some poor schmuck: wow sorýn is cool what a Cool Dude i wonder what goes on in its head

my head: i know a weenie man he owns a weenie stand he sells most anything from hot dogs on down oh baby someday i’ll change his life i’ll be his weenie wife hot dog i love that weenie man

So I am 100% stealing this idea from @genjiman-shitmada but he stole my AMA thing so it’s fine don’t worry about it
ANYWAY I found this current icon from a masterpost that was just free screenshots to use as icons which is cool but you know what’s cooler? Supporting artists and promoting their work!! So, if you are an artist and would like to have your work promoted to 1.4k+ people, this is the contest for you! I’m turning on my submission from now until April 7th, which is the last day before my spring break. Every piece of art that gets submitted will be featured in a masterpost, and one will be my icon and have full credit in my blog description !!
I can’t wait to see what you all make

hell is me telling a really good and funny joke and then my least favourite headmate pipes up and says “listen sometimes you just need to stop saying words because they come flying out of your mouth in the same devastating and painful manner that diarrhea pours out of a man’s butthole at 3am in a taco bell restroom”

i talked about this months ago but the attitude people are expected to have toward their followers. the insane peppiness and gratitude constantly. i dont see a reason you should be obligated to be constantly like “i love you guys so much!! ur the most important thing in my life and sdbfksjb.” if your follow count is really just numbers then i dont see the point in putting in the effort to go over the top or be expected to talk to your followers all the time and the fact that that attitude is expected can just get tiring bc being super positive and hype 24/7 talking to your followers isnt even reasonable and id rather talk to you guys like REGULAR PEOPLE not people im trying to impress. if you have a ton of followers (i dont, but esp if its over 10k) and you get asks and ims constantly youre gonna get tired of it sometime or get overwhelmed