someone once anonymously told me that alt-j’s song “lovely day” was written about me and it made me so happy that I’ve honestly never forgotten it and every time I listen to it, it just brings a smile upon my face. I’m listening to it now and it just reminded me so @ whoever that was, thank you 💙


“Lovely Day” Bill Withers

☄️ "I don't believe in shooting stars...☄️

🌟After being a bum all week, I finally got myself together this weekend. I wore my hair in a puff all week and didn’t even attempt to put on makeup. I felt blah. I had to shake it off yesterday. I’m so glad I did. 

✨ Today was wash day. Pre-pooing, washing, acv rinse, hot oil treatment, deep conditioning & leave in conditioner. Now, all I need to do is twist it. I’m almost done. Thankfully. 

⭐ Dear Mother Nature, we gotta talk. The drastic temperature drop today was no bueno. Yesterday, it was hot & I had on shorts, tank top, & sandals. Today, not so much. I’m gonna need my sun back please and thank you. 

🌠 Yellow makes me happy. I need more yellow clothing in my life. My nails are yellow this week too. Def gotta go shopping soon. 

✡️ My dreams have been so vivid and realistic this week. I have no clue what that actually means. Especially considering who has been my ever present co-star. It’s interesting. 

💥 Self care is an amazing thing. Today has been all about it. Spa pedicure, massage and a facial. I’m so relaxed now. Today has been an incredibly good day. Sunday funday indeed!!

💫"I saw ya lil friend the other day.“ These are things my friends say when they are being hella petty. Just know the person they saw ain’t my friend. At all. 😂😂😂


Soy estudiante de diseño interior, estoy en tercer semestre y hasta el momento me agrada jeje… Quise crear este blog para compartir mi experiencia en la universidad en la carrera de diseño interior 🙌 pues no he visto algún blog de este tipo, osea no que hable del diseño interior dentro de una universidad… Y si saben dígamelo estaría encantada de seguirlos… No tengo tanta experiencia con estos tipos de blog pero aprenderé poco a poco… Estudié inglés y diría que me se defender con Hi!! 😄 En la universidad también estoy aprendiendo japonés y sería genial compartir mi experiencia 😊

Hi everyone, I am interior design student, I’m third semester and at the moment I live it hehe😅 I wanted creating this blog to share my experience in the University with this carrier 🙌 at the moment I haven’t seen a blog about this… if you know one let me know I would like to follow it. I don’t have a lot of experience in this type of blog but step by step I’ll learn. My English isn’t very good😛 … I also study Japanese and I would be happy to share my experience with you.

Thank you for reading me xxooxx