HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW LEE ESPINOSA. I can’t believe my baby is not 18. This is so unbelieveable. But matt, I just want to thank you, thank you for teaching me to be myself and to make others happy. Thank you for teaching me what happiness feels like. You truly are amazing. And now you’re all grown up so go do grow up things like pay a bill or something 💕


Doctor Who Gifset The Sound of Drums-The Doctor is having none of Captain Jack Harkness’s Torchwood nonsense. Even after Jack tells him he changed Torchwood around, the Doctor is still like, “Nope. I don’t trust Torchwood, but I will make the effort to trust in you Jack. And I hope you are right about it being different or we are going to have problems, serious problems.” 



And the next one! I will load up some more before I disappear for 4 weeks into the wilds of Lapland. Rewatch and enjoy!

captain-jackharknessx said: Do you ship Jack and Ten??

I like Ten with a lot of people on Doctor Who. I mean I liked him with Rose, 

and I liked him with Martha, 

and Donna as well (brotp pairing).

I liked him with Madame De Pompadour, 

I liked him with Joan Redfern,

I liked him with Astrid Peth too,

And yes of course i liked him Jack(David and John Barrowman are the closest thing to the Doctor and Jack kissing here)

I cant believe it, Matt you are 18 today. I have watched you grow up over the past few years and i can not explain how i feel every time you get a year older and this time you are an adult! You stole my heart the first time i saw you and ever since then you have had a special place in my heart you where the first boy that i really liked and i had never even met you! I am so proud of you, you have done so much, you’ve gone on tours, gained millions of followers, met so many amazing people, made youtube videos that where amazing, you have helped your fans in so many ways and so so much more. I could go on for hours about how proud i am of you but i wont right now. Happy 18th birthday Mathew Lee Espinosa. I love you so much. 

What if Vlad wore contact lenses?

Like, what if he had really bad eyesight in highschool and wore glasses, but Jack convinced him to try contacts and he’s been hooked ever since bc he hates how glasses make him look.

but one day he looses his contacts and he’s forced to wear a pair of really ugly backup glasses.

Chaos ensues when Danny discovers this little fact.


Ink drawings, a Collage and a Film Still, Jack Smith, circa 1968

The first drawing above is clearly labeled the Love Bandit, which is the name given a character in the film No President, and it appears to be a costume or character study (which for Jack amounted to much the same thing,) so I’m giving it a date different from that which appears next to it in the MOMA catalogue.  The Museum also has it listed as belonging to a series related to the Brassieres of Atlantis, as well as the other four drawings above.  I know that Irving Rosenthal (who left New York pretty much for good in 1967) appeared in the same photo shoot that resulted in the photo of Mario Montez that Jack cut up for the collage (in the sixth position above) and the final film still also seems related, though it’s from a short film (presumably also with Irving) that I believe was shown on the same program as Hamlet in the Rented World at NYU this last February 13th and 14th as part of the reel called GEMS, CLIPS, AND SHORTS.