Okay, spend too much time with your friends
Too much time with your friends
Turned up at the function
You could barely function
Oh, you getting drunk and too high to call me up, and
Hanging with them other niggas, I could barely stomach
Oh, you telling me the shit you used to put up with
You ain’t going through that twice, okay
I'ma come through, spend the night, okay
1300 on the flight, okay
Love, you can’t put a price on it
Something came up, girl, I know it
You ain’t never got time for me

New beginnings

This one is for new beginnings
and never looking back.
Leaving the past where it left you and holding on and taking along all of your potential where it can be acknowledged. Its not about being better then the next person its about always becoming better then yourself. Im humble enough to take this as an experience but mostly as a lesson learned. You might be ahead of me now since you had a head start but my warm heart and open mind will take me to way bigger and better things.