Hey @netflix how much of your $7-8 Billion content budget are you going to spend on releasing decent lesbian films in 2018 (you could throw in a few new series too if you were feeling nice) love from every lesbian ever x

i love girls

ok dude girls are so cute okay like let me tell you:

you dont even gotta be the typical good looking skinny girl with a small face and abs okay

girls are so cool they have this aura of confidence, even if theyre super insecure. IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN BUT ITS GREAT YES GIRL WORK IT

like you can TELL that each and every one of them are special and wow im just so excited to tell you how much i love them ?????

1. theyre so gentle and even if theyre more masculine theyre still soft and good like yes YOURE A GIRL and IM A GIRL THANK U FOR UNDERSTANDING!!!

2. wlw especially: theyre really legit with u???? like straight up (more lyk gay up u feel) tell me whats up girl whatchu feelin whatchu need

3. hair- long hair or short hair????? ALL R NICE seriously okay i dont care if ur hair’s messy or neat or if ur bald whatever it’s cute nice

4. girls rock the wearing clothes thing (and the not wearing clothes thing but im not gonna talk about that) !!!! every girl has a different style and holy shit it’s so nice to see a girl wear something they like because THEY ARE RADIATING i love it

5. girls are so smart like no matter how dumb they think they are or how “bad” their grades are they probably like something and know a lot about it and it’s always so enchanting to listen to a girl talk about,,,, anything

i have many many more things but pls add !!!!!

Reasons to date me

  • You’d be the cute one in the relationship 
  • I’m to ugly to wanna cheat 
  • I’m protective 
  • Surprise kisses 
  • Surprise cuddles 
  • Surprise hand holds
  • I’ll put you first 
  • I won’t lie 
  • it gives me  reasons to be happy
  • I legit have nothing else but love to give
  • I would only move as fast as you’d want me to
  • I can cook .
  • I would binge watch anything you want .
  • I think I would be a pretty good girlfriend ; ain’t no body trying to find out though