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Fabulous merman Reaper and sexually confused human 76, cause he's finding himself attracted for a fab fish.


I was just thinking what if soldier was a war veteran and he just wanted to go fishing to relax and stuff. He catches a couple fish but then something heavy tries pulling him in. He reels it in and he gets an angry fish man

He’s just like holy shit this isnt real

He just comes back the next day with a camcorder to see if he can catch him again laughs

On a different note tho reaper would forget that humans need to breath

quite often



I tended to sleep in bed and not get out of it. I would sit and not get up. I would occasionally walk to the kitchen or to the bathroom but that was it. I didn’t do much. They all became worried for me, but I assured them I was just not feeling well. I definitely wasn’t feeling well, but it wasn’t just a cold. It was my heart and there isn’t really anyway to fix the type of pain I was in. I was going to have to sit and watch him with her for the rest of their relationship. It hurts and I expected that, I just didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect to care this much.

Turns out I care too much.

“She isn’t getting out of bed. I mean she just sits there all the time. I haven’t seen her eat in like a week.”

“She hasn’t uploaded a video either.”

"Well I don’t want to make her angry, but she’s only hurting herself.”

"So we just let her lie in bed and ignore us? She hasn’t spoken to anyone either. She hasn’t even texted anyone or been on snapchat. She lost her streaks with everyone and just stares at the wall or ceiling. Not even music is playing.”

All of their comments are true. Conor, Josh, and Jack are all stating true things, but I just need time. Jack does have his girlfriend living with us now and I don’t want to witness it. I don’t want to see him with her. It sounds childish, but I’ve known him and Conor for fifteen years. They’re my best friends. Well Jack is more than that, but nobody else knows that. In fact I think Jack himself forgot we had something. We did sneak into each other’s rooms and sleep in the same bed for about a year. We even kissed one time, but it didn’t mean much because he started dating Piper soon after. I tried to act okay, but then this happened.

She moved in.

I started avoiding them at all costs, but every turn I made she was there and I couldnt escape the heartache. That heartache turned to heartbreak very quickly and that’s why I’m lying in bed like a dead fish.

"Y/N, we’re going to lunch, do you want to come?” I hear Conor’s voice but I don’t answer. He ends up walking to the side of my be, but I remain still and continue to look at the wall.

"I know you don’t want to die because you’re afraid of dying. You’ve been afraid since we were younger. So I don’t think I have to worry about you hurting yourself, but part of me is scared. You haven’t even spoken to anyone in five days. You haven’t uploaded or posted anything. Even Piper is worried for you.” He admits and I almost cringe at her name, but I remain stone faced at what he has to say.

"Just know that we all love you and want you to let us help you if you need help.” He leaves me after that comment and I don’t move until later on in the day when someone else walks into my room.

"Get up now. Stop this I can’t watch you lie here like a dead body. I cannot watch you do this to yourself.”


"Seriously stop. I don’t care what you want, you need to get up.” He pulls the covers off of me but I still don’t react. I just continue to lie in my bed. The bed we used to sleep in next to each other some nights.

"Y/N I don’t know what to do. You’re hurting yourself and I need to know why. If you don’t get up I’m going to do it myself. I won’t hesitate to put you in a cold shower and shake you out of this trance your in.”

"Jack stop she doesn’t want to talk.” Josh stops him from pulling me out of my bed.

"Is nobody else noticing her behavior. She’s trying to kill herself. I’m not stupid and neither is she. She’s slowly trying to kill herself by not eating of getting out of bed.”

"She’s just upset Jack. We have to getup early, just come to bed.” Piper comes into my room and Jack just stares at her blankly.

"I’ll be there as soon as Y/N has gotten up and eaten something or at least taken a shower.”

"Okay look I’m not into this game anymore either. Get up.” Conor turns the light on and I realize they’re staging an intervention.

For moi.


Well I’m not really at the best point in my life, but I don’t need an intervention. I have in fact eaten, I have taken a shower, and I have moved around slightly.

“Come on sweets.” Jack picks me up and for a second I feel like things are back to normal. Like we are still the duo that did everything together and who were inseparable. I wrap my legs around his waist and I press my face into his shoulder.

"See isn’t that better? Your room is only so interesting.” He jokes, but I don’t really respond.

"Everyone can just go to bed. Y/N and I are just going to talk for a little while.” He ends up walking to the balcony and placing my down on the swing. I cross my legs and I look up at the sky. It’s beautiful.

"What’s going on? I don’t want to have my brother telling me that our childhood friend is depressed and suicidal.”

"I’m not depressed or suicidal. I just wanted to be left alone. I’m upset about certain things and I need time to heal. This is how I heal.”

"What has you so hurt?”

"Everything. You know I have issues, you watched them first hand for years. Turns out I still have those issues and I still can’t do very much without panicking. I thought it was over, but I was wrong. I still panic all the time.”


"At night when I have all the time in the world to think.”

“And I can’t help you like I used to because Piper.” He puts the pieces together and I look back at the sky. We sit in silence for the rest of the time he’s outside before he leaves me to stare at the stars by myself.

“Take it.” I turn and see Jack holding a cup of tea. I accept it before looking back away from him. Somehow the sky is more beautiful tonight then it ever has been to me.

“She’s really nice if you got to know her. She just doesn’t know anyone yet, so she’s acting a bit odd.”

“Jack no offense, but I rather not hear about her. She’s your girlfriend not mine.”

“She’s my girlfriend Y/N. That’s exactly what she is and I know I used to be there for you more and it seems like I’m not, but I am. I just have another person in my life to be there for.”

“Then be there for her right now. You have a big morning like she said. I rather not be the cause of anyone’s pain or misfortune, so go to bed. I’ll be fine. I always end up okay one way or another. This time I just simply need more time.”

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry that I can’t be there for right now because I need to be there for her.” He stands up and I look over at him.

“It just shows me your priorities.” I shrug and he turns back to me with a pained expression.

“Don’t make this harder for me Y/N.”

“The reason it’s hard is because you know it’s wrong.” I explain and his eyes dart from me to the light coming from his bedroom.

“I’m sorry.”


“Did you help her or just make her hurt even more?” Josh asks Jack as I continue to sip my tea on the balcony. I ended up staying out here last night and it felt more wonderful than anything I’ve ever felt. I felt supported by the brisk air and the occasional twinkle in the sky. I did make myself a new cup of tea before sunrise, but they don’t know that.

“She’s out of bed isn’t she? She’s awake and talking. I did what I could. I just realized I can’t help her without hurting somebody else.”

“But you’ve known her for 15 years and you’ve known Piper for eight months.”

“I care about Piper.”

“Yeah and you also loved Y/N but obviously you don’t care anymore unless you’re feeling guilty.”

“Josh you can go try to help her. I can’t.” Jack shouts back and I actually jump slightly. I turn my head towards them and they both notice that I’ve moved and am paying attention to them from this side of the sliding door.

“Don’t bother Jack.” I shout back so he can hear me fully. “Do not bother trying to help me because those days are gone. You have someone else you care for. Just don’t come to me when you’re hurting because I’ll have someone else I’m caring for and that person is myself.”


I ended up caring for myself and avoided Jack for about a week before I found myself in Conor’s bed venting to him.

“I’m sorry about Jack. He’s been a dick.” He mumbles and I shrug slightly.

“It’s not your fault. You don’t have to be sorry about him. What he does is on him, he’s 21, he can be accountable for his own actions.” I sit up straight and lean against his pillows before looking over at a picture of us from not even a year ago.

“You know he kissed me that day right?” I speak up and Conor raises an eyebrow.

“That picture of us was the day he kissed me. He came into my room like he had been doing so he could check on me and he kissed me. It wasn’t some small kiss either. It was real and then two days after he’s on dates with Piper. He kissed me and then started dating her. I mean I cried for a week and then acted like I was fine. I was fine until he brought her here. She’s living with us Conor and I no longer have my best friend. At least I still had him there for me when she wasn’t living here.”

“He told me he was going to kiss you that day. I was confused but turns out you’re even more confused.”

“I’m still confused. Then he goes to the balcony with me the other day and tells me he wants to be there for me, but he also has to be there for Piper. I was just pissed because you don’t have the right to come help me only to make me feel guilty for needing help from the person I’ve called my best friend for over ten years.

“He hasn’t payed much attention to anyone recently.”

“But I love him.”

“I can honestly say I love him, but I can also say that I hate him right now. He loves her and I hate him for that. I hate that he can love her when I love him more than she could ever love him.” I add.

“You’ve loved him since we were little Y/N. But you guys are twenty one and he still hasn’t admitted to having any feelings for you. I mean he practically shoves his relationship with Piper down your throat. It’s time to let him realize what he’s missing.”

“Well how do I do that? It’s not like I can go out and date someone because I still love him.”

“You can always just have a one night stand. No strings attached type thing. Just gave some fun. Maybe you’ll be able to get him off your mind.”

“Conor if I do that I’m gonna seem like a whore.”

“No that’s not true. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Jack do that a million times and he’s not a whore. You can do it if you want. Who cares what people think.”


“I cannot believe I’m doing this.” I mumble against this guys lips as his hands wrap around my waist.

“We don’t have to.” He pulls away.

“I never said I didn’t want to, but Daniel we cant be anything more than this. Just sex.”

“Never thought you’d say that.” He jokes and I roll my eyes.

“Well I didn’t either, but I need a little fun and last time I checked you’re always down for some fun.”


Jack’s POV

“Who is the guy she was with yesterday.” I ask Conor while pointing to Y/N’s door.

“Nobody Jack. It’s none of your business.” He continues to look down at his laptop and I start to get frustrated.

“Yes it is.”

“It actually isn’t. You already have a girlfriend. Y/N is allowed to see whoever she wants.”

“No she can’t be seeing him. Not when I love her.” I shout and his head snaps up.

“Oh fuck.” He mumbles and I slowly realize exactly what I’ve said.

“You love her? But you’re dating me Jack.” Piper joins into the conversation and I start to process everything that just happened and what exactly I’m going to do.

“I’m sorry Piper. I am dating you and I do care about you. You mean a lot to me and I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I turn to her and she for some reason has a smug look on her face.

“But you love her? You love the basket case?” She starts to laugh slightly in disbelief.

“Yeah I do, but she’s not a basket case. She’s my best friend and I’m sorry, but I obviously have feelings for someone else.”

“Fine. It’s not like you’re irreplaceable.” She storms off and Conor starts to laugh.

“Well she’s a bitch, but you fucked up. You loved Y/N all along meanwhile you dated Piper who doesn’t give two shits about you or the relationship. Now you’re single while Y/N has a fuck buddy.”

“I’m not getting her back anytime soon am I?” I ask and he shakes his head while still laughing.

“God I love her, but right now I can’t hate anyone more.”


So I hope you liked this. I want to do a Part 2 of this but I’m not completely sure about it. Let me know.

Robo!Jack 2: Acclimation

(After forever, the 2nd installment of the Robo!Jack AU)

Submitted by @clockpunkgamelover

The next few weeks were filled with tests of the android’s capabilities. The first few tests pretty much confirmed what was listed on its specs; it set records in weight-lifting and completed obstacle courses in under a minute. When they tested its marksmanship skills, it was able to hit all the targets dead-center.

Right now was making sure that it knew how to control its strength. Gabriel watched as Dr. Lawrence set a wine glass on the table. “Pick it up, but don’t break it.” he ordered.

The android gingerly picked it up. Even so, it managed the snap the stem of the glass. “Shit!”

Dr. Lawrence put another wine glass on the table. “Try it again.”

They went through about 5 more glasses before the android was able to pick one up without shattering it. Its face lit up. “Hey, I didn’t break it this time!”

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What if the SuperSoldier program physically transform both Gabe and Jack? Like what if they both looked a lot different when they first met, maybe Gabe was only 5'6, while Jack was taller but reed-thin and rangy. How do you think they would they react to their own and each other's changes?

i mean they probably were both smaller in some fashion beforehand

omfg tiny Gabe tho. Gabe makes some comment about being just as tall as Jack now and Jack playfully responds “Yeah, but I can still kick your ass.”

and then Gabe is all “Well, you aren’t stick thin anymore but I can still snap you in half over my thigh”

also i like to think of suddenly tall Gabe whacking his head on things because he forgets to duck, or Jack lamenting that his favorite clothes no longer fit

Jack: “Oh man, I can’t fit into my old shirts anymore. I must be getting fat.”

Gabe: “You aren’t fat, you got ripped. There’s a difference.”


My Drug

Jack was my drug. I was addicted to him and I wasn’t going to give up the one thing that made me feel something so special.

Unfortunately, it turns out my drug doesn’t always get to me, when I need it, because it’s somewhere else in the country or world.

Currently my boyfriend is in Brighton with his family and I’m happy that he is seeing Anna and his parents since its been a little while, but I do miss him. He was in Portugal a few days prior because of the family vacation, but he decided that he would visit his hometown after. Now he’s added on a trip to LA for a few days to see Conor.

It’s harder than it seems to most people. It wouldn’t be as difficult if he was always in the same city when he’s away but he’s not. He’s constantly jumping from place to place. He was in LA before Portugal and a few months prior he went to LA then to Australia in May before coming home before the end of the month. Thankfully it was about two months before he had to leave again but this time he’s been gone for more than just two weeks. He’s been gone since July 20th and it’s currently September 4th.

“Is somebody grouchy because Jack isn’t home?” Josh teases and I nod.

“Yeah pretty much.”

“Well when is he coming home?”

“On the eighth UK time he goes to Los Angeles to meet up with Conor. Then they have a flight on the twelfth at 2pm Los Angeles time which means he gets home the thirteenth in the morning. So about another eight days before I see him.”

“And it’s been five weeks?”

“Almost six. It wasn’t supposed to be close to eight weeks but he lengthened his trip to see Conor. He should’ve been home four days earlier.”

“Why don’t you just go see him?” He asks and I roll my eyes.

“Because I have work. Luckily his job let’s him post videos from wherever he is. I can’t just go around tattooing people in random places.”

“Oh yeah.” He realizes my predicament and I nod to myself.

“I love my job and I love that he is doing what he loves as well but I’m not gonna act like I don’t hate when he’s gone. I mean I wish I could just say fuck it and drop all of my meetings and events but I can’t.”

“Well it’s only another eight days. Practically a week until you see him. Don’t feel too upset.” He offers me a kind smile and I accept before ruffling up his hair.

“You boys all need to tame your hair. It’s hard to not want to cut it when I used to be a hair stylist.


"So when is your lover boy returning?” My client Ashley laughs and I take a deep breath.

“Should be tomorrow, but I never know with him. He just seems to always be doing something. Hopefully he’ll stay for a few months before he does anything crazy again.”

“How do you guys talk to each other when he’s on the other side of the globe?” She asks and I smile while thinking back to the conversation I had with Jack yesterday.

“There’s no way I’m a Slytherin. They have to be lying to me. Y/N I’m a Gryffindor, like aren’t I?I mean they gave me Voldemort’s wand. That’s not good. They can’t be right, I refuse.”

“Well we FaceTime at least once every week because texting can be hard to do if your running around, but we set aside at least an hour to talk over FaceTime. Then it’s usually just texting whenever you can, but the time differences get tricky. Like right now it’s eleven in the morning but it’s three in Los Angeles and he’s asleep. Then I’ll be having dinner at seven and he’s just getting his lazy self out of bed. Or he’s going to bed and I’m already asleep. The worst is when he’s wide awake and I’m dead asleep and that’s the only time he’s available. Then I just sacrifice my sleep because I miss him so much.”

“Well luckily he’ll be back soon.” She smiles and I nod before continuing on with her tattoo that lies on her forearm.

“I honestly hate to sound like a lovesick puppy, but I can’t help but miss him. It’s hard because he doesn’t know how much I miss him because I hate acting like I’m weak and need him.”

“I mean I put on a tough front but I’m really just a big softy.”

“Well people get thrown off by the profession. They expect a tatted up girl with a nose ring and dark hair. They don’t expect a girl with barely any visible work on her who is soft spoken.” She explains and I nod in agreement.

“Yeah people are always confused about that. I mean I love tattoos and how they can deliver such a message or mean something special to a person, but I don’t have too many. I have a few that I cherish and they mean so much to me that I want to keep my tattoos sacred to me.”

“I mean my own boyfriend came in here one day and was confused that I was a tattoo artist. He came in for another artist and saw me and thought I just worked the counter. He was obviously wrong and ended up feeling bad so he decided he would take me out to make up for it. Fast forward over a year and I’m living with him.”

“And you love him.” She smiles and I nod while looking up at her.

“Yeah I really do.”


“Y/N… Babe wake up.” I hear a soft whisper and I’m so exhausted that I swat the person away. I then move my hand up and feel the persons face and my brain slowly resisters the nose ring and voice that is still whispering for me to wake up. I open up my eyes to see Jack standing in front of me with a smile across his face.

“Someone really didn’t want to wake up.” He jokes and I sit myself up quickly before throwing the sheets off of my body and pulling him down towards me. He stumbles slightly before falling down on top of me while laughing at my behavior. He rolls over so he isn’t crushing me and I wrap my arms around his torso.

“I didn’t know you were coming home so early. I thought you’d be here in the morning.” I explain myself and he shrugs while pushing my hair away from my eyes.

“I took an earlier flight. I just wanted to surprise you.”

“You definitely did, but I can assure you that I’m not letting you leave for a long time. That was the worse eight weeks of my life.” I start to get teary eyed and I try to hold it together but I can’t. “Please do not do that again.”

“I’m so sorry baby. I’m sorry that I left for so long I just wanted to get so much done and reach out to so many of my fans that I forgot that my biggest fan was sitting here waiting for me to come home.” He tightens his grip on me and I nod back at him.

“Usually I don’t cry when you get back. I usually attack you with kisses.”

“Well that can wait. I just wanna hold you for a while. You aren’t the only one who missed being together.”

“I love you Jack.”

“I love you too. What has you so sentimental today?” He asks and I smile before kissing him gently.

“I just really love you and I don’t think I’m going to love someone like this ever again. I don’t want to either, because I want to be with you for as long as I can.”

“You’re such a lovely person Y/N.” He looks into my eyes and I realize that I may have just become even more attached to Jack Maynard.


I hope you guys enjoyed it! It was so much fun to write. Also leave requests if you want anything to be written.


I’ve been in the mood to doodle some gemwatch i think ive been seeing some new stuff (and people were looking at that fusion i did before).  But I wanted to try my hand at some pre and post fall reaper and 76…  I’m not quite sure how i want the broken gem reaper to look :///

broken gem 76 communicates as best a gem with no mouth and just one big eye can

And I’d be remiss if i didnt credit @peachdeluxe for starting this wonderful au and also for what I based the post fall 76 design which was kind of just a guess from the time i remember them drawing it sorry OTL and ahhh heck i didnt see he was a full out cyclops ah heck oh my god reaper is onyx im wrong on every account someone stop me

also I think I may have moved closer to @non-fatmilks gemwatch kids OTL I’m just all over the place

Screenshots from JESTER JACK | Reigns #3! :D

I love watching Jack play this game. xD Not that there’s a lot to this game it just that Jack’s commentary is always so much fun in these videos. :)
Whatever the game gives him he just takes it and makes up his own little story and characters around it. That’s some of his best commentary in his videos in my opinion when he just makes up whatever he wants around whatever the game he’s playing throws at him. He just has this way of putting his own spin on these kind of games and I think that’s what helps makes his videos for these kind of games stand out more too because he can make them his own thing and that can be very fun to watch. :)
No matter how simple the game Jack is playing for a video he still has a way of making it entertaining in his own unique way by just being himself. ^_^

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What's the height difference between Jack and Gabe in your drawings? I loved the interaction of Jack hugging Gabe after two days :)

I draw jack up to gabe’s shoulders and lil more shorter when theyre old

Im weak for height differences 

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i have a question: how much does goat vernon love werewolf jack?

Before ppl ask lmao, this is referring to intern jack in a separate au!! and Goat!Vernon loves him alot, you know that! <3

unrelated, but Keen, you are The Worst and you are honestly making me consider making Intern!Jack a werewolf in this au instead of a snake what have u done?? omg

It’s late when Jack finally walks in the door.
It had been a tough loss, tied until halfway through the third period when the Bruins had scored to pull ahead. A year or so ago, Jack would’ve beaten himself up endlessly over a loss like that. He was definitely still upset, already formulating how to overcome and fix what they did wrong, the image of the puck flying past Snowy’s glove still on replay in his head, but he’s okay.
The guys had gone out after the game, and Jack tagged along. He’d been better about that too. Bitty had expressed that he was fine with it, happy about it, he loved that Jack had friends and wasn’t a total shut-in when he wasn’t around.
So it was late when he got back home and quietly set his things down, stepping out of his shoes and leaving them by the door. He leaves the lights off throughout the apartment as he makes his way towards the bedroom, carefully peeking in the door.
It had been a tough loss, but when he sees Bitty curled up in his bed, lips parted and hair flopping down over his forehead, Jack can’t bring himself to care.
He strips out of his clothes and gently lifts the blankets, climbing in and curling around Bitty’s back. Tomorrow they’ll have the day together after practice, and the day after Bitty heads back to Samwell, but for now, Jack is more than happy with this moment. They have all the time in the world ahead of them, and with that thought, it’s a whole lot easier not to dwell on the past. Win or lose, he still gets this.
Jack closes his eyes and falls asleep.

I was talking to this kool kid
@rileytheeverything about Knights using their aspects to make weapons
Dave and aaaall the time loops to get his
Karkat using his special connections. Blood bond with Jack, love for Will Smith, and his lusus

Then they said if Dirk was a Knight he’d turh Hal into a sword
I ran the idea by my local Hal expert, @autoabsconder

Auto: Hal would just have to comment on every move Dirk makes like “Tsk, That parry was a little sloppy bro.”
Me: “You call that a slash? You made me a katana, not a butterknife.”
Auto: “Sure, you killed the thing but did you do it with style? 2/10 more style needed.”
Me: Ooooh my god he would give him style rankings like in Devil May Cry
Auto: Yesss! Hal would make so many bad sword innuendos as well. Just replacing the shades puns with sword/dick jokes
Auto: Example: “I’m long and hard and you’re going to try poke Jake with me. These jokes are almost too easy to come up with.”
Auto: Hal would be awful

So in conclusion,
Halsword totally would have happened if Dirk was a Knight
It would have been awesome