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20 reasons why I love Jonerys (Dany edition)

1. Her beauty is unparalleled

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2. And Jon never fails to notice

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3. Girl will turn up her game on date night (even if dates ends up being battles against ice zombies because it’s hard to date during wartime)

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4. She looks dope AF riding a dragon

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5. Is basically the most powerful woman in all of Westeros

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6. And yet all Jon knows is fondness

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7. She has awesome children who already love and accept him into the family

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8. She tolerates (and is even turned on by) his ridiculously extra sex moves (good grief Jon Aegon Targaryen Snow, we get it, you’re a wolf)

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9. She’ll always reach out a helping hand

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10. Come save him in his time of need, risking her own life without thought

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11. Trust that he will return to her, even when the odds are stacked against him

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12. She smiles at his lame jokes

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13. She’s the perfect height for him (literally one of only like 3 in Westeros)

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14. She stands by him in the face of his her their enemies

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15. She believes in him

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16. She challenges him

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17. And yet yearns for his approval

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18. Giving up her own ambitions to fight for him

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19. She’s the first thing Jon has actively pursued that isn’t based on honour/duty, but rather his happiness. The first time he’s considered ALLOWING himself this feeling of content and peace.

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20. and she’s literally the other half of his story in a decades long, well thought out and cleverly constructed epic which has a title that literally reflects the two of them and whose author has basically come out and confirmed that the whole point of the entire series is the two of them so no, their love isn’t “forced”, it has been in the making for 20+ years, it’s now cannon and the most beautifully tragic love story so GTFO antis.

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Mum taught us to be independent. As teenagers she raised us both in what was generally a happy little house. “Latch key kids”, as she called us, we came home from school before she was done with work. While it sometimes caused her maternal guilt, it was never a bad thing, and we learned to coexist as a pair for that daily window, boiling pasta and arguing over the TV remote. When she’d had a bad day, as we all do sometimes, we tried to step up where we could. Harry’s attempts at cheering her up were all the better for their youthful earnestness. a 12-year-old has seen enough romcoms to know that a thoughtful close is one who runs a bath, so thats what she’d get from time to time, with a mismatch of house-gathered candles place around the bathroom.
—  Gemma Styles on Harry



Pan Jinlian [潘金蓮] is a protagonist in the Chinese classic novel Jin Ping Mei (The Plum in the Golden Vase), and a minor character in the Water Margin, another classic. A well-known figure in Chinese culture, she represents the quintessential adulterous wife, and has become the patron goddess of brothels and prostitutes.

Pan Jinlian was the wife of Wu Dalang, whose younger brother, Wu Song, eventually became one of the major marsh rebels and a most memorable hero. While Wu Song was a handsome, stout and tall young man, Wu Dalong was an unsightly dwarf, making a living by peddling bread. Pan Jinlian, young, beautiful and graceful, was always jeered by neighbors as “a flower planted in a cow’s dung.”

Pan, dissatisfied with her marriage, has an extramarital affair with Ximen Qing, a handsome womanizer in town. Wu Dalang learns of the affair, but Pan and Ximen murder him by adding poison to his food. They bribe the coroner to conceal the true cause of his death. Wu Song grows suspicious of his brother’s death and carries out his own investigations to eventually discover the truth. Wu Song takes the law into his own hands in revenging his brother after his failure to bring the case to a corrupt court: he slays Pan Jinlian and her lover.

I have so many issues with the Mulan (2018) remake....

And most of them revolve around Chen Honghui and his replacement of Li Shang.

Chen Honghui is a bully who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. And he is also going to be her “love interest”. But it’s not until he finds out that Mulan is a woman that he starts to develop feelings for her. Or even respect. (Can anyone else say “enemies to lovers” tag on ao3?) (No word yet on if they are actually going to “fall in love…” or if it’s a one sided thing. Going with Disney’s track record? It’s the former.). Until then he hates her because she’s better than him. How is that a good romance in a movie in 2017/18? Especially with how good Disney has been in the past few years! “Oh i hate you until you’re stripped of your rank and thrown out of the army and THEN I love you. Cause you’re not a guy. #nohomo.” They’ve shown in recent years that true love isn’t always your significant other, but through the people you love and who love you back (Maleficent, Brave, Frozen, Wreck-It-Ralph, MOANA!!!! I can go on if you want.). If you don’t want a love interest that’s fine! Make it about the love and loyalty soldiers have to have in each other in order to make it through war alive. No possible homo involved. Plus, who’s gonna have the rank to stick their neck out for Mulan without Captain Shang there? Certainly not Chen, cause he’s just a recruit like Mulan. And the others can’t/won’t.

(Is STILL going on about Shang because holy crap Disney you screwed the pooch on this one…)

Shang felt respect and camaraderie with Ping when Ping was a man, and was deeply betrayed by the fact that he was actually a she. When Mulan saved all of China by personally ensuring the safety of the Emperor, she was honored by the highest power in the land. She. A. Woman. Was honored as one of China’s strongest warriors. And after, when Shang is willing to just let her walk away, to honor the fact that she is a warrior (and also because he doesn’t know how to approach this new incarnation of the person he’s trained with for months), the Emperor himself gives his blessing for him to go see her again. Shang is a fucking beautiful character, who loves his Father and wants to serve China and grows to respect the stand out new recruit (whether or not he actually develops feelings for Ping before the reveal). And you replace him with a bully who is offended by the bean pole little squirt who is standing in his way of eternal glory? Gtfuohwts.

Like I said, if you want #nohomo, then make it about the brotherhood that comes with living and training with the men around you for months. Make it about how you need to depend on each other to survive. Make it about how you can be more than what society expects of you! Keep Mulan single and still BAMF.

(Now onto something that isn’t Shang related…)

The music. The music plays the part it’s given. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of any disney movie, and all the other live action remakes have it! You can have a dark movie with beautiful music in it (Sound of Music, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare before Christmas). It would be a beautiful way to play on the emotions of the audience, to increase shock when the Army finally gets to the pass (after a song about what they want after the war to get to the destroyed mountain pass outpost), to show how Mulan feels about how lost she is, not knowing who she as a person truly is on the inside, THEGOSHDARNTRAININGSONG! (LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. TO DEFEAT. THE HUNS.)

Mulan was always about self empowerment and the journey to find yourself as you protect the people you love. She was a small town farm girl who was supposed to be married off. Instead she steals her fathers enlistment papers (after failing to impress the matchmaker) and runs off to the front lines. She’s risking everything to be there. And you’re taking away from that by changing the things that make these movies so beautiful. Because, the honor she received, the respect of an entire kingdom, an Emperor (and the love of a good man who respects her and her abilities as a warrior) wasn’t her being chosen. It wasn’t handed to her by someone else. It was her reward for being who she is. It was her reward for her choice. It was her reward after she worked her ass off and impressed the most important person there, was disgraced, AND THEN TURNED AROUND AND IMPRESSED THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON EVER. It was her reward after she nearly gave her life three times in service to her family and country. Not because she’s the only girl in a 50 mile radius.

She earned that respect. And no bully-cum-lover will ever be a good replacement character. The songs? Fine. No love interest? Also fine. But don’t make this a “I fall in love because you’re a girl” thing. Make it like it’s supposed to be made. Hua Mulan fought to stay alive to protect her family (her crippled father) and protect her country. She earned to respect of the people around her. Don’t cheapen that.

But I digress.

The formula was perfect, and the songs would be a nice take away from what’s sure to be a dark interpretation of war. You stuck with the original stuff and were still able to make the remakes beautiful. What are you gonna do next Disney? Put white people in there? Cast a man to play Ping and a woman to play Mulan? Remove the ancestors, Mushu, and cricket? Get rid of the three dorks who grow to be Mulan’s best friends?Please.

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Can I ask for inquisition romances reacting to the inquisitor b coming pregnant before endgame? So they still have to fight and lead while they're pregnant and everything

THIS IS PART OF MY STORY! THIS IS MY CANON! I FREAKING LOVE THIS! Mod Katalyna is Inquisitior baby trash.

Sera: “??????? WHAT? INKY, WHOSE JUNK HAVE YOU HUMPING? BECAUSE IT SURE WASN’T MINE!” Despite that, she always places herself right next to her Inky in battle to make sure she’s safe. Whoever provided the male bits for that baby to happen and no matter what the circumstances were, that baby is HERS! She’s gonna protect it!

Josephine: She’s hurt and doesn’t understand how it happened. After they talk it over and decide that their relationship is still strong, she does everything she can to make sure that the baby and her lover are safe. Though she can’t be in the battlefield with them, she’ll make sure they’re as pampered and protected as possible while they’re at Skyhold.

Dorian: Oops. Well, that’s awkward. His amatus is definitely a man, but biologically it was still possible. And now it’s happened. Well, shit. Even despite having no idea how to really handle the situation, he still makes sure his amatus is as safe as possible, constantly casting barriers over him during battle and checking on him like a mother hen every five minutes.

Cullen: He really wants to lock the Inquisitor away until the baby is safely born despite knowing that not only will the Inquisitor not allow that but Thedas probably won’t survive that long without them at the front of the battle. All he can do is make sure they have the best armor all the resources of the Inquisition can get and the best healers to make sure that they and their baby stay as healthy as possible. A family is something he’s always wanted, and he loves them so much, but he’d hoped to wait until after the world was saved. Even so, he’ll make the best of it. But every time they leave, he’s a nervous wreck until they get back.

Iron Bull: Huh… That’s… weird? He tries to wrap his mind around the idea of having a kid. His own kid. To take care of. And actually raise. His kadan and his kid, just for him. The whole idea is so completely alien to him that it takes him a long time to figure out that he’s actually happy about it and looking forward to the opportunity to shape a little life. In the meantime, he’s always in front of the Inquisitor in battle and never lets anything touch them.

Blackwall: He’s… thrilled! They accepted his past, accepted him, loves him. They’re everything he wants, and now they’re carrying his baby. He can have a home, a family, a normal life, despite everything. He worries about their safety in battle, of course, and what the nobility and their allies will say about it all, but he figures that as long as they’re together they can make it work. He’s determined.

Cassandra: Does this make her a father? She’s not really sure what to do with it. Her lover is a man, of course, despite biological differences, and though the pregnancy was far from planned, she’ll manage. Their relationship, though briefly at risk, is still strong. She loves him. She’ll protect him. She never really thought she’d find herself with a child, despite secretly wanting one. She definitely never thought that it would be her lover who has the child, but the Maker works in mysterious ways. Maybe it’s for the best. She’ll protect them both with everything she has.

Solas: Falling in love was unexpected and inadvisable. Getting his vhenan pregnant was so far outside of his plans that he’s actually stunned into silence for a long time. Guilt wracks him. He never should have let it get this far. He should have turned them away long before it reached this point. Even so, he can’t bring himself to leave. It’s not just about him anymore. It’s about his child. He’s going to be a father, and he has as much of a responsibility to the child growing in his vhenan’s womb as he does to all his people. He will protect them no matter what. His barrier goes up around his vhenan at the slightest hint of danger.

Hold on to your hats, kids. This one gets a wee bit racy. 


“So, the interactions between your characters, Jack and Y/N, really leave viewers guessing. Can you shed a bit of light on their relationship?” the interviewer asked.

You saw Jack glance at you in your peripheral vision. You were doing your first press event - with Jack, Mark, Tom and Barry - for your new film Dunkirk, and were sure this wasn’t the last time that question would come up. You played Mr Dawson’s oldest daughter in the film, a young woman in training as a nurse, determined to play her part in the rescue operation. Your character was steadfast and resolute, like her father, but feisty and hot-blooded at times. As Chris had given the characters so little backstory, you had decided that, due to the constraints of her sex at the time, she had developed a fiery streak. After arguing her way onto the Moonstone, your character Evelyn had some small exchanges with Collins after he was rescued. Nothing more than flirting was ever seen in the film, but the suggestion of romance was clear, despite it having been absent from the script. The chemistry between yourself and Jack on set was palpable, and infected your takes every time. Luckily, Chris had liked the hint of romance you accidentally brought to the characters.

“Aye, I think there’s certainly some chemistry between Collins and Evelyn, but that’s the beauty of their relationship, in my view, that it’s so undefined. Ye don’ know where they’re gonnae go, so ye get te fill in the blanks yerself,” Jack commented very diplomatically. 

“Yeah, I would agree,” you continued, “And I think it would be insensitive to trivialise such a serious and important topic like the evacuation of Dunkirk with something so frivolous as a whirlwind romance. This film is about survival and community, so while it’s nice to see a little flirtation, it would be wrong for there to be more than that.”

The interviewer nodded. “So do you think Evelyn kinda represents the woman at home, you know, the lover waiting for her man to return from war?”.

You fumed silently, astounded at how Evelyn could have been interpreted so wrongly. You took a deep breath, trying to maintain your professionalism.

“No, not at all. I think she represents all the strong, brave women that refused to sit at home while the men went off to fight in the war. Her getting on the boat in the first place, refusing to let her father leave her on the dock, shows that she has tenacity and a fighting spirit. You know, women played such a vital role in both world wars, not only in the factories and farms, but in the armed forces too. And all those brave nurses who saved millions of lives, and sometimes gave their own when helping soldiers on the front lines. There are accounts of makeshift hospitals on the front getting bombed. There are actually some historians who argue that Germany lost the war because Hitler refused to let women work to maintain the economy. He thought their place was in the home, having babies…” You sensed you were getting a little worked up, but you simply refused to let your character be dulled down to a two-dimensional love interest. “Plus, Evelyn is in training as a nurse, so she is clearly determined to do her part. She shows women as a force that cannot be ignored.”

You had to stop a smug smirk from painting your lips as the interviewer looked at you in stunned silence. The guys around you nodded in agreement, and Jack offered you a supportive pat on the leg.

The rest of the interview passed mostly without incident, talking about what it was like to work with Chris and your experiences of filming on the sea. Time was nearly up when you were asked what it was like being the only female member of the main cast.

“Oh it was fine!” You nearly rolled your eyes. “The guys were all really lovely, and didn’t treat me any differently for being a woman,” you said pointedly. “Anyway, I was by no means the only woman on set. Emma, for example, and a load of the crew were female so I wasn’t alone in my womanhood.”

“So no incidents in other casts member’s trailers then?” the interviewer asked suggestively, raising an eyebrow.

Tom quickly came to your rescue, “Y/N is a good mate and such a laugh. She’s one of the lads really, but somehow managed to keep us in check too. She was actually a bit of a mother hen at times, so there really wasn’t that kind of relationship. Anyway, we’re all colleagues at the end of the day, so we had to be professional.”

You deigned not to mention that you had shared Jack’s bed the night before. Not even the rest of the cast knew about you two.

“Exac’ly. She’s a great friend, ya know, and we’d never disrespect her loike tha’.” Barry interjected.

“She’s a phenomenal actress too, which is the real point of importance here. She’s good at what she does, so it never mattered to us that she was a woman. She could be a bear for all we care,” Mark said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

The interviewer, clearly failing to get the message to move on, asked Jack, “So all that chemistry on screen, that was just acting?”

“Jus’ acting mate,” Jack replied, “it’s what we do. That’s how we bring home the bacon.” He clearly wasn’t willing to offer any more on the subject, so that was the end of it.

The interviewer asked a few final questions and you all offered your thanks.

“Thank god that’s over,” you sighed once back in your hotel room. It was your only interview of the day as you had the premiere that evening so Jack, Tom and Barry had headed back to your room with you to relax, and Harry and Fionn had joined shortly after from their interview. You’d just come out of the shower to hear Jack finish retelling the event from earlier to Harry and Fionn. They were suitably horrified too.

“I cannae believe ye were asked those questions! It was so rude!” Jack exclaimed indignantly.  He couldn’t help getting protective.

“Well, we’d best get used to it ‘cause you better believe that’s not the last time I’m going to get asked questions like that,” you said as you stood in the doorway in the hotel dressing gown, towel drying your hair. You went to sit beside Jack on the bed.

“But they were so obtuse and, well… derogatory,” Tom volunteered.

“Welcome to being a woman in the film industry, my friends. Thanks for sticking up for me though guys, I really appreciate it.”

“No, from now on we’re not going to let people talk to you like that. Whoever is in an interview with Y/N, if she gets asked a question like that you answer for her, alright?” Harry suggested, “She shouldn’t have to deal with shit like that”. Everyone nodded in agreement and tears welled in your eyes, overwhelmed by their support.

“We’re no’ gonna let people treat you like tha’ pet, you deserve so much better,” Jack said, wrapping a comforting arm around your shoulder. You buried your face in his chest and let his warmth seep into you, wanting nothing more than to kiss him. A few pointed looks were thrown around the room at your behaviour, but you were oblivious to them.

The boys stuck around for a while, chatting and messing about. You however, were in your own world with Jack. You weren’t in a relationship, per say, you certainly weren’t dating. You’d never been on a date, but you had slept together a few times. It all began when the cast reconvened for the press tour and you and Jack had suddenly found that you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. During the shoot you had remained steadfastly professional, despite the tension that hung in the air between you. You had thought he might make a move at the wrap party, but nothing happened and you drifted your separate ways. But, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so when you saw him again, bearded and, if possible, even more gorgeous than you remembered, it didn’t take long for you to hook up. Neither of you really knew where you stood, so had decided to keep it secret from everyone else. Mostly your relationship consisted of sneaking into each other’s rooms at night and stifling your moans because the hotel walls weren’t that thick. It was quickly becoming inadequate. You could feel yourself falling for Jack, like you had toppled over a cliff without even realising you were close to the edge, and you hadn’t hit the ground yet. You were dreading the impact. You’d never talked to Jack about your feelings, and you were terrified that he saw this as just a fling, just mates helping each other out. You wanted to tell him that you wanted more than stolen kisses and silent sex, but every time you tried the words stuck in your throat.

Eventually you shooed all the boys out, needing to get ready for the premiere.

“Can’t I stay?” Jack whispered, his breath on your ear giving you shivers, “It’s not like I haven’t seen ye naked before.”

You tried, and probably failed, to keep your expression neutral. “What about keeping us a secret, huh?”

“Well, what if I don’ want to keep us a secret anymore? What if I want to shout it from the rooftops that yer mine?” he growled.

Your stomach was doing somersaults, as you locked eyes with Jack. The startling blue seemed to invade your senses, and you could practically taste him.

Someone coughed deliberately and Fionn said, “We best be off then, let Y/N get ready in peace.”

Jack smirked and stood up, knowing full well he had you in the palm of his hand and was leaving you to wonder, ‘what if?’. You were suddenly alone in your room, and desperately lonely. You took a deep breath and began to get ready. If Jack wanted to play games, then games were what he would get, and you had a trick or two up your sleeve.

You had been planning to wear a modest, black dress, but had seen a gorgeous velvet number that was a deep, emerald green, in a shop the previous day. It was so beautiful, you couldn’t resist trying it on, and when it fitted like a glove and you saw how sexy it made you look, you bought it. You set the black dress aside and lay the new one on the bed while you did your hair and makeup.

Two hours later you were dressed and you took a moment to admire your handiwork in the mirror. You’d done a dramatic smoky-eye and soft rose lips. You let your hair fall in gentle curls around your face. The dress was the real killer though. It was a bardot neck, revealing bare shoulders, and came to a gentle plunge to show just enough cleavage. It had long sleeves, and cinched in tightly at the waist to accentuate your curves. It finished just above the ankle and you wore classy black heels to give your posture an extra kick. You smiled in satisfaction.

There was a knock at the door, “You ready Y/N? We’re all waiting downstairs.” It was Tom. You opened the door and his jaw dropped. “Bloody hell! You- you look amazing!”

“Thanks Tom. I’ll be down in a sec, okay? I just need to grab a few bits.” He nodded and headed off, somewhat dazed. You only needed your clutch, but waited an extra moment – you wanted to make an entrance.

Once you got downstairs you lingered out of sight around a corner. You could hear voices.

“I’m telling you mate, she looks incredible,” Tom said. “You won’t be able to restrain yourself”.

You best restrain yerself though, eh mate?” you heard Jack say. You smirked and rounded the corner, letting your hips sway and your heels clop loudly on the floor. Immediately all eyes were on you. A few guys stood with mouths agape, Harry whistled appreciatively, much to your satisfaction, and you distinctly heard Jack curse under his breath. As you approached, Jack marvelled, “Holy hell, Y/N, you look…”. He searched for a word that was tenacious enough. Before he found it, you turned to Cillian. “Would you mind walking me to the premiere, Cillian? I’m a little unsteady in these shoes,” you said with a self-satisfied grin.

He smirked and shot an apologetic look at Jack, before offering you his arm.

“It would be an honour to escort such a beautiful lady as yourself”. You threaded your hand through his elbow and set off, making sure to swing your hips a little more than usual. You turned back to Jack for a moment, biting you lip seductively, before turning back to Cillian.

“Y/N, you’re being cruel,” Cillian whispered before helping you into the car. You looked at him in faux confusion. “Who am I being cruel to?” He shook his head with a smile, but didn’t press it.

The premiere was glamorous and boisterous, and the red-carpet interviews were mostly easy to navigate. You got a fair few comments on your dress, which you accepted graciously, and the guys only had to fulfil their promise to rebuff any sexist questions a few times. However, the whole night you were acutely aware of a particular pair of blue eyes on you. When you caught Jack’s gaze you saw they were deep with hunger and a possessive rage. It was a little frightening and completely exhilarating. When you headed inside for the screening of the film, he grabbed you by the waist pulled you into a secluded corner. He tried to press his lips to yours but you pulled back. “Uh uh, not in public.”

“Oh who cares! Like the guys haven’t already guessed. I’m desperate for ye Y/N, you look so damn sexy in that dress,” he groaned.

“There’s press here Jack, to review the film. I can’t risk this getting out. You heard what that prick said to me this morning, just think how much worse it’ll be if people know we’re screwing.”

His face dropped, clearly understanding the repercussions.

“This isn’t just screwin’ for me though, ye know that righ’?” The fear was painted clearly across his face, and he suddenly looked so young, so vulnerable. You nodded, relieved to know he was in as deep as you. All you wanted was let him kiss you, but instead you whispered, “It’s not for me either.”

The smirk that you so adored was back, dimples and all, and he bit his lip. “In that case, I’m going to show you exactly how much you mean to me as soon as we get back,” he said, and sauntered off, once again leaving you longing for him.

You had enjoyed the evening, but it couldn’t have ended soon enough. The after-party was being held at the hotel, so you slipped away as soon as you could without being noticed. Jack raced down the corridor, your hand held firmly in his. But you couldn’t keep up with him in your heels, so he scooped you up into his arms and carried you. You laced your arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the neck. He put you down when you reached his room to unlock the door. You were barely through the threshold before he attacked your lips with fiery kisses and kicked the door shut. He threw you down on the bed and you gazed at him through your eyelashes as he tugged his jacket off.

“God, I’m gonna rip that infernal dress off ye…”


It broke my heart when I knew I had to leave him.


25 great films released in Brazil in 2014

25. The Congress, by Ari Folman 

24. Nightcrawler, by Dan Gilroy

23. La Jalousie, by Philippe Garrel

22. Ain’t Them Bodies Saint, by David Lowery

21. The Rover, by David Michôd

20. Quando Eu Era Vivo, by Marco Dutra

19. Ida, by Pawel Pawlikowski

18. The Immigrant, by James Gray

17. Enemy, by Dennis Villeneuve

16. Guardians of the Galaxy, by James Gunn

15. Begin Again, by John Carney

14. Nebraska, by Alexander Payne

13. Only Lovers Left Alive, by Jim Jarmusch

12. O Lobo Atrás da Porta, by Fernando Coimbra

11. Her, by Spike Jonze

10. Praia do Futuro, by Karim Ainouz

09. Gone Girl, by David Fincher

08. Inside Llewyn Davis, by Joel and Ethan Coen

07. A Most Wanted Man, by Anton Corbijn

06. Gloria, by Sebastián Lelio

05. Stories We Tell, by Sarah Polley

04. Happy Christmas, by Joe Swanberg

03. Mommy, by Xavier Dolan

02. Boyhood, by Richard Linklater

01. Under the Skin, by Jonathan Glazer

Mine (Joker x Reader)

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Requested by Anon: “Haii!~♥ Can I request where Reader is like Joker’s girl. Despite being bad-***, he'is really over protective of her (Kinda like yandere, but Reader loves him). Cause of this, Harley gets a lil’ jelly and tries to get Reader dead, but gets caught?”

Warning: Violence, Reader Abuse

Harley’s blue eyes were focused on you as you straddled the Jokers lap. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you laughed, the smirk on your lips managing to make her even more jealous. He had thrown her aside and she wasn’t handling it well. Throwing herself into a spiral of drunken nights where she wanted nothing more then to go to him and beg him to take her back. It was killing her to see you with him.

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What high school students SHOULD be taught in their history classes

You want to get students actually interested in history? Through a subject that has badass men AND women?

Then the Golden Age of Piracy should be taught in high school. Consider the sheer amount of material you have to work with.

There’s so much here. Blackbeard, whose last stand saw him shot five times, stabbed or cut twenty, and beheaded to prove he had actually died. Benjamin Hornigold, who actually became a pirate hunter after his years as one of them and was ordered to hunt down former friends.

But I want to talk in-depth about the two pirates who always get left out and I didn’t even learn existed until college: Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Oh, what’s that? You didn’t know there were female pirates? WELL PREPARE FOR BADASSERY.

Anne Bonny was an Irish woman who was heir to a fairly sizable fortune, but left that life behind when she was disowned by her father for her temper as fiery as her hair and repeated acts of rebellion. Some stories say she stabbed a servant girl with a table knife when she was 13.

So she traveled to the Bahamas, where she hooked up (literally and figuratively) with Calico Jack, divorced her boring sailor husband, and sailed with her new pirate lover/husband. As a full-fledged pirate herself, albeit disguised as a man.

Mary Read was an illegitimate child whose mother began disguising her as a boy after her half-brother died. She continued on with this ruse for most of her life, and eventually joined Calico Jack’s crew as well, where she eventually revealed herself to be a woman because, get this, Anne confessed to Mary that she was a woman because she was attracted to Mary. Who then revealed she was also a woman.

Now for the best part.

When the British Navy eventually caught up to Jack’s ship, all the men hid below deck because they were hungover from a night of wild partying.


Those two were the only ones who fought against the British. They were captured and tried for piracy, but got out of being hanged by pleading their bellies, which was a legal loophole that allowed pregnant women to put off their trials until they had their babies.

Mary died in prison of a fever, but Anne escaped prison (allegedly through her estranged father’s influence), and all records of her later life are nonexistent.

HOWEVER, Anne supposedly got to say goodbye to Jack before he was executed. Her lover. Her husband. The man she sailed with as a pirate. And her last words to this influential person in her life?

“I’m sorry to see you here, Jack. But if you’d fought like a man, you needn’t be hanged like a dog.”


So tired of some of these reviewers who think it would be cool if Clarke takes the flame so she can always have Lxa with her. And then in the next breath they wonder if Bellamy and Clarke will become romantically canon this season. First of all, I don’t believe Clarke will take the flame but do these reviewers not see how problematic it would be for Clarke to take the flame? IT IS NOT CLARKE’S TO TAKE. It is not hers to suddenly use to become the great divine leader of the grounders, who’s culture she is not born into. It isn’t even a choice Clarke should be in a position to make AT ALL. Clarke is not born to be “the true leader”, the only person capable of saving “savage” grounders from themselves. It’s like Octagon telling grounders about their own culture! Stop white saviors 2017! Then they go and say it would be good to see Clarke carry Lxa (in the flame) with her forever even if she moves on… with Bellamy. I’m.. I-. Wow. Yes, please do have the white girl become the leader of a people and culture she was never born into, to teach them, to save them from themselves, to show them the way of life and also please do make sure her future lover, a man of color, shares said girl with her dead former lover. How do you even look at this story and go “that would be so cool”? There’s nothing cool about Clarke becoming the commander. There’s nothing cool about Bellamy having to sit by the sidelines and share Clarke’s love with a dead person. There’s nothing cool about putting Clarke in the position of becoming a character like that. It just annoys me that people don’t seem to see any issues with this. This doesn’t mean it will happen or that speculations from reviewers are true, I still hope it won’t happen and that the writers don’t go there but the very fact that a lot of people seem to be OK with it if it does just baffles me.

Fading Away

pairing- SamxDeanxSister!reader (mostly Dean) 

warning- very slight langue, hospitals, mentions of surgery  

word count- 3100 

summary- The youngest Winchester finds herself in organ failure an d Dean is willing to do anything to save her

A/N- this is told from Deans POV, and flashbacks are in Italics, this is sad but it gets fluffy  

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“Sammy, i don’t know what to do anymore man. They said she’s not getting any better.” I couldn’t even bare to look at her body in the hospital bed anymore. The first time we came she seemed to fit so nicely in it, that was when we thought this was all just the flu. She didn’t even want us to bring her, because she hates hospitals. I didn’t really think she needed to come either she’s a tough kid, I mean she’s a Winchester for god sakes she can beat anything. It was Sam’s idea to take her in, now i thank god we did if we hadn’t  she’d have probably died before we made two states over, or at least that’s what the doctors said. I remembered the first time we were here like it was yesterday, when in reality it was months ago.


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Anyways, Tulip didn’t die for Jesse and Cassidy’s man pain.

She died because she was compromised from dealing with PTSD after a very near death and traumatic incident. Which clouded her judgement and made her doubt her own knowledge and what she knew to be the truth. She also died because she was a good person who cares about people who are mistreated and marginalized. She died because despite her better judgement, she gave the woman she knew as Jenny a chance and believed them to be friends enough that she felt the obligation to say goodbye to her and wish her well. She died because she trusted someone who was never who they pretended to be. That relationship was paralleled earlier with the woman who was stealing diapers and Tulip felt the desire to help her but was shunned and judged negatively for her efforts.

She didn’t die because of Cassidy and Jesse’s man pain. Their man pain is grief at loosing someone very precious to them in such a manner. And believe it or not, female character are entitled to be mourned when they die without it being reduced to main pain. And it sure as hell doesn’t overshadow Tulip’s entire arc the whole season which led to her death. It’s very important to not forget that Tulip is the only one who knows who Jenny really is and her connection to The Grail. Jesse and Cassidy are still ignorant about all of that. So there isn’t even a target for their grief if they wanted revenge.

Her and Featherstone have a date with destiny now. She shot to kill Tulip against orders, which makes it very personal. And this is why her death is very important. When female characters are killed in the name of their lovers man pain, her death is never about her. She is usually killed as collateral damage to hurt the man and motivate him to go on a quest of vengeance, and not because of who she is and her own actions.

Tulip getting killed served no purpose to The Grail and their desires for Jesse. All it it would do is distract Jesse away from where they want him. It took him off their Messiah trip and back where they worked hard to get him away from. Like i’ve said, he doesn’t know who Featherstone is and her connection to The Grail so revenge is not possible for him.

Throughout the back half of the season, Featherstone has expressed her very specific hatred for Tulip and her desire to kill her more than once. She has issues with women considering her views on masculinity and homosexuality. She looks down on Tulip and sees hers as disposable. She took glee in their impeding death and was not happy when Herr Star didn’t want them killed anymore. She begrudgingly let it go. But the moment an opportunity arised for her to kill Tulip, she jumped on it even though she had other options besides fatally shooting her.  

None of that had anything to do with hurting Jesse and Cassidy. It all had to do with Featherstone and Tulip. So it bothers me a lot when people can’t tell the difference between a female character getting killed to hurt the male character versus her getting killed because its part of her own story.

Stop reducing Tulip to an appendage of Jesse and Cassidy. It’s not pro feminist to act like there isn’t a difference.

When Tulip is resurrected, she has a lot to deal with. One of those will be clarity in regards to her judgement. She was right all along about Jenny and while she might have paid with life for not listening to her instinct, she will no longer be confused anymore and easy to manipulate the way Featherstone managed to do. I look forward to how she’ll handle getting her justice. Will she tell her friends about Featherstone? Or will she want to handle it personally? I am excited to see this plus how she’ll deal with knowing she died, was brought back to life, Jesse’s family, what Jesse will undoubtedly need to sacrifice to bring her back and how she’ll see The Grail now for who and what they are.

Lunatic Parade General Prologue Translation

General Prologue     Mukami Prologue  

。(*^▽^*)ゞ  Yoo sinners~! Today’s been a hell of a day lol. I got the general prologue translated here. (´−`) ンー Unlike Vandead, the Lunatic Parade prologue features a choice selection for the families. So here we just have a general prologue before that choice comes up. (੭ु˙꒳​˙)੭ु⁾⁾  I plan on doing the Mukami prologue some time. Here’s the beginning part of Lunatic Parade~! I hope you enjoy.

-Scene: Moonlit Sky-

*Alarm Clock Rings*

Yui: Aah… …!

(… …Mm… …It’s already this time… …?)

*Yui Shifts Around On The Bed*

Yui: … … … …

(Mmm. My head feels a bit dizzy for some reason… …I went to bed early yesterday, so it can’t be from lack of sleep)

(What could it be… …? Maybe a cold… …? I’ll take some medicine later)

(… …Anyway, now that I’m awake, I’ll go eat)

*Yui Gets Dressed; Paper Falls*

Yui: Hmm? Something fell… …

――There… …Eh… …What’s this?

A letter? Who could it be from… …?

What the… …

“――Your most valuable possession is in my hands.

If you want to get it back, come to the Bernstein castle. -Earl Walter.”

――My most valuable possession… …was taken? It says… …

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meredith quill’s subconscious

James Gunn keeps reiterating that the Awesome Mixes 1 and 2 are Meredith “communicating” with Peter even after his death, and I really love that. I love how in certain moments, Meredith’s song choices frame her as a sort of narrator or Greek Chorus from beyond the grave. And also I keep looking at the actual lyrics of those songs, and…

so many of them are about men taking advantage of women, or treating them badly. Brandy is obviously the centerpiece here, but loads of the others also sound like men like Ego would nod approvingly along with them-

Fooled Around And Fell In Love perfectly sums up the Meredith/Ego relationship:

I must have been through about a million girls
I’d love ‘em then I’d leave 'em alone
I didn’t care how much they cried, no sir
Their tears left me cold as a stone
But then I fooled around and fell in love

(…and the ‘a million’ is absolutely literal in this case…)

I’m Not In Love sounds almost like what Ego, intent on his planet-destroying mission, must have been thinking after he met Meredith:

I like to see you
But then again
That doesn’t mean you mean that much to me

Wham Bam Shang-a-Lang could almost be Ego justifying leaving Meredith to himself:

But careful now don’t get caught in your dreams
Look out baby this is not what it seems 

(No kidding)

Come A Little Bit Closer, that fabulous murdersong, is about a woman who ‘belongs’ to an apparently dangerous man:

In a little café just the other side of the border
She was just sitting there givin’ me looks that made my mouth water
So I started walking her way
She belonged to bad man, José

Escape (The Pina Colada Song) is about a man cheating on his wife (although granted she was cheating on him too)

I was tired of my lady, we’d been together too long
Like a worn out recording of a favorite song

Brandy, well, the whole of GOTG2 deconstructs Brandy, but I like this lyric:

Brandy wears a braided chain
Made of finest silver from the North of Spain
A locket that bears the name
Of the man that Brandy loves

Because it ties in so well to this bit from The Chain:

And if you don’t love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying
You would never break the chain

Speaking of The Chain, I know you can’t hear this bit in the actual movie, but it sounds just like Meredith condemning and raging at her ex-lover, the man who killed her:

Running in the shadows
Damn your love, damn your lies

…Of course, when Meredith was making the Awesome Mixes, she didn’t know what Ego really was. She dies thinking he’ll come back for Peter and everything will be fine. But you sort of wonder… maybe somewhere really deep down, she suspected something wasn’t right. Maybe her communications were, of sorts, a warning.