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Little Gavin comes home crying one day because one of that bitch Debra's kids took his lunchtime treat money so he only got ONE milk and no candy bar or cookie at lunchtime. Uncle Ryan sends him to school with a softball bat that Geoff barely intercepts. "Just kick him in the dick and move on, we don't need assault with a deadly weapon." "You can kick people there?" "Yeah, just don't do it with your soccer cleats on and don't tell Mom I said to do it."

Geoff would totally wink after the soccer cleats comment. And OH MY GOD Ryan NO!!

Have I mentioned how much I love this AU :)

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I love Jack but he's such a fuckboy sometimes it gets on my nerves 😂 but oh well it's his life and he's only young

Hi lovely :-)

lol, everyone is entitled to their opinion

I personally don’t think Jack is a fuckboy; he’s a big old flirt and (you’re right) making the most of being young, gorgeous and single.

I think he is very talented and people need to see that more; he’s a very natural presenter on radio and TV and I love his DJ skills.  I hope people don’t overlook his talent just because he’s a popular and attractive guy. 

I do get what you mean though xx 

Thank you Jack!

@therealjacksepticeye, I want say something Thank you so much for this stopping hangout with you again!!!! and YOU ARE MENTONED me again!!!! and You are so special my lil boy!!!!! and So, You have go to bed for this rest!!!! and I was just so happy & Laugh!!!! and You have so fun with everyone have watched chilled and lazy night livestream…. I hope he’s will livestream again on next week!!!! and I love this so much talking about stuff! and I should you thank you Jack!!! You made me a happy with me~

I love you so much Jack!

jack: ha. haha. 

marty: you say something, kid? 

jack: ha. oh nothing. just thinking about something funny bittle said yesterday. 

marty: oh okay. 



jack: haha. 


jack: *ahem* haHa. 

marty, knowing the storm he’s about to release and praying to all the higher powers that there are: what did he say 

jack: okay so we were at my apartment and we had just finished dinner and we were watching masterchef and this one guy has a hat and wait haha i have to go back bittle has this thing about hats so 

marty: *staring into the camera like jim on the office*