TITLE: Like a King


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki trying to choose either his old outfit (Comic Version) or his new outfit (Movie Version) to wear when he takes over the world.


NOTES/WARNINGS: There’s kissing and mentions of scars (if anyone has a problem with those things). Also, in mythology, “Sigyn” is Loki’s wife (pronounced SEEG-in).


I was sprawled boredly over Loki’s very grand bed, dress spread out, ankles crossed, and hands behind my head, watching Loki stand shirtless in front of his wardrobe. There was an outfit hanging from each door. “Which do you think, Sigyn?” he asked.

“Depends on the occasion,” I replied, watching him carefully. Dang he was handsome. Even though I only caught glimpses of his face in the mirror on the door of the wardrobe when he’d shift his weight from side to side he was still striking to the eye. Pale skin with battle scars on the blank canvas of his back sliding over powerful muscles. He was thin but that had never meant he was weak. A few of those battle scars had been given to him by me when we’d sparred in the past. His glossy black hair reached his shoulders but not in a feminine way. His arms weren’t as trunk-like and clunky as his older brother’s but he was still defined. And it was very attractive.

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Imagine you are playing 7 minutes in heaven with the Avengers and of course Loki. When you pull out the note with Loki´s name on it he takes your hand with a devilish grin upon his lips and leads you to a small room, whispering into your ear: “More like 7 minutes in hell.” But when you both are alone, he kisses you softly on your forehead, then waits for your next move.