Hello Internet!
Retrofitt tagged me! So fun times shall commence!!!
Questions for me: 
1. How are you today? Pretty good, tired from lack of sleep but whatever
2. Who is your favorite fictional character? That’s hard to say…maybe Spider-man, Naruto, or Kakashi
3. What’s your dream vacation? Theme parks all the time lol Disney World is perfect for that
4. What’s your dream job? Highly appreciated and sought after ad campaign idea guy 

5. Do you drink coffee regularly? Not at all
6. Who would you choose as the next doctor? I’m not a good judge since I don’t watch it
7. Where do you want to live when you’re older? California I think
8. Who is your favorite character? Is this not question 2?
9. What is your favorite thing to learn about? Algebra stuff, it’s useless
10. Apple or PC? PC all the way yo, dem apples rotten
11. What color is your hair naturally? Brown of a certain shade
12. How long have you been on tumblr? Years haha

My questions for you (in the past): 

1.Coffee of tea? Water.
2. Do you have something that physically attracts you (like my attraction to dark hair and light eyes)? Fit/athletic body type, dark hair
3. What’s your favorite book? Life of Pi

4. Who’s your favorite villain? Sylar from Heroes, I didn’t want him to die or the Joker, since he’s hilarious
5. If you were in a comic book, would you be good or evil? Good for certain
6. Your favorite food in the whole world? Quesadillas

7. What hobbies do you have? Playing ukulele/piano/saxophone, video games, blogging
8. How did you meet your best friend? Well I have a few friends I would give this title but I choose Tony. He lived on my floor and there was a super smash bros tournament and he destroyed lol, but we really didn’t talk until we both happened to go to Burger King at the same time (Turned out we had the same class) I saw him sitting there and was like, sure I’ll strike up a conversation and BOOM FRIENDSHIP 
9. Your highest priority fandom? I suppose Naruto if that counts
10. Jokes or anti jokes? Jokes for sure
11.On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like where you live? South Carolina gets a 3 but Florida gets an 8
12. What do you want to do in the future? My next girlfriend ;P haha but really I don’t know, reach concert pianist level I suppose
1. What draws you to Tumblr? The feeling of acceptance
2. What is the name of your first crush? Kirsten, she was 3 years older than me but we still became close friends
3. whats your favorite type of music? EDM, Dubstep and Alternative rock 
4. Hogwarts or City of Glass? Hogwarts!
5.Favorite money splurge? Dead or Alive 5 for sure
6.What age would you be if you could change it? A younger age I suppose so I could live longer in theory 
7.Whats your super power? Being really lucky, being clever and having the power of super observation
8. Misha? I think it’s very entertaining seeing all the shipments of him as castiel and dean
9.When do you normally go to sleep? 12 or later
10.BBC or American TV? American 
11. 1 to 10 how attractive would you rate yourself? 7.4
12.How scared are you of rejection? I don’t really get scared, I get nervous about not knowing what will happen but if I get rejected I can move on really quick 
(from retrofitt)
1. What’s your proudest moment? Having a jazz saxophone solo and nailing it, the applause was such an amazing feeling
2. Favorite band? Death Cab for Cutie and Muse
3. Choose a band member, rate 1-10 on attractiveness. None of the members of the bands I really like are female or attractive enough for me to be able to give a number
4. DIY or Already Done? It depends on what it is
5. Summer or Winter? Summer
6. Superhero name? The Sensational Sweet or Dr. Sweet or Supersweet
7. Guilty Pleasure? I do not feel guilty about any of my pleasures
8. Favorite movie? The Amazing Spider-Man
9. What’s the funniest gif on tumblr? No such thing
10. What is your name? Trevor Sweet
11. What is your quest? To keep having a reason to live 
12. What is you favorite color? Dark blues
(From me, Flirtyblonde)
1. Tumblr crush? Quipsquip
2. When are you going to admit your crush on me? I mean come on its so obvious. I can’t bring myself to admit it
3. Dream girl/guy? Way too long to describe here but dark hair fitness lover, same music taste, loves me as much as I love her
4. Dream date? A nice dinner followed by going to her/my place, listening to music and just talking about things and then something cute happening followed by making out followed by sex mhm
5. Love or lust? Love forever
6. Favorite sport? Basketball if I’m playing, baseball if I’m watching
7. Favorite song? I can’t pick there’s no way
8. Favorite celebrity? Stahp I can’t do this
9. Favorite thing to do? Things that involve music being played too
10. Happiest memory? A lot of the time I spent with my last girlfriend
11. Worst thing you have ever done? I almost attempted suicide does that count?

12. Favorite OTP? Chuck and Sarah

(Sweetsoundingstuff’s questions)

1. Pick a superpower

2. If you could show up at anyone’s doorstep right now, who’s would it be?

3. Season of your dream wedding

4. Favorite day of the year

5. A tree falls down in a forest right next to you and no one is around to witness it, how do you react?

6. Do you want to be buried or cremated?

7. Favorite Tumblr blog

8. Favorite type of food to eat

9. Do you love your country?

10. Which country would you choose to wipe off the face of the earth?

11. You have to marry someone you follow, who would you choose?

12. Favorite music album/cd/tape/vinyl/you get what I mean

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