And Then There Were Two - Jongin

For the lovely beautiful anon request. Sorry for taking so long. Exams and busy life means no time for writing sadly. :(

Anyway here you are. Hope you like it.


You wanted a normal pregnancy, a somewhat calm pregnancy. But what pregnancy is normal, calm and peaceful. Honestly you couldn’t be more happy being pregnant, especially considering the father. Your best friend and other half Kim Jongin, even with his busy schedule he would always find time whether it was messages or calls. He was everything you could ask for and more. Him being an idol did have its downsides, but you loved him more than enough to stick the obstacles out. When Jongin was away you did have his dogs for company, but they could never replace him. The way his eyes shone when they saw you or in the morning when you would make breakfast he would come up behind you and wrap his arms around you resting his head on your shoulder. The simple presence of him in the house to you was irreplaceable.

You knew he had to tour, it was his career he loved seeing the fans dearly and you knew this would happen. It would be a lie saying that you are used to him leaving or seeing him walk through the terminal gate, each step taking him further away from you.  Sighing you turn away from the window of your shared but now, somewhat empty apartment overlooking The Han River. Resting your hands on your now prominent belly, you began gently rubbing it.

“He’ll be home soon baby, Daddy will be home soon.”

Hearing the soft clatter of nails on your wooden floor and the door to your apartment close, you turn seeing your best friend come in with Jongin’s unofficial babies. You start to bend down to pat and hug them but are stopped by your friend chastising you.

“Oh no you don’t, you sit on the couch before you even think of doing that.”

Rolling your eyes, you waddle over to the couch and plop down, calling the dogs over.  Bending over your belly was now proving a challenge. At just five months you were starting to get big, it was expected but people had asked you if you were further. When you replied they would stare at you in blatant shock. They often chalked it up to your slim frame, most of your colleagues still found it shocking you continuously showed up to work. Your boss has often asked you if this was ok for the baby. But half the time you brushed it off, you refused to take time off worked helped keep you sane and kept your mind off Jongin. Even though work could be stressful, and you had been told on multiple occasions by not only your doctor but by numerous people that stress is bad for the baby.

Having your best friend live with you while Jongin was on tour was his idea. You didn’t mind it, it meant the apartment wasn’t dull, cold and lifeless to come home to. It also meant if anything went wrong you would have someone with you. You never expected anything to go wrong, you ate healthily, your friend kept you away from the foods you weren’t allowed. She honestly nearly had a cow when you tried to have coffee one morning before work. She hated coffee but she still drank it. She helped you manage his dogs, you loved them but you could have sworn she wanted to kidnap them and at times it was honestly very tempting. But you wouldn’t trade them or Jongin for the world, they often curled up with you at night when he was touring or promoting. The sense of something there however small on his side of the bed when he wasn’t there was comforting and allowed some normality. However, that couldn’t happen much anymore due to your huge belly.

Jongin was due home in a week it was the only thing that had been keeping you going. Work was going through some huge contracts everyone including you had been staying late and taking on extra. Your hormones where going nuts and honestly it made keeping a lid on your stress so much worse. You thought you had it under control. Kicking off your shoes you entered your apartment groaning, making a bee line for the couch, which your friend was curled up watching a drama on.

“Do we have to cook tonight?”

You whine at your friend, almost pleadingly. You had honestly had it all you wanted to do was crawl into a hole and die if you were completely honest with yourself. Your friend turned to you with a smile.

“Honestly, way ahead of you hun I ordered for you it’s in the kitchen. I didn’t want the dogs to get it.”

You feel your eyes begin to tear up. This pregnancy stuff was hard, you cried over the slightest things and you were a mess half the time. It made you irrational and you had to keep a lid on it in the workplace.

“I am officially in love with you.”

You exclaimed over your shoulder as you head to the kitchen, well more waddled now. But that really wasn’t your concern. What concerned you more was the sharp pain you felt in your stomach. You knew it wasn’t the baby kicking it was a little soon. Gasping you quickly waddled to the bathroom to check if anything was wrong. Looking down, you were shocked to see blood spotting your underwear.


You swore along with some other very un-lady like words. Calling your best friends name, she came running into the bathroom. You had collapsed on the lid of the toilet clutching your stomach in pain and holding your underwear in your hand. In another situation this could be comical.  Her eyes grew wide.

“Hospital. Now.”

She said, pulling you up. Ushering you out the door into the elevator and into the car. It wasn’t till you were in the car did you start to really realize the magnitude of the situation. You started to freak out and cry, begging your friend to go faster. The only two words you seem to understand yourself saying where.

“Call him.”

You hated bothering him, you didn’t want to worry him. It would be even harder to convince him to leave you now after this happened. You knew how important his career was, but this was his family, his everything. Pulling up to the hospital your friend helps you into the emergency room, explains the situation and you are soon whisked away for tests. The last thing you see is your friend with her phone to her ear in the waiting room. You’re honestly hoping Jongin doesn’t do anything stupid and you hope to god that you haven’t lost the baby.

Test after test, ultrasounds and some forms and finally they put you in for overnight observation. You have a drip and honestly it’s all becoming to real and scary for you. You have yet to speak to Jongin as your friend says not to worry. You needed him now, more than you ever have. You needed his voice, his presence the calmness he brought with him. Slipping in and out of sleep the soft murmur of voices pulling you from your attempts to sleep. Lifting your eyelids seems to be an effort in its own right, but it seems it’s worth it when your eyes are met with the familiar dark brown of Jongin’s.

“what, what are you.”

You stutter out, before bursting into tears right then and there. Without hesitation, he wraps his arms around you, even if its slightly awkward but you are past the point of caring. Your head buried in the crook of his neck inhaling his familiar scent. Something you had missed for so long, the way his arms feel around you it feels like home. The sensation that had been missing for almost two months.

“You’re okay, I’ve got you, your safe baby.”

He coos into your hair, running his fingers through your hair in an attempted to calm you down, like he always does. Soon enough you stop shaking and your tears subside into soft sniffles.

“What are you doing here, shouldn’t you be at the signing you had today. In China”

You inquire, half relieved half frazzled that the company could come down hard on him for missing the last week of signing possibly over nothing at all.

“You needed me.”

He answered simply, but it was enough to bring on a fresh wave of tears in your tired hormonal state. A soft laugh escapes from his lips as he pulls you in to shush you again. The familiarity of his presence and the fingers running through your hair is honestly doing wonders for your nerves. Your breathing has evened out and the stress you had been feeling seemed to ebb away with his presence. But the feeling of anxiety is quickly replaced when a doctor enters the room, breaking the calm bubble Jongin had you in. Quickly checking the charts, looking over his glasses at you as if to gauge the situation to see if it’s ok to break any type of news good or bad.

“Well, you certainly gave your friend quite the scare missy. but you will happy to know that both babies are fine.”

He says with a great deal of confidence and clarity. You choke on his words, a surprised squeak erupting from your mouth. Babies? What as far as you knew it was only one. Jongin’s hand immediately is in yours rubbing soothing circles, avoiding the needle from the drip. Jongin took over the situation, clearly understanding your shock at the situation, seeing as this is the first time this subject had even been broached.

“Twins? Are you sure.”

He asked almost hoping it was true. It was no secret Jongin wanted a big family you on the other hand had always been more apprehensive. Having twins would be a blessing for both him and you.

“Yes, both perfectly healthy and so far it looks like a boy and a girl.