Sunday: Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK, without telling my Mum I came home last night to surprise her with a #symmetrybreakfast today! (Dad is also included) The recipe is available online from @boroughkitchen website. Ouefs en cocotte with smoked salmon and orange juice served on @boroughkitchen olive wood boards and dishes #happymothersday #motheringsunday #lovemymum #mummysboy #thenorth (at Runcorn)

For my mum ❤️ RIP

I miss my mum every day. You take for granted the small stuff, chatting about your day, knowing you can call round whenever and the hug and kiss you would always get. I miss all of these things immensely and I can’t believe she is no longer here. The pain is overwhelming and 12 months on it still is. I’ve felt like a zombie for a year and I know time heals but losing my mum nearly killed the person I am, a strong and independent person who can pretty much deal with most things in life. You question your life and the people in it, friends you thought you could count on disappear and you feel like you are alone even though there are lots of people around you. Some of these things make you feel like you are going mad .. You are not!! Grief is a very strange thing, there are stages of grief but who can actually recognise where you are when you are stuck in one of the stages? You can speak to professionals which is supposed to help you understand what you are feeling, but do these people actually know what it’s like? You speak to colleagues that you work with, your friends, your extended family but if people haven’t actually lost their mum, how can they understand the level of pain you feel without judgement? This is my outlet, to share feelings I am going through in the hope it might help someone else. I wished I had thought about this sooner. This is my place to share things that I would like to share with my mum - pictures, quotes and messages. I love you dearly mum, not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. Keep watching over us ❤️❤️❤️❤️💐💋❤️❤️❤️❤️

#gpoyw - a lot of people say this about their mum, but without a drop of hyperbole she is the strongest, most incredible, amazing woman I’ve ever met. It’s an honor to be her son and was such a pleasure spending the weekend bonding and reconnecting. If every man was lucky enough to be raised by a woman like this, we’d have no need for the word feminist. #gpoy #gpohmy! #lovemymum #inspiration

Had a funny conversation with my mum today..

Mum: Ooo your looking gay today. 

Me: Aha, thanks mum. 

Mum: Loving your shirt, light blue really suite you.

Me: Aha… you bought me this shirt.

Mum: Oh, that’s probable why I like it so much  and it suite you. 

Me: Or I can just pull off the gay look?

Mum: Yeah.. but you are gay!

Me: Yes, yes I am… 

Úgy szeretném meghálálni, két kezemmel megszolgálni, azt, hogy felnevelt, dédelgetett, erő felett. Légy ezentúl mindig boldog, míg én élek nincs több gondod, én vigyázok rád már ezután. Úgy szeretném meghálálni, vagy legalább megpróbálni, mind, mind azt a jót, mit értem tett az én anyám. Szenes Iván

Meine mami ist wieder in Deutschland… Helllooo 😍😘😊😇💃🙌🙌🙌🙌🙆🙏..God blessssssss
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