NO FILTER! Hahaha! When a piece of jewelry makes it to the website, that means I started it a year before. In some cases longer. In this case we are going on 2 years. Once the metal designing was done I couldn’t find the type of stones I wanted. Labradorite and moonstone are two of my favorites, but I didn’t want a slight flash or that flash ya gotta turn the thing around 500 times before it pops up. No I wanted constant flash, AAA grade and extra. So I would order a batch of stones cut to my specifics and when I would get them I only picked the best of the best out of the batch for this project. After about a year of making stone cutters mad and tired if me, I have enough of the most perfect perfect stones. They will be ready late January. I’m just so stoked and feel so rewarded. I must knit pick and become #Jewelzilla because my projects are my babies and I love them with my soul. #makingBabies #lovemakin #labradorite #moonstone #rainbow #flash #love #laborOfLove #earth #IsoldMySoulToTheseStones #evilpawnjewelry #nofilter #evilpawn #jewelry #epj #thankYou #thankYouLife #adornYourselfInMetal


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Check me out Rahn Anthoni on Wednesday June 7, 2014 as I bring you Angelo Remo'n is Keith Sweats professional back ground vocalist. Angelo has his own NEW CD entitled Blaq Soul! You can get it on Itunes NOW!  Tune in as I give you the Count Down of his CD including A DUET with Mr. Keith Sweat! Come play with me this Wednesday Night! 7pm est to 10 pm est! GET IT NOW!