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Or you could always organize a clothes swap if there aren't any second hand stores nearby. Just get a group of people to bring in any clothing that they don't want/like/fit in anymore and you just lay it all out and share it. The last one I went to donated all unclaimed clothing to a battered womens shelter at the end.

Another great idea!

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lovelytoes said: This is super creepy and I’m laughing so hard because this picture is the whole reason I have a “Foxy Shazam” picture folder on my computer and I never knew it was you xD

Not creepy at all, matter of fact its super rad! :P

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mysteriously finding you in the retard-o-bot tag, who the hell would've thought it. hah

That’s actually really funny because about around April I think it was..before a show I went to at state I ran into peter at daddy kool records and was talking to him about what happened to retard o bot and such and how I went to all the old shows and how you introduced me to them and I thought of you.

lovelytoes said: I untracked them because I was ridiculously jealous of everyone who was bragging about going to shows I couldn’t make it to (amongst other reasons) and damn Tumblr has been way better since. Following a handful of foxy fans/foxy blogs is better :P

Agreed. Everyone I follow now is pretty golden.