lover from the stars

NaPoWriMo, Day 22

I’ve heard
can either
help you forget
or remember
How true:
some days
I’m off
in another
plucking stars
from the sky,
my lover
and I driving
in circles round
the rings of
and some days
I’m back
with you:
I love yous
on your lips,
on my breath,
pinned down
by the weight
of you.

- Kaitlin Meilert

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It just wasn’t meant to be…

The stars never aligned
  Always drifting near, but
  Never close enough.

Our time never stilled
  Only at a crawl, yet
  Slipping from our grasp.

We were never meant to be
  But I never… never
  Loved you any less.


*watches entire kdrama within a day*

*googles lead and second lead and entire cast*

*searches for hashtag of said drama on tumblr*

*reblogs favorite moments for the rest of the life*

*watches every drama of pretty flower boy lead*


I think I’ll love you longer than the cosmos will shine.
—  The Boy With The Stars In His Eyes
maybe some things…just aren’t meant to be”
he said,
“but oh god, i’d love her so much,
if only the universe would let me.
You were my sun, I could see the stars in your eyes. But I was your moon, and no matter how many times our paths crossed, no matter how much you made me shine, we would never collide the way I dreamed of.
—  star crossed lovers // An Excerpt From a Book I’ll Never Write #11
Love on the Brain

When Lena hugs her, Kara’s brain short circuits and she has to deal with the aftermath.

So I couldn’t just NOT write about last night’s episode!! Please let me know what you think!!

It’s not that she’s freaked out.

Cause she isn’t

Freaked out that is.

Lena’s arms tighten around her and she closes her eyes against the wave of emotion.

She is definitely freaking out.

After the last few days of chaos - Lilian’s trial, Lena being accused, Lena being captured, rescuing Lena, finding her office packed full of flowers from Lena, Lena calling her -Kara Danvers, not Supergirl- a hero. Now she’s hugging Lena, and Lena’s hair smells like lavender, and




The other woman seemed to be at the epicenter of Kara’s emotional upheaval.

She’s always felt … Different about Lena. She always thought it was because Lena is a Luthor and regardless of the fact that she knows Lena is good, she thought maybe  small part of her was afraid she wasn’t. But this, this is something … different.

She can’t deal with this.

Not now.

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Lydia Martin takes a once in lifetime chance to join the First Lady on a month long trip to London in the midst of World War II. There she meets Stiles Stilinski and Sergeant Scott McCall. This story takes the two star crossed lovers from the battlefield to the White House and everywhere in between as the bonds of romance is tested in the war for their very lives.

Author: @the-ships-to-rule-them-all [link to fic]
Beta: @readymachine
Artists: @rememberiloveyou [art] & @lydias-martin [aesthetic]
Rating: Explicit (Smut, language)

anonymous asked:

They're selling Karamel as a star crossed lovers situation, which two people from rival planets falling in love. Don't they realise that supercorp literally consists of a super and a Luthor omg

A Super and a Luthor would be so much more amazing than what they’re doing!!!