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2012 is almost over, and it has been an amazing year(or 6 months) and I’ve met so many lovely people on tumblr. 

I haven’t talked to most of you but you’re blogs are perfectand i envy you

these are my Favourite Blogs of 2012

I hope all of you have an amazing Holiday and New Year♥

abc:amermaidpissedinmypants, beaniebrooks, beaufriend, brooklinson, beauspeter, brooksluke, colourfuljanoskians, cuteluke, curllyhead

def: dahyounie, danielsahyonie, domenicsbrooks, elisroths, finnrainbows

ghi: gloriousbrooks

jkl:jacksap, jdomenic, jaibrooksissex, janovoxo, jinglejames, lovelybeau, lukebro-ks, lukesbrooks

mno: melbournekings,merrybrooks,milukunis,mlikzayn, nigga-jai, ofmelbournes, ohhbrooks, ohlukebrooks

pqr: reachforyous, recklessbeau, recklessharries

stu: sassbrooks, seankingstone,seducedbystyles, snowbeau, spacesouffle, stlyesharry,tinseluke

vwxyz: woahbeau, yalladaniel, yammounislut

danisnotonfire, ♥sampepper, ♥ jaibrooksofficial, ♥ lukebrooks, ♥ beaubrooksofficial, ♥ troyesivan, ♥ zoella, ♥ pointlessblogtv, ♥

love you guys (:



fav tumblr people >> gracie

the most ratchet girl in the world. grapes, i literally love you so much and every time i see you message me it bring the biggest smile to my face. i know we haven’t known each other for a very long time but we’re so similar and you’re basically my sister, and i love you so so so much. shroom crew 4 lyfe, man. xo

wanna hear a funny story?

so basically I was texting gracie today and she sent me a picture of them burning nuts in their cooking class and in the picture was this boy

so I asked her who da hottie wit da hat was and she was like tHATS MY BROTHER and I was like lololol wOt no omg you’re lying and then she took a picture of him driving her home and I have never laughed harder in my entire life