lover not fighter

So Niall’s ninja turtle comment has got me feeling some kind of way:

Liam is Leonardo, our fearless leader in blue who has hella (sexual) tension with Raphael.

Louis is Michelangelo. Smart, chill, junk food lover, hilarious and loveable af.

Niall is donatello. Smart, funny, lover not a fighter but will fuck you up if you mess with the turtles.

Harry is actually a mix between the wise and extra zen splinter and hot wise ass Casey with the great hair.

Zayn is Raphael. Emo. Hot. Thick af accent.

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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Warnings: A bad relationship with a significant others family (?). Fluff. Involves reader being a muggle-born.
• He’s literally so sweet to you.

• He’s a lover not a fighter.

• After the war his dark mark turned into a scar and you had a muffler specialist remove it and skin graph the area on his request, of course.

• His mom is more excepting of your muggle roots than his father is.

• She doesn’t care as long as you take care of each other and she tries especially hard to get over the muggle-born stigma she’s been taught because she can see how much Draco loves you.

• But Lucius hates you.

• “I can’t believe he ended up with a mudblood.” / “Call me that again and I’ll kick you so hard your dick goes inside your body.”

• “Lucius!” / “Y/n.”

• “I mean it. Next time you talk to me like that I will kick your testicles inside your body.”

• “She means it, father.” / “I believe her.”

• Narcissa fucking loves how badass you are.

• But Draco loves that you’re only really a badass around them. When your both in private you turn into a tiny ball of cuddles and hair stroking.

• You don’t like being woken up.

• You can cook. To an extent.

• You introduced him to muggle fast food and now you get him McDonalds on his birthday.

• You were feeling pretty vengeful on your birthday one year so you took the Malfoy’s all out for Chinese.


• He is the best kisser EVER

• He loves to kiss you. It’s like an addiction.

• Draco is the little spoon.

• You are prohibited from going to the public wizard library because you come home with a book bag full of books and then ignore him for a week while you read.

• He likes hearing muggle fairy tales.

• One time he was super sick and he was in Mungo’s and you sat at his bedside the whole time.

• Narcissa and Lucius were listening to you two talk from behind a curtain because Lucius was sick too.

• “Tell me the one about the beast.” / “Beauty and The Beast?” /“Yes… that one..”

• Lucius was listening too, secretly.

• Draco just wanted to hear fairy tales the whole time, if he wasn’t sleeping or drinking healing potions that is.

• “What do they do in muggle hospitals?”

• “They give you IV’s of medicine depending how sick you are.”

• “Odd..” / “Get some rest, sweetheart. I’m gonna go get some food, want anything?” / “Pudding..” /“ ‘Course baby.”

• He loves you so much. It’s his only weakness.

the signs as women in star wars
  • padme amidala: kind, gentle-hearted, with hidden claws and unwavering morals // virgo, pisces, aquarius, cancer
  • rey: independent, loyal, loving, and ferocious, intensely sensitive and kind // aries, libra, scorpio, capricorn,
  • leia organa: tough, with a core as soft as velvet, a lover and a fighter, fragile but fierce // gemini, saggitarius, leo, taurus
Controversy 101

I read the Snape tag some evenings, and instead of basking in an insightful discussion about my favourite character, I often come away from it genuinely worrying about the intensity of hatred that some (not all) posters have for a fictional character.

I appreciate that not every character can be universally adored, and I understand that Snape is Marmite (for the record, Marmite is awful) - and amongst those who hate him are those who love to hate him (which is slightly different).  

…but I do think there’s a real difference between thoughtful critique, genuine questions, and thought provoking conversations versus the type of baiting, vitriol and virulent spreading of antagonistic misconceptions that the tag is mired in.

Of course, it is each to their own – if you’re having fun, well, have at it, I suppose.  …but personally, I can’t help but feel that it seems a little miserable, petty and self-defeating - and I would argue that those are some of Snape’s worst traits.

Which makes me wonder - have we come full-circle?  There’s a rather beautiful irony in the idea that the really passionate Snape haters have somehow embodied the most negative aspects of his personality.  

Because, y’know, that is really quite funny.

In all seriousness, why not do something awesome with your free time?  Why rally against a fictional character when you could be embracing the series and celebrating those that you love?  Why not write an insightful piece about your favourites, or the characters you find most interesting?  Why not draw or paint something you love?  Why not write a story, or do a craft?

Life really is far too short to be so incredibly angry.  Don’t waste time on what you hate; do what you love instead.  And in a world filled with hate…why not be kind?  :)

So, look, just picture it for a second.

Picture Scanlan, grieving and angry and clever, drowning himself in legend and lore. Picture him walking just a little bit farther the day he should’ve met Dr. Dranzel, instead listening in on a whispered conversation in a tavern. Hearing a name.

It’s not quite a Deal, he thinks, or maybe it’s not quite a Pact. Capital letters make him nervous. But in the name there’s vengeance and a promise and a distant glimmering point to all this, and he slips charming and effortless into the service of a being that he’s not entirely sure exists… except. Except he’s quicker with his hands than he used to be, except the people he meets are discomfited and distant, except the dreams that torment him have a habit of leaking.

He’s a lover, not a fighter, but there’s something burning in his blood and he says, “It’ll be worth it.” He says, “This has to be better.”

Picture the twins, unwanted, unwelcome, under the roof and the thumb of a father who sees the strangeness in them and wants it near because it’s his. Picture a studious Vex stoking her gift for performance, for illusion, weaving tapestries of lies and half-truths. Picture a silent Vax finding solace in the forms of the creatures that lurk in the city’s shadows, championing a neglected and distasteful wilderness.

Vex sings, sometimes, to ground herself, to distract, but it’s the words, the stories, the tales that hold the real power. All the world’s a stage, she thinks, and you can get so very far with a good performance. In stories, you are whatever you say.

Vax shifts, takes new form, reinvents himself as rats and alley cats and silent bats, perches as a mangy crow on the finely trellised architecture and watches and waits for his chance, one more opportunistic scavenger.

After they run, he braids her hair and he tells her, “I don’t know what we’re doing anymore,” and she tells him, “But this isn’t how the story ends.”

Picture Percy, idle and bored, neglecting his family’s religious training to tinker with machines and ideas without purpose. Picture the night he starts to turn back as his sister falls to the arrows, feeling the flare of warmth in the holy symbol over his heart. Picture him running all the same.

When he comes back to himself, gradually, on a fishing boat surrounded by strangers, every time he reaches to heal a wound or cure an illness, there’s a distance to the familiar magic, a distortion. He can’t seem to keep warm. He can’t seem to remember how it used to be. He doesn’t dream, not anymore. He doesn’t build.

He reaches for his holy symbol, expecting it to crack or shatter, and he says, “I’m still here.” He says, “I don’t understand why.”

Picture Keyleth, idyllic and carefree in the knowledge that she doesn’t possess the druidic abilities so valued by her people. Picture her discovery of a sudden surge of magic, a talent and a spark that’s not quite right. Picture her father poorly concealing disappointment and distress at this fluke of birth, this arcane, uncontrolled magic that tears at the fabric between planes instead of mending.

She’s strong, she knows, and there’s really no reason to expect she won’t be able to help her people with her newfound abilities. There’s really no reason why she shouldn’t be able to succeed her father, to follow in the fading footsteps of her mother. Just because the magic’s wrong doesn’t mean she is. She can save them all if they’ll only give her a chance.

She reaches for the power, the wilderness in her mind, and she says, “I can do this,” and, with a frustration and a longing that frightens her sometimes, “I will do this.”

Picture Pike Trickfoot, unrepentant prankster, falling thoughtlessly into the worst of the habits that earned her family their name. Picture Wilhand taking her under his wing, trying in vain to draw Sarenrae’s attention to this too-clever, quick-fingered girl.

She steals away in silence to the city limits, watching the stars from the ramparts, wondering at the silence in her mind, knowing she should feel the emptiness as a void, knowing she should want more. But there’s a comfort and a safety in the shadows, and besides, she doesn’t especially want anybody shining a light in all her dark places.

She steals a merchant’s purse just to prove she can, grinning at Wilhand’s exasperated groan, and she tells him, “It’s all right.” She says, “I’ve always been a bit of a monster.”

Picture Grog, nearly dying for the act of saving Wilhand because it was the right thing, because there should be glory in battle and that wasn’t by any means glorious. Picture Wilhand’s surprise when his frantic prayers for healing are met with a warm sense of amusement and familiarity.

And look, it’s not like Grog has ever been the religious sort, but he’s pretty good at sticking up for people and he knows a thing or two about redemption and second chances. So sure, he’s not good all the time, he fucks up more than he should and has to deal with the disapproval of a deity, but honestly that’s not nearly as scary as the disapproval of Pike, so he’s getting better at it. He’s trying.

His big fuck-off sword glows when he thinks about new beginnings, and he says, “Sometimes you get to choose.”

He says, “This is my family now.”

In Another Reality Asks
  • Imagine yourself as if you were a mystical being from a different reality. (Cause I'm in a fantasy/mystical/Halloween mood, and sometimes, you need a boost to your confidence.)
  • God/Goddess:
  • Time: Are you old as the world or young as the sunrise?
  • Power: What do you control/represent/have power over?
  • Scroll: What's your backstory? i.e. Born or made? Lover or fighter? Where'd you come from?
  • Sword: Enemies?
  • Bow: Allies?
  • Arrow: Love (platonic, familial, romantic, or otherwise)?
  • Crown: Appearance?
  • Axe: Weapon of choice, if any?
  • Goblet: Dramatic events you've been involved in?
  • Metal: Do humans like you?
  • Marble: Describe either your temple.
  • Throne: What are your followers like?
  • Ruins: Any lore?
  • Fairy:
  • Tree: What era did your fairy life start?
  • Mushroom: What role do you play in your kingdom? i.e. warrior, queen, noble, traveler, craftsman, artisan.
  • Sparkle: Appearance?
  • Flower: Friends?
  • Weeds: Foes?
  • Moon: Anyone in your heart?
  • Breeze: Do you have powers?
  • Star: What do your wings look like and do they have a certain meaning?
  • Leaf: Do you contact humans?
  • Song: Any stories of you?
  • Laugh: Is your kingdom okay - if you even have a kingdom?
  • Vampire:
  • Cloak: Are you ancient or young?
  • Teeth: Are you a "vegan" vampire?
  • Marks: Born or made?
  • Blood: Are you are classic, suave vampire or a loud extrovert, or in between?
  • Gloves: Appearance?
  • Whisper: Any lore?
  • Castle: What's your typical haunt?
  • Smoke: Do you live among the unturned (humans)?
  • Night: Allies?
  • Stake: Attackers?
  • Heart: Those you hold dear?
  • Nymph:
  • Form: What element are you?
  • Path: Have you ever come in to contact with mortals?
  • Earth: Friends?
  • Fire: Enemies?
  • Reflection: Loves (platonic, romantic, or otherwise)?
  • Voice: Fairytales?
  • Flowers: Appearance?
  • Branch: Are you devoted to anyone, or a cause?
  • Scene: Describe your ideal location.
  • Shade: Clothes made of nature or no?
  • Immortal:
  • Clock: What age did you become immortal?
  • Grave: Do you have many people you miss?
  • Textbook: Which historical events did you play a role in?
  • Coincidence: Any likewise minds?
  • Fate: Know anyone with opposite values?
  • Second: Those you miss/would miss?
  • Eternity: Are you all alone?
  • Style: Any clothes from your travels?
  • Portrait: Know anyone famous? Opinions on them?
  • Record: Favorite music from any era?
  • Forget: Anything you feel guilty about?
  • Werewolf:
  • Full moon: Role in your pack, if you have one? i.e., alpha, beta, omega
  • Fur: Appearance?
  • Claw: Born or turned?
  • Transform: Do you live among humans?
  • Pack: Friends/family?
  • Growl: Rivals?
  • Mate: Romance?
  • Scare: Any rumors about you?
  • Attack: Are you more friendly, passive or vicious among other packs?
  • Hunt: Describe your most memorable full moon.
  • Howl: Is your transformation painful?
  • Wound: How do you heal after a full moon?
  • Ghost:
  • Resting place: Where do you haunt?
  • Fog: Do you communicate with the living?
  • Reason: Backstory?
  • Coffin: Do you seek closure?
  • Smile: Friends?
  • Stare: Those you hate?
  • Final: Loved ones?
  • Letters: Do you remember how you died?
  • Still: Age of death?
  • Last: Appearance?
  • Pain: Are you tranquil, sad, or vengeful?
  • Merperson:
  • Shell: Wandering or one certain area?
  • Sea glass: Appearance?
  • Shark: Herbivore or carnivore?
  • Net: Sweet and helpful or rabid and hurtful?
  • Fins: Alone or with a group?
  • Shine: Above the water to interact or underwater and introverted?
  • Reef: Friends?
  • Trench: Predators?
  • Drown: Loved ones?
  • Pearl: Fantasy-like and pretty or more of a feared monster?
  • Waves: Contact with others?
  • If you have more, please add! : )
Auston Matthews #10

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  i have a prompt!!! youre watching your boyfriend play live in a super heated game, somebody chirps him and says something about you and that triggers him to start throwing punches. interested to see who you think would fit this situation :))

2.  Hey! Love your imagines :) can you please do an auston matthews imagine where he heres patrick laine talk shit about you? It’s somewhat a continuation of (i think( of the last auston matthews one where he gets compared to laine. Thx!

*Hi guys! I would have picked Antoine Roussel for this, my favorite Frenchman fighter, lover, etc, but I thought about combining both requests because Auston and Patrik can also be a good choice, noh? Again, I have nothing against Patrik Laine and this is not meant to hurt him or his reputation. :) Enjoy and thank you both so much!*

Word count: 1, 113

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You threw the ice pack at him the moment the door opened. He was caught off guard and it almost hit his already-battered face but then again, this is Auston Matthews we’re talking about. The guy has good reflexes.

He gave you a weak smile, “how long have you been standing there?”

“A long time,” you told him, anger lacing your voice.

“I thought we were going home together?” he asked, dropping his bag on the floor.

You turned around and ignored him, walking to the kitchen. He silently followed you like a wounded puppy, ice pack pressed against his tender skin.

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Why is no one talking about Valentine (“Michael”) and Jace’s training session?

He told this boy he was weak.  

He told him he wasn’t a good enough, that a true shadowhunter wouldn’t let himself get hit, even while injured.  

He beat him over the frickin head with a training mitt, jabbed him mercilessly, catching him at his weaknesses on purpose.  

He made Jace exert himself, not giving him the chance to heal, or to rest (which is the whole point of Clary leaving him behind).  

Then after all of that, he fed his poisonous teaching into Jace’s mind, convincing him again, after so many years, that love destroys, that the man he raised him to be was supposed to be special, different.  

A fighter, not a lover.   

This show didn’t just tell us about the parental abuse and trauma Jace experienced in his childhood.  It showed us.