop him. or else i will, and it won’t be pretty. you can’t let him do this to you.” he spoke, turning her around so he could see her face, tears welled in both their eyes.

tears fell from her eyes finally, as she began crying harder. “shawn, i can’t do that. my parents love cameron.. th-they don’t know of course, but they’d never believe me.” she cried, falling into his chest.

“come here,” he held her, looking into her eyes. his cheeks held hers and he pulled her into a passionate kiss. she resisted, “shawn, we can’t.”

“y/n. just let me show you how you should be treated, please.” he insisted, kissing under her ear. a sigh left her lips and she nodded softly, biting her lip. “don’t make me regret it,” she whispered.

his hands found her thighs and he picked her up, setting her on his bed – as all his suitcases and such were on andrew’s bed. – he removed her shirt and kissed down her neck to her breasts, softly massaging her thigh between his hands.

he lowered her down and removed her shoes, along with her jeans. leaving her in nothing but her panties and a bra. his hands slowly moved up her legs, making her shiver at his touch.

his fingers traced her panty line. making her moan little, her eyes shutting and her teeth sucking at her bottom lip.

shawn stood tall and watched her, she sighed, watching him strip from his clothes, stopping at his boxers. she sat up and grabbed his waist, pulling him onto her and into a deep, passionate kiss. her hands intertwining with his curly hair.

his hands roamed her body, slowly brushing her bruises - she whimpered. making shawn break the kiss; “i’m so sorry! are you alright?”
she nodded, her breathing fast, “im fine, don’t worry.” her hand found the back of his neck, “just kiss me.” she spoke softly.

his lips found her neck, and his hands found her bra clasp. slowly unlatching it and throwing it aside. he admired her bare breasts and gasped, “honestly, you’re so gorgeous. i feel like i shouldn’t be doing this.” he admitted and she chuckled, “shawn, just do it. make your dreams come true.”
they both laughed and he shook his head. his lips finding her chest once more, moving down her body.

finally he laced his fingers with her panties and pulled them down, his long finger trailing up her inner thigh, making her muscles tighten. his index finger softly brushing her clit, which made her gasp for air.

he slid a finger inside her, moving it around in a swift motion, then out. his large hands grasping at her thighs, he hovered over her and slid himself into her.

“good gravy, you’re tight!” he exclaimed, making her breathlessly laugh.

he thrusted up and down, her legs wrapping around his waist. “harder,” she moaned, so he did.

her hands entangled in his hair, she reached a breaking point. “shawn, i’m gon-”
he stopped her with a kiss, and nodded, thrusting faster for a moment before pulling out, leaving them both breathless.

he laid on his back beside her, she turned over to lay over him. her delicate fingers tracing circles on his bare chest.

“i love you, okay?” shawn spoke, his hands playing with her hair.

“i love you too. i always have.” she smiled back, kissing at his soft plump lips.



Ship: Yoonseok Prompt: yoongi is a slowly rising professional photographer, and he bumps into this cute boy (hoseok) on a trip and wow hes cute lets ask him to be my model ?? bonus points if they end up dating and they travel around together and hoseok is yoongi’s main muse / model (bonus points x2 if namjin are boyfys that are yoongi’s friends and every time yoongi mentions hoseok they tell him to shut up and ask him out already)

TITLE: Fallen Leaves
PAIRING:  Min Yoongi  ♡  Jung Hoseok │ Kim Namjoon  ♡  Kim Seokjin
GENRE: Fluff, Photographer AU, Model AU, Traveller-Meets-Lover
WARNING: This is pretty much 10K of how much Yoongi loves Jung Hoseok :)
WORDS: 10,596

Summary: Rising photographer, Min Yoongi, totally didn’t go to Canada because he watched Goblin and thought it looked absolutely stunning. OK–maybe he did. But it wasn’t exactly the scenery that he fell in love with through his camera lens.

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