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I did another animated fake screenshot because someone wanted to know how!


also I love underverse so much

Cross, underverse, the original image belongs to @jakei95

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

go see the original video!


💖 Ain’t Got A Mom Like Ours 💖

Had a wonderful time at Indypop con!! We met so many amazing people!

Thank you @thecrayonqueen for doing this with us!! It was a pleasure to meet you! 💖💖

Error and Geno - TheNobles (us)
Fresh - @epix321

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So, Thursday till Monday I’m gonna have exams. But like a lazy bum I am, I’m trying to run away from responsibility by drawing another fanart.

This is heavily influenced by  @symphysins and @rainbowchibbit SENPAI. I mean, we saw how Original and Fell blush (and that was cute AF!) but how about the other Sanses? -w-

I like Error pose by the way. He looks so cool~

A whole day. A whole day that I can spend for studying but I’m doing this instead…

Welp, at least I’m having fun `3`


“We’ve been standing out here for HALF AN HOUR, mourning your DAMN TAMAGOTCHI?!”

“Her name was Carol, brah. Don’t be disrespectful.”

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I can’t be the only one who wanted to have an entire service for my tamagotchi, right?

ERROR & Fresh belong to @loverofpiggies / @askerrorsans / @bestfresh90smess