P-Chris: Sealed the deal. Got her flowers and then I got invited to the party.

William: awesome

P-Chris: Bro show a little respect

William: why, it’s not like you are in love with her

P-Chris: What why do you say that?

William: Are you?

P-Chris: Think so

William: then you’re not in love

P-Chris: The fuck?

William: Wouldn’t have said you THINK

William: you want her because she doesn’t want you

P-Chris: So same as you and Noora started out. You are not in love with her either?

William: I am

P-Chris: What’s the difference?

William: I KNOW

P-Chris: And?

William: You would too. You haven’t had the moment that changed everything.

P-Chris: Lol

William: But it’s gonna happen some day

P-Chris: It’s happening with Eva

William: ok, i got your back bro. awesome that you’re gonna be at the party on saturday

William is right though. Chris hasn’t had the moment where the world stopped and Eva is the only person he can ever imagine being with (I’m praying it happens at the party). William has always kept it real with Chris. Do I think that Chris is one hundred percent in love with Eva? Damn straight I do, but Chris still thinks its a crush? Chris isn’t sure because he’s never felt the way he does about Eva with anyone else. William knows that. Chris has never been knocked on his ass by love. Did William say it in a blunt way? Yes, but Chris needs that. William’s not perfect and he’s not going to always have the right words but he tries. “But its gonna happen some day.” “I got your back bro” is him saying that he’ll get there. If he feels that Eva is the love of his life, its going to happen and he’ll be thrilled for him. 

skelltales  asked:

Oohh I have an ask. How does the Underswap bros, UF Sans, and Fellswap Papyrus react if someone hands their S/O a baby and they just gently set them on the ground like "No thanks Im good"

(Lmao, that me. Babys are scary, they always just stare at me, completely frozen no matter what I do. :’) )

US Sans: Lovepal, please don’t place the baby on the floor. Somebody could step on it. Even though the floor is supposed to be one of the safest places for a baby, so that’s pretty good.

He is alright with babies, he raised Papyrus after all, but that doesn’t mean he adores them, especially if they are strangers. They always stick their hands into his eye sockets too, why would they do that?

He will pick the baby up, and give them back to whoever handed you the child. Then he will hug you. If you don’t want to hold the baby, then he has something far better for you to hold. You can see a mischievous smile on his face, only partly hidden trough your clothes.

US Papyrus: Pffhehe. That’s one way to handle a baby. Clean up on aisle three, there's a baby on the floor.

He isn’t too much of a baby guy, he is too lazy to take care of children, and they also always look at him so weirdly. Why do they do that? He even smiles back at them, sometimes, and they still just look spooked.

He will pick you up. Hey, if you don’t want to hold the baby, hope you don’t mind being held yourself. Not like a baby though, just bridal style. And not for long, his arms are already giving away and…

You’re both on the floor. Good job Papyrus.

UF Sans: Ugh, babies. Loud, slobbering, crying, grabbing, tiny people. He honestly would react the same. Alright, he would probably hurl that child back at the person who handed it to him. Their own fault for giving him one in the first place. 

But he can’t help but laugh at your reaction anyway. You look so horrified at that tiny human in your hands. And hey, the kid seems pretty surprise about being on the floor, eyes huge and frozen in their motion, that’s pretty funny too. 

Guess you floored the kid, hehe.

SF Papyrus: Hehe. He has no opinions on babies himself, but that’s a pretty hilarious reaction, honey.

He doesn’t really care about babies, and that’s no different with this one. So he just lets it lie on the floor, stepping around it and patting you on the head. Don’t look so spooked, it’s just a heap of flesh and bones like yourself…just more compressed.

If he asked you to hold him, would you do that? What? Ouch, stop swatting him.

Prompt:  Sarah and Lily are filming “Coven” and Sarah just can’t keep her feelings inside anymore, so she uses a scene as an excuse to kiss Lily.

“Cut!” The director screamed as Lily stopped spinning to a Stevie Nicks’ song.

“Gosh, I love playing Misty!” The blonde smiled as she approached Sarah, who was dressed as Cordelia watching her at the backstage.

“It seems like a lot of fun!” Sarah returned the smile

“It is! But I must confess I miss having you as a scene partner… We don’t have many scenes together”

“I miss it too, lovepants” A bigger smile formed at the elder woman’s face

“Lily, we have to take another shoot” The director approached both girls

“Sure!” The blonde said excitedly as she walked away.

Sarah watched as Lily went back to the scenario, she was so excited and it made Sarah´s heart melt; The younger woman has always had this instantly happy effect over her, just having her around was enough to make Sarah smile and forget about whatever was bothering her; Except for one thing: What she actually felt towards the blonde.

Lily had to take a few more shoots of the same spinning scene, and Sarah watched them all with a silly smile, yet she felt scared; A lot of thoughts started coming to her mind, thoughts she’d usually ignore but for some reason they were stronger that day… maybe it was because she was sharing a dressing room with the friend for already a week, spending 24 hours together and she wasn’t strong enough to fight her heart anymore; She knew it’d eventually happen, but she was determined to hold it on for as long as she could; Her best friend was straight and, even if she wasn’t, what they had was just friendship, they saw each other as sisters and it was a hundred percent impossible for the younger woman to feel the same.

Sarah was immersed on her thoughts when a screaming, excited Lily came smiling;

“Saraaaah! The director said it’s time for us to film our garden scene!”

“What?! Now?”

“Yeah… is it a problem?”

“No! No, not at all”

Sarah followed Lily to the garden with a burning feeling on her stomach; She could barely walk properly since she felt her whole body shivering. She had been waiting for this scene to happen for so long, she rehearsed and rehearsed it on the mirror so many times just to make sure she’d do it perfectly.

When the director screamed “Action” both started doing it as planned; Cordelia was teaching Misty how to grow the plants and use it’s spells.

Sarah felt her heart melt; Misty portrayed Lily’s personality so well, it was like actually doing these things with Lily, not Misty; As the scene went trough the elder woman got more and more carried away with her friend’s smile, she was in a mental place where she had completely forgotten about everything around her; That moment was just her and the long time lover.

Misty got a spell right and went in for a high-five, Lily got a bit shocked when Cordelia,or was it Sarah? Put her abruptly closer, but she kept into her character; Lily knew Sarah liked to add some personal stuff into the roles, they had talked about this a million times before, but this time it was… it was different, she knew it wasn’t Cordelia, but Sarah making the move.

“We make a great team” Cordelia smiled, holding Misty’s hands impossible tighter

Lily tried to pull back since she knew it was the end of the scene, but when she opened her eyes again after a single blink, she felt her lips pressed at Sarah’s; The elder woman was so sweet and so gentle, the blonde felt sparkles in her tummy; She waited for this moment for so long, her mind was fully black and she couldn’t think about anything.

“Cut! Cut!” The director screamed, forcing them to pull apart “Sarah? What the fuck?”

“I, I thought it was a good idea since Cordelia has done so many things to save Misty, maybe if we turned it into an explicit romance it mi-might work? I mean, they…”

“It’s okay” The director cut the woman “I don’t know if we’re going to use it, but next time just show your ideas before changing the role in such a different way”

“Y-yes, I’m sorry”

“You can go, lunch time”

Sarah fitted Lily who had a frighten look in her face, she knew the friend wasn’t understanding anything, to be honest, neither was she; Everything the elder woman could do was run, run as fast as she could to the bathroom while she fought against her tears; When she got there she went straight to a cabinet and locked herself in, feeling her legs weaker and weaker, she just sat on the floor and covered her face with her hands in order to stop the loud crying noise she was making.

Lily was following Sarah when Taissa stopped her, grabbing the blonde by the arm;

“Hey, is everything okay?” The girl had a concerned look in her face

“Yes, yes… why?”

“I just saw Sarah running and it seemed like she was crying…I know you’re both really close so I thought maybe you knew something? Or if I could help or anything?”

“Oh, yeah… she just got, got emotional with a scene, you know… I’m gonna go talk to her”

Lily gave Taissa a quick smile and went running to the bathroom, she knew Sarah would most likely be there; As the blonde entered the bathroom she could hear a really low noise… It broke her heart when she realized it was her friend crying.

“Lovepants” Lily said as she searched for the cabinet Sarah was in “C’mon, let’s talk…”

“No Lily… just go away” The elder woman sobbed

“I’m not going anywhere until you talk to me” The blonde found the cabinet and sat at the floor while facing it’s door

“Its lu-lunch time, you’ll get hungry”

“I don’t care, you know I’m never leaving you crying like that… It was just a scene, I know you like to add stuff and I thought it was a brilliant idea”

It hurt for Lily to say that, she wish it hasn’t been just a scene, but a thing between Sarah and Lily, not Misty and Cordelia; Although, if felt impossible to her to admit that, and for more hurt she was, she couldn’t let her friend crying like that, she had to be strong and pretend it was all fine.

“Lily, I…” Sarah felt her tears getting stronger, she tried to speak but the tears just wouldn’t let her

“Sarah open it now, I’m begging you” Lily got desperate as the noise of her best friend’s crying was getting stronger and stronger “Sarah please, I’m getting scared” The blonde felt her tears falling down, she no longer could pretend it was all fine anymore.

Sarah finally opened the door and Lily came running straight to her, giving the woman the most loving hug she’d always received.

“Wha-what’s going on? Why did you kiss me?” Lily was still on her friend’s arms

“I told you… It was just the scene” She sobbed

“So why are you crying like that?” The younger woman pulled apart and looked into Sarah’s teary eyes

“Because I thought I had, um, just messed up the shoot and then I saw you getting so frightened and I was scared of loosing your friendship…”

“Is it all?”

“What? Yes, why would I lie about that?”

“Because, you know… if it was something more I wouldn’t be sad… or scared in any way”

Lily didn’t know where it came from and in the moment she said it, she regretted it, but it had already been said and now her throat was burning, legs were weak and all she could do was wait for the answer.

“Lily” Sarah’s eyes opened wilder “Wha-what do you mean?”

The blond stared at Sarah and took a long breath, the elder woman was opening her mouth to say something when she was cut by Lily’s lips pressing hers; They both had so much love in the kiss, none of them felt it before. Pure love.

Both pulled apart just when they got out of air; Their breath was hard and they didn’t stop looking at each others’ eyes for a single second.

“Now I get what you meant” Sarah giggled “I meant it too when I kissed you before… Cordelia couldn’t love Misty as much as I love you”

An enormous smile appeared on Lily’s lips and she just couldn’t help but kiss her long time secret lover again.

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How would the UT, US and UF bros react to their S/O running towards them desperately after them being separated for a long time?

UT Sans: Please don’t make him run, he is still warm and sleepy. But he still teleports towards you a bit, so you don’t have to run that far. He also missed you and he really wants to hug you.

UT Papyrus: He is running towards you in slow motion. Why slow motion? How slow motion? Nobody knows. But what you know is, that he picks you up, twirls you around, and hugs you close to him. He missed you Datemate.

UF Sans: He is not doing this wannabe, romantic shit. But he…did kinda miss you…uhm…..fine, fuck whatever. He teleports right to you, pulling you toward himself grumpily, burying his face in the crook of your neck. He closes his eyes, just enjoying your presence.

UF Papyrus: Ugh, no he is not doing this. Wait…but that would mean he gives up before even doing it. that means he just lets you run, you beat him in being romantic. No, no no. That can’t stand. He is better at everything than everyone. He will run towards you full speed, charge into you and twirl you so fast you won’t feel your face. the hug is rather gentle though…he did miss you.

US Sans: LOVEPAL!! He missed you so much, he is charging at you at full speed, jumping at you in an enormous hug and knocking you both over, before nuzzling his face into your chest and neck. 

US Papyrus: God he missed you…but man he is so lazy, he just doesn’t want to run. So he waits for you. By the time you are finally there, he is fast asleep, napping while standing up. Wow…ok…yeah. Please hit him.

The Crush (Raulson).

A/N: This AMAZING prompt was sent by an even more amazing anon! Love, I really really hope it went out good enough for you to like it <3 I had a terrible writer’s block and took WAY too long than I planned to post it, and I apologize sincerly. ALSO, I just want to make three things clear before you guys start reading it: 

1- I don’t intend, in ANY WAY, to hurt anyone with this story; This is a TOTALLY fictional work; I just used real people because that’s what AU’s are all about.

2- I love Hamish and Lily, as well as I love Sarah and Holland; Again I want to make clear that I don’t, IN ANY WAY, want to hurt anyone and I just want you guys to know I support Lily and Sarah on whoever they want to date, I want them to be happy since that’s the most important thing ever; This work is FICTIONAL.

3- I know you can find someone hot and not be defined by that; This plot on the story is only to be a funny thing, like friends mocking themselves on a NOT hatefull way. 

Okay, I think that’s it <3 Enjoy guyyys xoxo

It was the usual warm Sunday night in L.A. and, since the shootings for the next season of American Horror Story were starting on Monday, Sarah was more than happy to share her apartment with her best friend. Both women were sitting on the couch, watching some random TV show and catching up on one another;

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Chocobro reactions. Teenage daughter is seeing someone they don't like.

I’m not lying when I say that I’ve been itching to write this all day! I hope you enjoy it!

Again, it’s the same girls as last time and is being labelled as ‘part 2′ for the previous ask (found here).

Here is a reminder of their names and meanings:
G: Ivy - Fidelity; Affection, Wedded Love
P: Caelia - Heaven
I: Estella - Star
N: Anatola - Sunrise

REGIS (Jr Noct’s oldest child) - King
STATICE (Gladio’s youngest child - son) - Remembrance, Sympathy, Success

Futher Note, Iggy’s and Noct’s follow consequences of not believing that their worry is viable. Noct’s is also slightly angsty. XD 

I apologise for going off track with Noctis and Iggy. It just happened and they became less reacting and more…dealing????

Noct’s may have a trigger warning of attempted rape. So be warned!

This is why I should not write past nine pm.


But I think Iggy’s the funniest one. Just keep that in mind.

Gladio was having none of it! Nope nope nope. He was not having Ivy date such a turd! No way! He had no care in the world if he was Noct’s son! Just no, no, no. NOPE!

“Sweetheart, you do remember what happened last time you dated someone I hated?”

“Dad, that was different. He was a litteral piece of shit - “

“ - Language, Ivy.”

“Whatever.” She waved a hand aside. “But Regis isn’t like that and you know it.” This time, Ivy’s amber eyes narrowed at him.

Gladio sighed and pouted, “Dammit. Fine. But he has to prove himself worthy of your hand.”

“Dad, we’re not getting married - “

“But if he truly is Noct’s son, he will love you for all eternity. He will protect you no matter what. And how the hell are you going to protect his sister if your Queen??????”

Ivy blinked… “Well…there’s Statice. He can do it. Right?”

Gladio sighed and felt like face palming. “You really have no idea how right you are about that.”

“What is it I need to do to prove myself?” Gladio looked to his daughter’s side, seeing Regis stood there. He was the perfect image of his father when he was a teen, though he also shared his grandfather’s face shape. He also wasn’t terrified of public affection, though he assured him that it wasn’t anything more than holding hands, hugging and a peck to the cheek.

“Just…don’t you even think about hurting her, okay?” Gladio gave up trying. “Because I’m still your father’s shield and I will have serious conversations with him on the matter should I be suspicious.”

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Prompto rose a brow. Of course Caellia decided to date the boy she met at Prom. The one who physically tried to get her drunk. The one who smoked illegal highs. The one who was just the worst

At the same time, he realised it had been a year since then and that the guy had cleaned up his habits.
But he also had a… reputation for being a playboy. Hearing what Iris had suffered only made his heart sink. He didn’t want his chocobean breaking apart within a matter of days. 


“Yeah?” He sifted through the old photos, determined to imprint his innocent princess into his head. 

“Stop acting like I’m going to die.”

“He’s been with many women. Slept with them. Left them the morning after.” He looked up at her with watering eyes. “Can I not worry about my chocobean?”

“Course you can.” Caellia sat on the arm of his chair, hugging him softly. “But that doesn’t mean you can act like this is the last time you’re going to see me.”

He pouted. “Okay. You can be with him. But just because I want you happy and not upset being stuck in this house with your clingy father…”

Caellia sighed. “Oh, Dad.” She buried her nose his neck. “You’ve made me the happiest girl out there. I could just survive with you being my father. But, just like you did, I need to discover new things too. I promise, I’ll always oome back to you.”

He kissed her temple. “I know.”

She grinned and pulled away, looking into his eyes. “I love you, Dad.”

“Love you too, Chocobo.” He still wore his pout. But, when the tickling came and he couldn’t stop laughing, he felt his sadness dissipate into happiness.

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Ignis was nonplussed at the news. But he didn’t make a massive fuss of it. That was until Estella came home one day looking rather pallid and clearly more than a little intoxicated. 

He definitely wasn’t pleased. And that sealed her boyfriend’s fate.

The strategist, who’s vision had miraculously returned after twenty six years of being blind, had taken to following the guy around the city. It was easy for a man with such skills to track the evil man to his hidden lair: the nightclub at midnight. 

Ignis poked his head up from behind the rubbish bin, emerald eyes narrowed, and watched patiently. And what he saw only angered him.

No one cheats on his daughter and survives to tell the tale. 

ignis had no time for strategy at that moment. His only plan being ‘crush the enemy’. He stood and cleared his throat as he approached, voice calm though his expression of ‘screaming on the inside whilst not having a care on the outside’ made the air charge negatively. “I see you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Ahh” The guy released the woman he was getting frsky with and raised his hands in the air. “I can explain - “

Two daggers pinned him to the wall via his clothes. Ignis approached slowly, exoression now showing full blown anger, voice still as calm as always. “I would deem wise for you not to return.” He retrieved his daggers. “Understand?”

“Y-Yes, S-Sir.”

When Ignis arrived home, he was surprised to have Estella hug him. “I should have listned to you, Dad. I’m sorry.”

He rubbed her back. “There are plently of fish in the sea. You could go fishing with Noct tomorrow.”

“Dad, no.”

“You’d be surprised with how many backflips I can do.”

“Dad - “

“There’s alwasy something fishy going on at Galdin - “

“I said, no!”

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“She’s got dinner with me tonight.”

“We’re going fishing. Try again tomorrow.”

“I need her in a meeting.”

“She has a doctor appointment.”

It continued for weeks until Noctis just had enough of him and gathered enough information to kick him out of Lucis in general. For treason.

“Stay away from my daughter.” He warned. But that warning left ignored. And the next morning Anatola was gone.

Automatically Noctis sent out a search party. He already lost his wife to an assassination attempt. He didn’t want to lose his daughter to one either. Once her location was found, he hopped into the Regalia, the chocobros in tow, and put the medal to the pedal.

“Noct, you’ll get us all killed.”

“Specs, i’d sooner be killed then my daughter be killed by a goddamn psychopath.”

He didn’t even know how much time had passed once he got to the royal tomb which was being used as a base of operations by a gang of no good - abuse of all kinds, trafficking, you get the idea. Not very nice people.

And he’d be damned if he was going to let his daughter get caught up in it.

But he feared it was already too late when he heard her screams pierce the silence. 


Noctis ignored the call of his friends man ran as fast as he could, following the cries and whimpers. All that ran through his mind was fear. All that drove him forward was fear. All he knew, was that he that monster was going to need Shiva’s intervention if he had any hope of surviving. Especially since he was also a Nif spy.

“Get off me! I said no!”

Noctis arrived just in time. In a split second he had thought to be polite, but no one was allowed to touch his daughter when she had specifically denied consent .Rapists were not allowed to be free in Lucis. And they were not allowed to live in his eyes.

He warped, striking the monstrosity of a man to the ground. “Any last words before I rip you to shreds?”

“I hadn’t even gotten to the taste test, yet.”

Just like that, his armiger was activated. “Thank the six for that.” And, with a simple gesture, the thirteen swords sent him to his demise.

Noctis turned, hearing the others fumbling in in a hurry, and his eyes landed on his daughter. He walked towards her and fell to his knees, refusing to look at her torn clothes. “It’s okay.” He shrugged off his jacket and wrapped it around her. “I’m here now.” He pulled her into his chest. “He’s gone now.” He kissed her cheek. “He didn’t…do anything other than…tear you clothes, did he?”

Anatola shook her head. “You came in before he could.” She sniffed and clung to him tightly. “I’m sorry, Dad.”

“It’s not your fault.” Noctis soothed her back. “I should have known he was a Nif with a criminal record.”



She kissed his cheek. “You really are my hero. And the best Dad in the world.”

“I’m your only Dad.” He nuzzled his face against the crown of her head. “hank you for being my daughter.” He took one of her hands and wove his fingers with hers. “I won’t let anyone or anything harm you again.”

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How would sf, us, Uf, and the undertale bros react if their s/o kisses them on their cheek and left a very noticeable lipstick mark. And them telling them to leave it bc it looks cute - ^w^

(Only take 6 characters, so cutting US)

SF Sans: Lovepal, he appreciates it, but please don’t leave…ohhh my god, it’s not going off, ahh! He is blushing as he scrubs madly at his cheek. He is so flustered. Help him, please.

SF Papyrus: He, cute. Your love really leaves marks, doesn’t it? He doesn’t mind, he thinks it’s rather nice to see your kiss after it already happened.

UF Sans: He's gross. He won’t wash it off. He barely washes himself anyway, and that just gives him another reason to be a dirty boy. He can’t help but rest his fingers on the mark from time to time.

UF Papyrus: Wipes it off right away, angrily. Don’t do that, he can’t go out like this in public! But you can see him stroke his cheek and blush slightly as he walks away.

UT Sans: Gives you a grin in return, he adores your kisses. Blushes a bit, pulling his hood over his head as he notices the mark, trying not to let you see how flustered you got him.

UT Papyrus: His eyesockets go wide, filled with small stars. Oh, he is so happy! You kissed him, and he loves your kisses. But this time you left a sign that you kissed him, that he can treasure. Just…why is lipstick so…greasy?

Prompt (By the amazing Lily is helping Sarah rehearse for a role and there’s a kiss scene between Sarah´s and Lily´s characters (Pre-Relationship)

“But what about last time? You really mean a lot to me and I can’t accept I might be losing you!” Sarah screamed with eyes full of tears while holding some papers and staring at Lily, who was sat on the couch holding some papers as well.

“Wow wow wow! That was really good Sarah!” The blonde got up from the couch and high-fived her friend, who had a big smile on her face.

“Thank you lovepants! I really hope I get to do it right, it’s a huge thing for me”

“You will, I have no doubt”

Both girls sat on the couch; Lily stared at the elder woman who got quiet and serious out of nowhere; After a while staring at the blank space, Sarah fitted her friend, who was still staring at her, now with a concerned look;

“You know” Sarah turned her body to Lily’s side while taking a deep breath “There’s that scene that… that I’m really worried about”

“Well, let’s rehearse it then! I’m here to help you Sar” The blonde gave her an encouraging smile and caressed Sarah’s hand, which was rested on the couch

“I’m… I, um, well that’s the problem” The elder woman moved her hand from bellow her friend’s closer to herself.

“Sarah… we’ve been friends for so many years, don’t tell me you’re embarassed?!”

“No! No… I mean, not at all” Sarah moved her head with a negative movement “Ok, yeah, you’re right, let’s do it, it’s on page twelve”

Lily smiled and started reading the script; Oh God, it was a kiss scene; She could feel her knees going weak.

“Look, we don’t need to actually kiss” The elder woman said nervously “It’s just that this part is hard and it’d be really good if I could rehearse it, you know? Like, it´s a…”

“Sarah, it’s fine” Lily cut her “We’re both actresses, it’s just a scene, that’s ok”

Lily was absolutely dying inside; She’d always been madly in love with her friend and, even tough she knew she shouldn’t feed something that would never happen, she couldn’t miss the chance of kissing her long time, secret lover; Even if it was just pretend.

“Fine, fine” Sarah smiled “You’re right… So I’ll play my character, Rose, and you’ll play Kevin, is it fine?”

“Sure” Lily smiled nervously “Let’s go then”

Both girls turned their bodies to each other while still sat on the couch; Sarah began;

“I don’t think I can do that, Kevin…” The elder friend stared at Lily with the eyes already full of tears

“Why not? Of course you can! You’ve got this!” The blonde approached the friend and took both of her hands in hers “You’ve been preparing for so long!”

“But… I don’t think I’m ready” Sarah looked bellow “I mean, you saw the other girls, they did it so perfectly”

“Well, to be quite honest, I didn’t see the other girls” Lily lifted Sarah’s head by the chin “I couldn’t take my eyes out of you”

Sarah felt a burning in her stomach. It was it, the kissing part.

Lily started getting closer and closer; Both could feel each other’s breath when suddenly Sarah abruptly pulled over.

“ I can’t do that Lily, I just can’t do that this way” The woman felt her tears coming down, along with her friend’s; “Lily… why, why are you crying?”

“What do you mean by “this way”?” The blonde ignored the question previously asked

“Nothing, it was just nothing” Sarah sobbed, it was being too much.

They both stared at each other; Completely silence. Tears falling down harder and harder.

The elder woman just couldn’t take it anymore, if she didn’t take the courage to do it now, she knew she could and would never do it. Calmly but still shaking, Sarah started approaching Lily; She was just inches away the blonde’s mouth when she stopped and just kept there.

“Sarah…” Lily whispered “Just kiss me”

And so the woman did; Such a gentle, sweet kiss, none of them wanted to pull apart again.

Softly, Lily went back, never stopping looking at her friend’s eyes;

“I like you… a lot” The blonde whispered

“I like you too… a lot”

Both smiled and went in for another kiss; They could feel each other smiling trough it and it was a feeling they wish to have forever.

Unimaginable Surprise (Foxxay).

A/N: This sweet, amazing prompt was sent by the awesome @purified-through-flames. Thank you SO much my darling, I hope I did it right! Please guys, give me feedback and feel free to send me prompts! I love writing your ideas! Enjoy!! xoxox

Misty took a deep breath as she side eyed her beloved girlfriend, who was just beside her watering some sunflowers; Today was a special day, a day the Swamp Witch had been planing for too long and couldn’t be more excited for having it finally arrived. The Cajun had everything planned for that special occasion; She was finally going to propose to the love of her life.

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US UT UF bros have an SO that is having creativity block, and SO is losing their mind. Thy come home one day to see their smashing their head on a table, SO is saying "USELESS. EMPTY. BRAIN. ABSOLUTELY NO IDEAS. I. HATE. THIS. REJECT. BRAAIIIN!!!" How would they react?

US Sans: Oh, no datemate! You need your brain! It’s important! Let him help you there…he knows how to get rid of a creative block…you just feel his hands slide over your shoulders before all your worries get massaged away.

US Papyrus: Pffhehe, he is snort-laughing at you. Well, he isn’t laughing at you, he is laughing with….no, wait he is laughing at you, yes. You are just such a goof. But for real, you need any help? 

UT Sans: Hehe, sound’s like your problems a real brainteaser, doesn’t it? You need any help, or maybe a distraction? He has nothing else to do anyway.

UT Papyrus: Lovepal! Please don’t reject your brain, there has to be a better way to solve your problem. He is here and can help you out any day, any time!

UF Sans: Rejecting your brain, eh? Sound rather messy, but he can help you with that, hehe. 

UF Papyrus: Datefriend, please keep it down! And don’t be so dramatic, every problem has a solution, and if you ask nicely he might help you find yours.

Weekend Trip, pt1. (Raulson)

A/N: I’m finally back in! Thank God after a month with my head completely away I was able to come back! So, I worked really hard to improve my writing skills since I’ve received some asks about that, I really hope you guys note a difference, and please please please let me know your opinions about it and about the story! Okay, enough of talking here hahaha enjoy it!! Oh, one more thing hihi please send me prompts! I’m running out of ideas. 

“Sarah!” Lily screamed as she knocked at the older woman’s apartment door. “We’ll be late! Hurry up!”

The two were going together for a weekend trip at a near, small city; It had beautiful rivers and also some woods, the perfect place for the women to just relax a little.

“I’m here, I’m here” Sarah opened the door, struggling to carry her heavy bag. “You just can’t wait, can you?” The older woman laughed as she kissed her best friend’s cheek.

The blonde giggled and both girls went to her car, which was parked in front of the building. It was a bright, sunny Saturday morning, and the weather was just perfect; Lily packed Sarah’s bag and soon they were already on the road.

The girls talked about the good old days all the way through the city; In less than an hour they had arrived and were already looking for the hotel.

“Sarah, do you mind looking at the directions for me, please? The map is at your door”. Lily asked with a grin, never taking her eyes away from the street in front of her.

“Sure”. The brunette took the map, struggling a bit to find the directions but finally striking it. “Two to the left and then one to the right and we should be there” she smiled.

Soon they had arrived and were already settled into their room; It was a small hotel with a “Home away from Home” vibe; The room was pretty small, with only two single beds and a door leading to the bathroom.

“It’s so comfy!” Lily smiled as she jumped into the left bed, leaving her bag at the room’s door.

Sarah let out a laugh as she carried hers and Lily’s bag inside the room, shutting the door and jumping on the right bed. “It’s amazing!”

Lily fitted her friend, a small grin forming into her lips as she did; It had been some time since both of them had spent some time together, they were always filming or busy with work stuff. “So, what do you want to do?”

“Well, since coming here was your idea, I guess I’m the guest and you’re the one deciding” Sarah let out a giggle, turning herself at the bed and staring at the blond. “You know I hate picking”

Lily rolled her eyes in response, getting out of the bed and reaching her bag which was near the room’s door. “Okay, my guest” The blonde let out a mock smile “Let’s go for a walk then” she winked at her friend while pulling out some sports clothes from her bag; Lily knew Sarah hated any kind of sports.

“I hate you Lily” Sarah rolled out of the bed with a grunt, going towards her bag to get dressed.

Soon both were already making their way in a near park, Lily was a bit ahead Sarah and starting to have some difficult to catch the blonde.

“Lily” A breathless Sarah managed to speak “Can you slow down a bit?”

The blonde laughed as she turned her head back to her friend.

“Let’s just walk to that tree and then we rest a little, okay lazzyass?” The blonde pointed out to a big, full of life tree, it was just 2 meters to the right from where they were standing.

“Fuck you” Sarah laughed as she made her way, almost failing to the green grass under her when she got there.

“You’re so lazyyy” Lily mocked as she sat next to her friend, who was still struggling to catch her breath

“Shut up, Lily” The brunette laughed as she gently hit the blonde’s arm

Lily rested her head on Sarah’s sweaty shoulder, a wide smile still on her face; Both girls stayed there for a little, feeling the fresh wind while they admired the beautiful park in front of them.

“You know Lil” Sarah broke the silence, staring down at the blonde resting on her shoulder “I’ve missed spending time alone with my best friend” She smiled shyly.

“I’ve missed it too, lovepants… I was so happy when you were free to come here with me” Lily giggled, her cheeks turning a bit red

Sarah couldn’t help but get a bit blushed as well; Whenever she was with Lily -even if just for a lunch, or a job, or just randomly meeting each other at a store- She felt like hose were always the best moments; Ever since they first met the woman knew there was something different about the way she felt towards the blonde; She would always catch herself thinking way too much about the friend, or staring at her being unable to take her eyes away when they were together. It scared her, Sarah didn’t know what these feelings were, she had never felt anything like that besides for Cherry, and still it was something completely different, not even close for what she was going trough with Lily.

After half an hour of just feeling the cold wind Sarah’s tummy began to snore, which made both girls laugh and decide to get some food for lunch; Both agreed on just picking something up on the way back to the hotel and staying in the rest of the day, since the skies were turning a bit gray and the wind started to get stronger and stronger.

As soon as they got into the hotel it started to rain; It was a loud rain that didn’t seem to be pretending to stop anytime soon.

“Thank God we made it to the hotel before the rain had started” Lily said as she opened the room’s door.

Both entered the room and started to unpack the food they had bought. After some minutes they had already eaten and were now cleaning everything.

“Good thing we’re staying in the whole day” Sarah fitted the blonde as she put some leftovers at the trash.

“I wanted to show you the city” Lily pouted as she searched for some comfortable clothes to wear.

“But that way we can just spend the day talking like the good old days” Sarah smiled and went to her bag, starting to search some clothes as well.

“That’s true” Lily giggled while she felt her cheeks blush.

Lily had never been with a woman, the idea had never even crossed her mind but everytime she looked at her best friend, she could feel little butterflies on her stomach and this was something she could never understand. What if… The blonde thought.

Soon the girls were already changed and ready to watch a movie, both on their respective beds.

“What kind of movie are we watching?” The blonde fitted Sarah

“An horror one!”

“Sarah you know I hate horror movies! They scare the shit out of me” Lily laughed at her own comment

“I went for the walk” The brunette fitted Lily with a grin, raising her brows “And, you can come and lay here with me if you want”

“Gosh, I hate you” Lily let out a laugh as she made her way trough the other bed, laying beside her friend and softly hugging Sarah

As the movie passed by, Sarah wasn’t able to pay attention to it; Lily was hugging her in such a strong way she felt she was about to explode by all the feelings she was having; The blonde kept being scared and everytime she would giggle and snug herself closer to the older woman. Soon the movie had ended and the rain had gotten stronger, lightnings and thunders every now and then.

“Lil, did you like the movie?” Sarah asked with a laugh, fitting the blonde who was resting at her shoulder

“Oh yeah, I’ll sleep like a baby tonight” Lily let out a laugh “And this rain is only helping more”

Sarah knew the blonde had always been scared of thunders; They had talked about that a million times and, to be honest, it was something she had always find absolutely adorable.

“Don’t be silly lovepants, I’ll be here to protect you from the bad monsters out there” Sarah mocked, being returned with a slap on her arm and letting out a laugh

“I’ll go take a shower you stupid” The blonde rolled her eyes and laughed before entering the bathroom


Lily heard Sarah at the other side of the door.


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Hey friendo! I love your headcanons! I've noticed that people tend to ask for monster s/o's that are bipedal like the humans are. But are there any fun, creative, or silly changes/accommodations to domestic (surface) life if the monster s/o was not-so-bipedal? Like a centaur, a mermaid, even a limbless Moldbygg. Monsters come in so many shapes and sizes, life has got to have some crazy adventures when the surface world is made for the bipedal. Pick your four favorite skellies. ;3

UT Sans: Well, a centaur does have it’s problems to get through the day when even chairs and tables just won’t fit in size and shape, Sans can see that. He sees you struggle to fit through doors, your body the size of a horse had its disadvantages. 

He gathers some furniture that accommodates you better, a very large bed, a very broad couch. He doesn’t really do much himself, he is even here on the lazier side. But just small things to help you get through the day easier.

UF Sans: Oh…right. Three legs, no arms and a large tail can surely make things a bit harder. You can’t even sit down on a chair properly, your tail always in the way.

But hey, he's an engineer…or well, he was one. He is to lazy to do anything large, but one day you find holes in the back of all chairs in the house, perfect for your tail. Extra grip pads on the steps of the stairs, since you often slip on them. And on Christmas, you unwrap a pair of mechanical arms, nothing fancy, just something to help you open doors and hold bags, made by Sans with Alphys help.

UF Papyrus: A centaur? You have to be his warhorse. There is no way around it. He just has to ride on you. Wait…no, that came out wrong. He..uhm. 

Wishes to ride you like a horse…no, wait that came out even wronger!

He makes sure his house isn’t to crowded with furniture so you can move around easier, makes sure the bed has enough space to fit you both in. He helps you with the stairs sometimes, you always have a bit of…trouble to get down again. He, of course, doesn’t do it too obvious, just some blue magic here, a steady hand there.

HT Papyrus: Mermaid do have no legs, he was right about that. But worry not Lovepal, he has strong arms, and he is tall enough to carry you without having your tail drag over the floor. He carries you everywhere, he wants you to have fun every day, and if the only thing in your way is a method of transformation, then he will help you without a second thought!

He is kind of sad that you can’t really sleep with him in his bed, but at least you can cuddle in the evening before sleep. He always carries many water bottles with him, so you can drink enough and stay hydrated through all the fun adventures he will bring you on.


Arima & Baby Hairu - Hairu needs more love

Pic 1

“Arima!!! That’s not something for children to play!”

“And also, put her down. NOW.”

Hairu is holding Yukimura 1/3

Pic 2

Hairu-chan is dying her hair with watercolor. Guess who she wants to become

Pic 3

“I just wanna be as pretty as big brother”

Poor Hairu-chan got scolded


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