Miley Cyrus?

is my idol, shes my everything, without her and her music i would be broken,in the last 6 years of seeing her from going to hannah montana to the beautiful girl she is today im still sticking by her as her #1 fan. i will always be her fan no matter what she does. Everyone judges her but in my mind shes hurting shes wondering why everyone needs to judge someone while being hurt and never being able to look and in mirror and say im okay. shes hurting does anyone see that? i do shes amazing and ill always have her back. shes perfection in my mind, if you like to judge me cause i love miley cyrus please do i wont care. I love her shes my pride and joy, i cant go a day without her music, to be honest without her i would crying every night hoping my broken heart would get better, i love you miley cyrus. shes the only celebrity that i will love forever, good night everyone