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Tiny notebooks for handbags. Pens for scale. All notebooks are fountain pen friendly and are less than A5 size.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Paperblanks Morris Windrush in Micro format
  • Rhodia No. 12 lined
  • Apica note book
  • Field Notes kraft
  • Paperblanks Darwin, Tree of Life in Mini format
  • Kokuyo Campus B size

Wealthy af Magister Pavus spoiling Lavellan rotten. The joy he gets from going and getting his Amatus all these unnecessary, luxurious goodies, and brims with joy whenever he sees him wearing that one little accessory he knew he would love. Consideration goes into each present, and he wraps them himself with fancy bows and paper.

Wealthier than before, but still not as wealthy as Dorian, Lavellan, not knowing what to do with half of the things the mage gives/sends him and worrying that he’s spending too much on the him. Yet, he can’t help feeling reassured of Dorian’s adoration with every little gift. When people compliment one of the gifts, inquiring as to where he got it, he replies proudly;  “It was a gift from Magister Pavus.”

College AU

You and I were really close friends that our friends started thinking that we were dating but you were a laid-back person so you just said that if it wasn’t true then we shouldn’t be bothered, but when graduation rolled you confessed your love to me in front of our friends, I mean, what the hell I thought you-and-me wasn’t a thing? Don’t get me wrong, I love you too since the first time but I don’t want to give our friends satisfaction of being right so I’m going to say no. For now.

Books & Cupcakes May Book Photo Challenge Day 3: LGBTQ Character 💕  👬

His Dark Materials is one of my favourite books/trilogy. The last book, The Amber Spyglass features two angels: Balthamos and Baruch who are lovers and have rebelled from the Kingdom of  Heaven.

URGENT--plagiarized fanfic

pewdie pewdie pewdie

*sigh* WELL, who thought I’d have to make this, eh?

For those who are unaware, Pewdiepie had a fanfiction writing contest back in January of this year–so my good friend sonicvssoragirl decided to write an entry just for kicks. We submitted it under Sophia’s name, and for kicks I submitted it to The story can be found here.

Flash forward five months later. Nothing happened for a very long amount of time–we didn’t really expect we’d win anyway but we didn’t mind. Out of curiosity I checked in on Pewdie’s channel and found the final winner of the contest, Taylor H., had had his/her/their fanfiction read and animated, as per the prize of the contest. You can find the video here.

I began watching, and I noticed his/her/their “story” was pretty much word-for-word our story. In other words, this Taylor had seen our story on and had submitted it under her name. He/She/They won and thus got all the credits and benefits for something she didn’t make.

Before you all try to prove me wrong, first read our story along with the fanfiction reading. Give or take a few minor changes, it’s exactly the same.

“But you could have copied it from Pewdie’s video!”

Check the date of publication on the story. 

January 7th of this year–AKA, when the writing contest began. The reading was posted yesterday, June 12th. So there was no possible way we could have copied the story from the fanfiction reading.

To further this, I still have the original document saved to my computer. Let’s look at the date of modification:

January 7th, 2015.

Not to mention we currently have no contact whatsoever with Pewdiepie or Taylor H. There is no possible way we could have copied the fanfiction.

Sophia and I want to resolve this as soon as we can–we want the credit for the story and we want Taylor to see justice. But to do that, we need to contact Pewdiepie.

I’ve been sending him tweets, posted on his facebook wall, commented on the video, sent him emails, personal messages, and I still can’t get a hold of him. Please, please, please, if anyone can help me get in contact with Pewdiepie then I would be willing to do voice requests, draw something, etc.

We need to get this resolved–please reblog this, tag Pewdiepie, send it to him, anything. If you wish to contact me further on the situation please send me an ask.

Thank you.