My 19th birthday wish was to make somebody happy. Alhamdullilah I did.
When i was in nursing, i had attachment at woodlands polyclinic and then i met this beautiful granny. The fact that shes always cheerful really makes me happy. Always made my day. She sell packet of tissues at the side of a staircase. Each time i had to go for my appointment, i always meet her.
And today, since yesterday was raining heavily, i bought her daily stuff and food. But sadly, she wasnt there. So i gave it to a malay shop owner since she knows her. Sadly, the granny only sells on weekdays.): Since the month of ramadhan is coming, why not do something nice for someone. Heh, well again it was my wish and im glad i gonna made her happy. Shall meet her on monday before school:) Alhamdullilah! #loveothers14 #birthdaywish

Today , people are celebrating the last day of school . However , today , we are commemorating 100 years of OTHERS ! So proud of those who participated in giving a little something to OTHERS ! All the preparation of the notes and gifts had been loads of fun !! The best part was giving the gift to someone and seeing smiles on their faces ! #LoveOthers14 is really something to show our love to people around us !! What a great way to start June Holidays ! (Y) #BVSSxHOGC :):) (had to delete the previous one:))

梵谷, Vincent Van Gogh. I really love his story of how he loved others. Even in the midst of Chinese Intensive, we learnt about an amazing painter of the 19th Century. In his early life he was an missionary to those poor mine workers. He himself was made poor because he gave whatever he had to them. All these changed due to the disagreement of the other churches, he was forced to stop. It was so bad that he was caught in depression and ended up cutting off his ear and all his painting became really dark. He ended his life with sorrow but still I learnt much from his early life. The story was first told by SP @seowhow while this paper reminded me again of what one can do to love others. #LOVEOTHERS14

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It’s not about how long you live, it’s about how you live your life. #loveothers14

#LOVEOTHERS14 on 29 May 2014, exactly 100 years ago The Empress of Ireland sank while having its trip from Canada to London. It there there and then, a group of 120 Salvation Army young people showed what was it to live for others. They gave up their own life vests. Through that selflessness was shown, looking beyond themselves and spreading the love of God wherever they go. Thank you Pastor @joakiml for preaching the Original Version, through that was my first time hearing of those unsung heroes that showed love to others.