So today’s pink t-shirt day, for bullying….I refuse to wear anything pink. Now before you start to judge me or call me rude, heartless, etc. listen to where I’m coming from. I refuse to wear anything pink today because wearing pink, isn’t going to it raise awareness, and it isn’t going to help stop bullying. Because a stupid pink shirt sure as hell didn’t help me when I was being beat up everyday for years. Every person who wears pink today wont truly understand that this won’t help, look at it thru my eyes..cause to me, all I see is a group of people all wearing pink.

It’s good to be home and by home I mean tumblr! I finally have wifi all the time and my phone back after being away from it for a week…dumb cruise ship made me pay for wifi, fuck that, wifi should be a given right but whatever, I’m home, I missed you guys and I’m ready to make up for the week I missed

I’m determined to get my shit together this year. I’m gonna check off everything on my list, even the small things. I’m gonna find a job so I can start saving as much as I can for college, I’m gonna work my ass off in school to get the scholarship for the college I want, I’m gonna let my hair grow, I’m gonna get fit, I’m gonna take my board out of the corner and practice 24/7 so I can kick ass at the skate park and most importantly I’m gonna try to learn to love myself and be happy with who I am and what I’ve got. 2012…please don’t fuck this up for me.