So this picture isnt really good, I had to take it really fast because I had to go to my grandmas house thats why its kinda blurry but heres my new bathing suit! The colors are kinda distorted too, they are normally like blue pink and stuff but on here it looks red. I love target bathing suits, so if my mom doesnt want to buy me a vs bathing suit I go here instead!

So I got the exact same pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago in black because my old black sandals from charlotte ruse were like complete trash and I seriously LOVE these shoes there not totally uncomfortable but like there not cheap, there sturdy and will last you. So I decided to get them in white since I where alot of stuff that need white shoes too! Seriously the best buy for shoes lol the black ones were $9.99 because they were on sale but the white ones werent on sale because I got them a couple weeks later ): So the white were $15 at target & i think targets about to like stop selling them or whatever so hurry and get them! & whatever you do DO NOT buy charlotte ruse shoes unless there heels, because there flip flops and sandals fall apart in like 2-3 times wearing them, only get them if you need them for like one day.

So I saw this shirt on a model thingy lol with white shorts and it was super cute, so I got it and it was reallyyy cute with my white shorts I love it I tried to take a picture but it doesnt really show how cute the outfit is but ill upload this for yall anyway<3

I picked out my sisters out fit today! reminded me of something Miley Cyrus would wear! The back of the shirt is a razer back and has lace heres a pic of it. She didnt have a black bandeau top so we just used a black tank, she doesnt have these cute sandals in black like I do so she just wore her ugly ones, & i did her hair, a really loose fishtail braid! It was 100x cuter in person and couldve been cuter if she had a bandeau & those shoes but its alright it was alright!