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  • me after finishing a kdrama: this is my favourite drama ever nothing can top this
  • me after finishing a kdrama: help I've fallen in love with the actor
  • me after finishing a kdrama: help I've fallen in love with a fictional character
  • me after finishing a kdrama: so where does my life go from here
*watches entire kdrama within a day*

*googles lead and second lead and entire cast*

*searches for hashtag of said drama on tumblr*

*reblogs favorite moments for the rest of the life*

*watches every drama of pretty flower boy lead*



It just wasn’t meant to be…

The stars never aligned
  Always drifting near, but
  Never close enough.

Our time never stilled
  Only at a crawl, yet
  Slipping from our grasp.

We were never meant to be
  But I never… never
  Loved you any less.


‘Why can’t we be together?’ She knew the answer already, of course. But, she wanted to hear him say it. 

‘Because I’ll hurt you and you’ll hurt me. Sometimes, the pain is worth it, but it never would be for us. I love you so much and I refuse to ruin that. We might be happy for a bit, but we would end up hating each other. And I can’t let myself, but more so, selfishly, I can’t let you hate me.’

maybe some things…just aren’t meant to be”
he said,
“but oh god, i’d love her so much,
if only the universe would let me.
2014-2015  favorite Kdramas list

I decided to split this list (Also 2016-Mid 2017 favorite kdramas list here) in half. Please have in mind that I’m introducing kdramas I completed and liked. 



Prime minister and I: I know a lot of people don’t like huge age gaps between the main leads but I didn’t mind it personally. After ‘Love rain’ this is the best Yoona kdrama in my opinion. 

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Trot lovers: Overall it was cute to watch. I’m not really into music themed kdramas but I surprisingly liked this one. *Big smile*

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Fated to love you: Great actors that portrayed the characters perfectly imo.

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High schooler king of life: I loved the chemistry between the main leads more than anything. 

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Bride of the century: I didn’t expect to like it that much but the acting skills and the character’s development were pretty good.

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Angel eyes: A really heart warming kdrama. The esthetics were no joke too.

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You who came from the stars: I mean…Everybody should watch it. It really deserves its fame.

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You are all surrounded: I think this is one of the first kdramas I sincerely liked. The plot was good and the ending not deceiving at all !

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Healer: NOT A SURPRISE ! It’s on my TOP 5 best kdramas of all time and I don’t think it will change very soon.

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Liar game: It’s the drama that got me into NON romance kdramas. If you like to get mind blown, watch it ! 

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To be honest, 2015 was not the best year for kdrama lovers. At least in my opinion.


Sassy Go Go: I pretty much like every drama Eun Ji was in.

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Oh my Venus: Maaann…That was a hella good drama. I liked the message of it. Focus on your health rather than your appearance, because beauty is basically relative. 

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She was pretty: Second lead syndrome. 

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Scholar who walks the night: I meaaann…Lee Joon Gi !

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Hope I helped some newbies right there ! 

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Wed me + Appleshipping or Fakiru please?

They both made it early to the meeting place.  She wore her best, and he wore his worst.

While Rin had been the first to suggest they do things non-traditionally, she still remembered dreams of white dresses and church bells.  Her outfit was nothing but a simple Sunday frock, fraying at the seams a bit, but still more presentable than her work clothes.

Meanwhile Yugo had tried to maintain the secrecy of their plans and adopted a causal outfit any Commons could have worn.  It did the job when looking from a distance, but up close it showed little sign of wear or tear.  It was obvious to anyone that something in such fine a condition could only belong to the Tops.

Still both outfits did the job.  The two passed each other without a single glance.  Yugo entered a small church as if it was an afterthought while after walking a few blocks further, Rin darted into a side-alley and entered a mess of a maze that could make you dizzy just by looking at it.  In the end, they both made it to a cramped storage room tucked away from the prying eyes of the world.

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