Bu ağaçlarada acıyorum lan ağaçtan kağıt yapıp kağıda ağaçları kesmeyin yazıyorlar bildiğin kendi ülkende mülteci gibi oluyorsun

i hit 200 followers today so here’s a follow forever!! if you’re on this list i consider you a really special mutual and i love seeing you on my dash / in my activity. sorry for the ugly ass banner i threw it together in ms paint in 20 seconds also i dont.. particularly care. anyways

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idk man im probably just biased but it really does make me sad when people complain about other people (usually teens) writing short essays about stuff they like bc i started overanalyzing media when i was like 15 and yeah it was probably pretty annoying at the time but i loved doing it and now im well into my 3rd year of a film studies major. just… dont discourage kids from doing things. is all im saying