saint-chan asked: team gents or team lads

"Ray, get in, I’ll sleep between you and Gavin. Snuggled between two of my favorite boys."

I was tagged by the everloving pudentilla - I might give it a go. Totally random stuff, not an actual image of my current musical tastes BUT a bunch of albums that have meant so much to me in the past 27 years.

Rules: post or write a list of your top ten albums and then tag 15 people (I can’t tag that many, sorry!) (and I might not tag anyone)

Redskins, Neither Washington Nor Moscow

This might be my favorite album of all times because it is perfect indeed. It mixes so well the general rioting atmosphere of the ‘80, the delusional state after the aborted revolution headed by the Clash, with the best soul you can ever have from a bunch of white lads. I love them dearly and everytime I listen to it I keep on thinking that it is SO GOOD oh my God, years pass and it keeps on getting better.

Fun Boy Three, Waiting

It might seem an odd choice but this little thing is perfection. I have wonderful memories attached to it, and it helped me giving a direction to my studies, as weirs as it might seem. There’s everything in it, not only ska if you know what I mean.

Big Youth, Screaming Target

It might be my first reggae album (this or Culture’s Two Seven Clash), and you never forget your first love.

Louis Prima and the Witnesses, The Wildest

C’mon Louis Prima is my favorite thing in the world and you know it, enough said.

Blur, Modern Life is Rubbish

Because I’ve spent all my best years at uni listening to this and getting drunk, and running after every Blur member in London.

The Jam, Sound Affects

It is unfair to make me choose just one Jam album but anyway probably I like this one a wee bit more than the others.

The Clash, Sandinista!

There’s no shadows of doubt about it. It has been almost 13 years of me loving the Clash as my favorite band in the world, and life changing everything. My forma mentis has been totally shaped by the Clash since I’ve been 15 years old. It has been a long journey, they shaped my musical taste, my political mind, the way I generally am in life. I own them everything, and I mean that. Without them there won’t be any me as I am now. I know by heart every single song they made, every word they said in every video tape that has ever existed, but Sandinista! has always been my favorite one. It is so full of things and shades I can’t even begin to tell.

AA.VV., London is the Place for me

This is one of the first album I bought from Honest Jon’s my first time il London 8 years ago. It means so much to me you have no idea. I love every bit of it, and it’s basically at the root of my studies in a way I can’t even begin to tell.

Martha and the Vandellas, Dance Party

It is probably impossibile for me to choose my favorite soul/Northern soul album, so I’ll go for this just because I love Martha and I feel blessed to having had the chance to go to one of her concert some years ago. Bless her. 

Nabat, Nati per Niente

Polemica, forte.

Da questo insieme di album evince che c’è una linea di fondo ma ad un certo punto entra in atto la schizofrenia.