160107 It’s raining melos... From fierce men to yes-men, what’s your type?

◆ Pure-hearted man Do Kyungsoo… an unconfessed first love

Pure Heart’s Beomsil (directed by Lee Eunhee) is a shy teen from an island village in 1991. He’s a quiet and blunt boy who grew up with long-time friends of the same age. Although he can’t get out an “I like you,” he expresses himself to the girl he loves by wordlessly offering his shoulder and lending his back for her hurting legs. For her, he turns a fishing boat into a radio booth without seeking anything in return. His fashion sense leaves a little to be desired for, but in ten years’ time, he’ll certainly grow into himself and become a handsome man. Shedding the showy performance outfits of idol group EXO’s D.O., Do Kyungsoo became a pure, young boy with a bowlcut and a pink first love, and we are all the more delighted for his fresh charm.

[rest of the article omitted. other mentioned actors were “fierce man” yoo yeonseok, “yes-man” jung woosung, and “heartthrob” yoo seungho]

source: star news | translation: fydk