anonymous asked:

I've heard rumours about ctyi being extremely competitive and difficult. How did you find it?

I’ll start of with difficulty as I have less to say on the subject. Admittedly yes parts of the program can be difficult. It is however parts of the 1st tear uni course so it makes sense. On competitiveness, no I don’t think so. I’ve never meant so many lovely people in one spot. CTYIzens are a great bunch of lads altogether! Over the course of the 3 weeks the exams that we took get in were mentioned once and not even in a competitive manner. Unless you’re talking fun competitive. Than yes Jesus Christ it is. I’ve never seen such intense games of ninja! You should have seen us at casino night. People(including me) were pretending to be hookers to get more money and even offering to get punched in the face for a price. Sorry that turned out super long but yeah ctyi is AMAZING