• Jungkook:I am the manliest man alive and no one can bend me to their will
  • Jimin:Jungkookie I'm cold...
  • 1 Hour later
  • Jungkook:*still cuddling with Jimin*

The Turnabout

Nico as a half vampire, half human. Turning from Day Class to Night Class.

I started this drawing back in June and only managed to finish it in October. I thought it was appropriate to give it a split of ink, since- Inktober. But that was my intention already when I started it. I like to think the black is fire as well as darkness enveloping him while he turns to the night side.

You can see the Midnight Cross AU’s stories and other drawings here.

and btw i don’t mean i’m trivializing anyone’s feelings here okay like if you’re sad that’s okay and i understand but please please please just try and remember that while sometimes it may feel like we’re a part of these peoples lives, we’re really not and we really can never know what is ever going on with them. it’s always been fun to speculate and it will continue to be fun to speculate but getting angry and tweeting at gillian saying nasty things is so immature and unnecessary. whether g*llovny was/is ever real or was/is purely speculation is something i don’t think we’ll ever know and frankly we don’t have any right to know the truth anyway. we are not entitled to anything. gillian and david owe us nothing. so please stop acting like they do.

@leepandari​ replied to your post Anyone have book recs???

If you haven’t already read her stuff, I really like anything by Alexandra Bracken, also the Wrath and the Dawn series was pretty good, These Broken Stars wasn’t bad, and End of Days is a good series. These are all fantasy, though. What are you in the mood for?

Oooohh I’ve read Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and it was pretty good, but like ugh the ending. I was pissed. And yeahhh I’ve read the Wrath and the Dawn lol. I was gonna read the sequel but then oops I took too long to read it so it had to go back to the libraryyyyy nooooo. Ohhh I keep seeing These Broken Stars everywhere, but I have yet to read it… It gave me love triangle vibes lol. I’m not about love triangles .I had enough of that in Twilight, Hunger Games, and The Vampire Diaries lol. Ohhh I’ve never heard of End of Days… hmm.

I think I’m looking for either contemporary or historical fiction… Something kind of like Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell or like The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz… but not something super dramatic. I like lighthearted because real life is hard enough lol.

Thanks for the recs!!

anonymous asked:

Sometimes we need to be real expressing our opinions about the girls.Im not judging L when I say she's gaining weight I love her and C! Yes im a CS lol. I just really noticed that it's really affecting her performance and her voice getting weaker

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