Love (Part 1)

A lot of people ask me to write about what I think of love, how I think of love, and what love means to me . Well here is one type of love . I love .

(Part 1)
This is love I have in me .. Is a love that will always remain in my heart . Always . Whether if it’s my grandma, aunties, uncles, parents, siblings, etc . My closest family and friends . I’ll always have that love for them . Always . This love is always remained in my heart and the love never fades . This love I have will never change in me . Some love does change, but this love . This love will never change for the best or the worst . This love will remain the same . I will cherish this love for the rest of my life, even when I may hate that person . My love will never change . And this this has to be the strongest love I will ever have . And to be honest . This love will
be more than my husband . And it’s hard to say but this strong love, this love will IS more grand than my children’s love will be too . That is how powerful this love is and will remain to be my strongest love in my life and heart desire . This is my love . ❤️

Love Part I

Everyone deserve for the second chance…

We’ll never be a perfect person. Sometime, we made some mistakes in our life. It is because we are human being. Even a criminal deserve for the second chance.

But in fact, when we made some mistakes to someone that we love, we don’t always get the second chance. Just like me now, I always wanted the second chance, but I think it will never come to me. 

I don’t know why? Why it never come to me?

Until now I still wait for the second chance from you. Because, I still in love with you…