#thankyoubones week: day 9 → 4 hodgela scenes that made you cry

Hodgela ❤️Yet another couple who have been through hell and back together, and have come out stronger despite the odds. What I love most about Hodgela is that while their journey from friends to lovers to an engaged couple happened in such a short timeframe, no one questioned their love or commitment to each other back then because they too, were always meant to be. Of course, an ex husband, a break up, Roxie, Wendell and several eons later, these two realised that themselves and thankfully, got married (in a jail cell no less). I have to say, that the day they spent in the jail cell represents some of my favourite Hodgela moments of the series, and their pregnancy arc in season 6 is a definite favourite, along with Hodgins’ paralysis storyline of course. I am so glad that after everything they’ve been through, particularly recently, they are now as solid as ever, if not more so. ‘We’re gonna live together and we’re gonna love together and we’re gonna have so much fun, and a little pain, and we’re gonna live a life that’s gonna make other people die with jealousy, wishing they were us.’ Hell yeah you two are ❤


I love this game!
I watched @therealjacksepticeye’s playthrough and I felt a deep connection with Mae. About two weeks ago I had to come home from college because of some severe mental illness, and watching Mae’s adventure made me feel a lot less alone in this situation.
I loved the voices Jack gave them and how much he cared about them. It really gave me something to look foreword to. 💚

(Art by @holobat : Copic Markers, Faber-Castell pens, White Gouache)

(Please do not remove caption, I spent three days on this)

- Sincerely, Greggory

@therealjacksepticeye ♥️
I made this fan art ages ago but I never got the chance to get around to it.. and here I am, hoping you would see this. The top picture I drawn was just at the top of my head, the bottom is you and @markiplier the two skeleton brothers from Undertale! Mark is Papyrus and of course you are Sans! I loved the game so much and it became even more amazing with you playing it. All the characters voices were astonishing, you did a fantastic job!👌🏼

And jack.. if you see this I just wanted to say thank you for everything, you’ve got me through a lot of things but the main was you giving me happiness! My life is going downhill and right now your the only reason why I’m still trying and haven’t gave up yet. You’ve helped me get through things that I thought were in possible, if I’m ever upset, my mind always travels to your videos and you give me life again!🌸

Your the best thing that’s ever happened to me, if I’ve never found you then I wouldn’t know what I would do anymore.. I love you Sean! For the rest of my life I will, and when your feeling sad I will be there for you too- all of us will! We will never give up on you because we know you will never give up on us. You’re our EVERYTHING!🦋


P.S I’m staring to create new fan art, which is involving NIGHT IN THE WOODS!!🐱🦊🐻🐊

From- Heymiiah✨


Wild West AU: Oil Tycoon Jack

Ever since Jack’s Turmoil series I’ve always had this idea of a Wild West Youtube AU <3 I have alot of different ideas i just wish I could actually make fanart of it, and yes Teamiplier would also be involved in this AU :D If you guys are interested i could tell u guys what roles everyone else would have in the AU idk would you guys be interested in knowing? I could do more aesthetics…

OKAY! Listen right here!! Rian!! Dawson!! Is!! An!! Angel!! I’ve met ATL three times in the past three weeks and Rian has always been the kindest and sweetest one to me (they’re all super nice, but Rian was extra kind) firstly, at the London signing, he was so appreciative for his friendship bracelet I made him and said that we were now ‘friends for life’ (which is fucking true). Secondly, at the Liverpool M&G, he was the first person I went up to and I was so nervous but he made me feel so calm, like he didn’t speak down to me or anything like that - he literally treated me like his friend. We had an actual conversation - What an angel?? Thirdly, at the Manchester signing yesterday, I got him a pug pillow for his new puppy, Cuppy, and he deadass was smiling ear to ear and thanked me three times. He was so fucking grateful for something so small and it made me feel so happy. I’m actually crying writing this right now because I’ve never met a band member so down to earth and so indescribably kind. I think I can positively say that from this day on I am in Rian’s lane