Fish are pets too.

Just because you can’t cuddle and pet your fish doesn’t make them less of a pet, Just because they don’t run up to you when you’re having a shitty day doesn’t mean they aren’t pets. Just because a fish can’t tell you by whining or crying that its in pain doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get sick or hurt.

If you’ve ever had a fish you’ll understand that a fish can be the most endearing and loving pet.They may not be able to run up to you when you come home from a crappy day but they will come to the front of their tank and give you a goofy fishy smile and look at you with intelligent eyes meaning there here. I’ve cried enough times in front of my fish and they know my secrets and always seem to give me comfort that they listen. I have seen a ton of people treat their fish horribly letting them choke on their own waste, die of simply taken care of diseases and wounds.

All I have to say is I love my fish and they will always be my friends and I hope that they’ll be with me for a long time cause I’d never trade them for another pet just because…