Tried to make it a bit lighter by throwing in the shitty pun at the end. I hope any of you learning an instrument (or really learning anything) know that just because you don’t learn quickly doesn’t mean you’re failing. Everyone absorbs information differently. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 3 years or 10 years, just keep doing what you love.

I deviated a bit from the request to try and make it more believable. Abuse usually happens in stages, it rarely goes 0-100 flat. I feel like Lucius definitely would have started with smaller punishments until he got fed up enough that he’d go to the extreme of using Cruciatus.


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"Do it I dare you" with whatever ship you want 😊

“Do it, I dare you” Maia smirked and pushed the fifth glass of tequila in front of Jace.

Jace looked at her through hooded eyes but raised his glass in challenge.

“You’re a lightweight Lightwood” Maia teased before downing her own shot.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about Roberts” Jace slurred. Without the use of his runes the alcohol was kicking his ass and Maia loved every bit of it.

Jace lifted the glass to his lips before sitting it down again.

“That’s not fair you know it doesn’t affect you” He pointed a figure accusingly at Maia.

“No one likes a sore loser” Maia smirked and finished Jace’s drink “you’re doing the dishes when we get home”

five word prompts  

hey guys!! my exams are finally over and because i disappeared off the face of the earth for that time i figured the best way to get back into the swing of things is to do some blog rates!!! im excited to start talking with everyone again aaah so happy to be back.

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i will give mad money to anyone willing to write anything for nielsung on ao3… i know everyone loves a bit of ongniel but the next best daniel ship is RIGHT THERE and everyone is… ignoring it??? do u see how strong their bond is… i’m positive they read each other’s mind… they literally got caught turning heads and looking at each other so naturally on camera LIKE IT WAS A DAMN EPISODE OF SOME CHEESY DRAMA. god knows how many inside jokes they have between the two of them and how many adventures they’ve gone together. they’re SO close and you can feel it. and??? jisung is literally daniel’s baby???? yet he’s the oldest????? everytime jisung cries daniel is right there ready to make fun of him and comfort him at the same time i want to: Die

KCon Day 1 😶

So, because I talk about them so much I feel like I need to share how I feel after seeing SF9 live tonight.

They are truly incredible performers. There was not one moment during their stages where they didn’t look like they were giving 100%. They were very interactive with the crowd during both their audience and their performance. They all did their best to speak in English even though it seemed a bit harder for some of them and I thought that was really sweet. And, they’re hilarious. Every time they were allowed to just say whatever they wanted they had the whole room cracking up. I am extremely proud to call SF9 my ult group. They deserve every bit of love and attention they receive.

Also, Highlight.

What guys. They’re live stage was so fun and they were very cute and funny. Not to mention they killed every song. Like, my boys can sing, lemme tell you. Nothing but pure talent.

And as for G-Friend, Zion.T, and KNK, Grade A talents. KNK was first to perform and they were incredible. Their stages were flawless. Gfriend, amazing. Vocals on point, I was shookt (Yerin wasn’t there due to being busy with a different schedule so I was a little sad because she’s my bias). And I never really listened to Zion.T before but he was very good. He’s so sweet and his live performance was so good.

That caps off day one. Everyone slayed and SF9 snatched my soul.


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Ryuji and Yusuke with a soft nature and a sweet-hearted s/o who's also a persona user? How would morgana act towards her on the team? Would he like her?

Morgana can understand if Yusuke managed to land himself a sweet partner. But Ryuji? How did that vulgar punk manage to get someone so amazing?

— Either way , morgana is a gentleman. He treats their partners very nicely , and wouldn’t do anything mean to them. He’s actually rather fond of them , because they are generally well-liked due to their nature.

Ryuji would find his partner to be the most precious thing in the world. He loves them to bits , and he thinks that someone so sweet deserves the world.

— Ryuji would be extra gentle with them , and careful to never hurt their feelings. The way he treats them is certainly different from the way he treats others.

— Ryuji would definitely like to make remarks like , “ you’re so sweet you’re gonna give me diabetes ” or “ i want something sweet. ” before giving them a kiss and saying , “hmmm , tasty. ”

yusuke does feel blessed whenever his partner does sweet gestures. His heart starts to race and he feels as if he was about to melt from their soft nature.

— Yusuke tends to paint his partner with softer , pinkish colours to match their sweet personality. He has potraits and sketches of them all over his room.

— Yusuke is so smitten with his lovely partner. He’s literally starry eyed and just so in love with them he can barely express it , and we all know he expresses himself very well.

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I just wanted to tell you that I love your AU of Kizana! It's actually making me fall in love with Kamideres~! ♥️

Awww thanks! To be honest, I’m starting to love Kamiko a little bit more than Kizana :”DDDD Probably it’s just me being a sucker for villains, since Kamiko has villain tendencies.

Workout Music Suggestions

Apologies to @asianbaybee for taking forever to get back to her with my suggestions - one thing lead to another and I kept putting it off, because I suck 

So without further ado, and to the sound of much disappointment, and many retro rock songs, and I love a bit of cheese:

Some Songs from my workout playlist

Fire - Kasabian 
Song 2 - Blur
Here it goes again - Ok go
Walking like Egyptian - The Bangles 
Rock this Party - Bob Sinclair
Gold Dust - Dj Fresh
Bomfunk MC - Freestyler
Take on Me - Reel big Fish
How far I’ll go (Moana) - Boy hero
99 Red Balloons-  Goldfinger 
Basket Case - Greenday
Black Betty - Ram Jam
We Will Rock You - Queen
Back in black - Ac/Dc
Creeping up the backstairs - Fratellis 
The Pretender - Foo fighters
Dragula - Rob Zombie 
Blue - Eiffel 65 
Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex 
Sexy and I Know it - LMFAO

That should give you an insight into my terrible taste in workout beats XD
Visiting the Vault - Chapter 1 - ellymelly - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 17/17
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Twelfth Doctor/Missy, twissy - Relationship
Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Missy


Guard ye hearts.

This way lies twissy trash.

Leave me a bit of love if you enjoyed coming along for the train wreck. No please, it makes my day.


@Amish: A little bit that. I’ve had reading the major religious texts of the world on my to-do list for a long, looooong time. But mostly because I’ve had a great love of Islam for a long time, especially after my World Religions class in college when I got to read lovely bits of prose from the book. And also because I want to use it to help fight Islamophobia. “No, it says X/doesn’t say X in the Quran, so go jump off a cliff.”

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do you dislike balmung?

Goodmorning, Anon!
Goodness no, of course I don’t dislike the place, I don’t even play there! How can one dislike something they don’t know much of? 

tl;dr answer:
I moved an alt there long, long ago though and I have some amazing friends who play there and I love them to bits! Unfortunately I barely have enough time to do what I want on my home server, let alone log and do things on other servers. ^^;; and so I hadn’t logged on Balmung for over six or so months. -nervous laughter-

The long answer even though this is none of my business!
First off, please this is my opinion and decisions on the matter, don’t take them personally in any way. 
I thought to move the alt to Omega after reading of how congested Balmung is and SE’s desperate measures. Yes, it’s just one drop in the ocean but it’s something. That is if I can even log and move the alt, haha.

I can understand why some players cling to the place, heck I don’t want to move from my server having accepted it as my home. We get attached to people and places and I’m no different. But here is the thing - they accepted the consequences of staying on a congested server (not only Balmung) and yet there are some loud ones who go and rain complains at the FF14 forums asking SE to do something about the queues asking for bigger servers. It is an endless stream and you only ask for a bigger cup - it will fill up as well. Those who rain these complains do irritate me at times. 

And lastly, while I can understand the RP appeal of Balmung, I’m long done with consistent RP environment. I used to be a GM on RP MMO servers for over six years, I’m beyond tired. RP is an amazing creative outlet but it can become easily overwhelming for me. For that reason I keep it brief and on Thumblr only and in game I simply play.

Whew! Looks like I did have a lot to say on the matter, but again - none of this is any of my business! I don’t play nor I played long enough on Balmung to be giving any kind of opinion about it. ^^;; 
It’s primary why I never spoke regarding the server’s doors closing or my intention to move my character off the place for good.

This is such a small thing in the sea of things I loved about Wonder Woman, but I would just like to point out that they fucking referenced the genocide of native Americans by white people as an example of all humans beings doing terrible things, even the “good guys” and I was honestly just blown away by that. Too often in World War I or II movies there’s a line in the sand drawn with the good and the evil and war is just never that simple. Americans came into World War I as “heroes” but they had literally just finished destroying an entire race. Too often War films forget that, especially superhero ones. I love Captain America to bits, but the cartoonish oversimplification of all Germans as evil and the Allied forces as all good is a dangerous one. It makes people forget that all humans have a capacity for evil. So it kind of blew my mind to see Wonder Woman touching on that in such a simple, elegant way.


- In which the beast really only needed to work on loving himself a bit more, while beauty signed up for kicking some ass and not that magical bullshit.

I spent the whole evening listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and couldn’t control myself.


They take care of the members like no other 

Originally posted by charrytommoto

And laugh together like no other

Originally posted by minhasgifskpop

To tears sometimes 

Originally posted by de-drums

Namjoon used to pull Jin just to make a heart

Originally posted by mochixhamster

Or concentrate so hard (to make one)

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

Today they make them with the eyes closed

Originally posted by flyingpandasrule

They crush while dancing while we pray no one will break a bone

Originally posted by kc-junghsk

They have these weird moments we can’t get but still love

Originally posted by yovibeispretty

Just keep in mind  they are the eldest and the leader 

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

Namjoon thinks Jin is so cute

Originally posted by byeoltan

He watches Jin acting cute like he is witnessing the next big thing since pizza

Originally posted by slut4bangtan

He also tries to make Jin cuter (GOALS)

Originally posted by boys-love-hell-yes

Or, remember when  they were  alone in the studio

Originally posted by lacuna-matata

And namjoon wasn’t able to take his eyes off Jin

Originally posted by yoongi-path

But again … he isn’t the only one

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Mr third guy from the left is worldwide handsome and VERY caring:

Originally posted by iwaslookingforhope

Speaking of Namjoon’s obsession he usually holds Jin the same way

Originally posted by cryseok

by putting his hand around Jin’s wide shoulders

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Namjoon is way too smooth

Originally posted by siomaichi

And it works because Jin shares his food with him and yall know how much Jin loves his food (MAAANHI MANHI if you had no clue)

Originally posted by blessedbyjarry

THE aura. THE charisma. THE air around them changes when they stand together. Their presence together is THAT powerful.

Originally posted by namjinkiss

SO powerful. Even their cute selfies revived the dead ARMYs killed by the previous events

Originally posted by minyoongi-sempi

They are soooo~oooo cute and precious and must protect material when they play with filters, you forget that one of them is called rap “MONSTER”. 

Originally posted by mafiakpopper

“Jin put his hand on Rapmon’s thigh as he laughed. Namjoon ignored all the cameras and he held it thightly while smiling” It sounds unreal but …No. This is not a fanfiction. This is reality:

Originally posted by badgizibe888

The way Rapmon hugs him and how Jin just puts his head on his shoulder is like a scene from a movie too

Originally posted by namjoon-be-my-friend

I mean, look at this, you can’t feel nothing even if dead

Originally posted by namjinlove

And space is not part of their dictionary: look at all the empty seats but they slept next to one another

Originally posted by boys-love-hell-yes

It was never a coincidence (Did you just “Awwww” now? don’t worry 99% do)

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

And we can’t let out a post about these two without the GIFT SENT BY THE HEAVENS this year: THE kiss!

Originally posted by jeonsshi

It’s the ship that the WHOLE fandom approves no matter what. Why you say? I mean look at them. How can you not?

Originally posted by bwibelle

So with flying kisses from both our lovely Jin and beloved Rapmon,  I finish this post wishing it has made you smile a bit <3

Originally posted by w-t-f-yes

I love these two so so so so much so I hope you liked it too^^ 
If you want to see more Try: 


By @mimibtsghost

Internal Conflict:  Five Conflicting Traits of a Likable Hero.

1.  Flaws and Virtues 

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but characters without flaws are boring.  This does not, as many unfortunate souls take it to mean, imply that good, kind, or benevolent characters are boring:  it just means that without any weaknesses for you to poke at, they tend to be bland-faced wish fulfillment on the part of the author, with a tendency to just sit there without contributing much to the plot.

For any character to be successful, they need to have a proportionate amount of flaws and virtues.

Let’s take a look at Stranger Things, for example, which is practically a smorgasbord of flawed, lovable sweethearts.

We have Joyce Byers, who is strung out and unstable, yet tirelessly works to save her son, even when all conventional logic says he’s dead;  We have Officer Hopper, who is drunken and occasionally callous, yet ultimately is responsible for saving the boy’s life;  We have Jonathan, who is introspective and loving, but occasionally a bit of a creeper, and Nancy, who is outwardly shallow but proves herself to be a strong and determined character.  Even Steve, who would conventionally be the popular jerk who gets his comeuppance, isn’t beyond redemption.

And of course, we have my beloved Eleven, who’s possibly the closest thing Stranger Things has to a “quintessential” heroine.  She’s the show’s most powerful character, as well as one of the most courageous.  However, she is also the show’s largest source of conflict, as it was her powers that released the Demogorgon to begin with.  

Would Eleven be a better character if this had never happened?  Would Stranger Things be a better show?  No, because if this had never happened, Stranger Things wouldn’t even be a show.  Or if it was, it would just be about a bunch of cute kids sitting around and playing Dungeons and Dragons in a relatively peaceful town.

A character’s flaws and mistakes are intended to drive the plotline, and if they didn’t have them, there probably wouldn’t even be a plot.

So don’t be a mouth-breather:  give your good, kind characters some difficult qualities, and give your villains a few sympathetic ones.  Your work will thank you for it.

2.  Charisma and Vulnerability

Supernatural has its flaws, but likable leads are not one of them.  Fans will go to the grave defending their favorite character, consuming and producing more character-driven, fan-created content than most other TV shows’ followings put together.

So how do we inspire this kind of devotion with our own characters?  Well, for starters, let’s take a look at one of Supernatural’s most quintessentially well-liked characters:  Dean Winchester.

From the get-go, we see that Dean has charisma:  he’s confident, cocky, attractive, and skilled at what he does.  But these qualities could just as easily make him annoying and obnoxious if they weren’t counterbalanced with an equal dose of emotional vulnerability. 

As the show progresses, we see that Dean cares deeply about the people around him, particularly his younger brother, to the point of sacrificing himself so that he can live.  He goes through long periods of physical and psychological anguish for his benefit (though by all means, don’t feel obligated to send your main character to Hell for forty years), and the aftermath is depicted in painful detail.

Moreover, in spite of his outward bravado, we learn he doesn’t particularly like himself, doesn’t consider himself worthy of happiness or a fulfilling life, and of course, we have the Single Man Tear™.

So yeah, make your characters beautiful, cocky, sex gods.  Give them swagger.  Just, y’know.  Hurt them in equal measure.  Torture them.  Give them insecurities.  Make them cry.  

Just whatever you do, let them be openly bisexual.  Subtext is so last season.

3.  Goals For the Future and Regrets From the Past

Let’s take a look at Shadow Moon from American Gods.  (For now, I’ll have to be relegate myself to examples from the book, because I haven’t had the chance to watch the amazing looking TV show.) 

Right off the bat, we learn that Shadow has done three years in prison for a crime he may or may not have actually committed.  (We learn later that he actually did commit the crime, but that it was only in response to being wronged by the true perpetrators.)  

He’s still suffering the consequences of his actions when we meet him, and arguably, for the most of the book:  because he’s in prison, his wife has an affair (I still maintain that Laura could have resisted the temptation to be adulterous if she felt like it, but that’s not the issue here) and is killed while mid-coital with his best friend.

Shadow is haunted by this for the rest of the book, to the point at which it bothers him more than the supernatural happenings surrounding him.  

Even before that, the more we learn about Shadow’s past, the more we learn about the challenges he faced:  he was bullied as a child, considered to be “just a big, dumb guy” as an adult, and is still wrongfully pursued for crimes he was only circumstantially involved in.

But these difficulties make the reader empathize with Shadow, and care about what happens to him.  We root for Shadow as he tags along with the mysterious and alternatively peckish and charismatic Wednesday, and as he continuously pursues a means to permanently bring Laura back to life.

He has past traumas, present challenges, and at least one goal that propels him towards the future.  It also helps that he’s three-dimensional, well-written, and as of now, portrayed by an incredibly attractive actor.

Of course (SPOILER ALERT), Shadow never does succeed in fully resurrecting Laura, ultimately allowing her to rest instead, but that doesn’t make the resolution any less satisfying.  

Which leads to my next example…       

4.  Failure and Success 

You remember in Zootopia, when Judy Hopps decides she wants to be cop and her family and town immediately and unanimously endorse her efforts?  Or hey, do you remember Harry Potter’s idyllic childhood with his kindhearted, adoptive family?  Oh!  Or in the X-Files, when Agent Mulder presents overwhelming evidence of extraterrestrial life in the first episode and is immediately given a promotion?  No?

Yeah, me neither.  And there’s a reason for this:  ff your hero gets what they want the entire time, it will be a boring, two-dimensional fantasy that no one will want to read.  

A good story is not about the character getting what they want.  A good story is about the character’s efforts and their journey.  The destination they reach could be something far removed from what they originally thought they wanted, and could be no less (if not more so) satisfying because of it.

Let’s look at Toy Story 3, for example:  throughout the entire movie, Woody’s goal is to get his friends back to their longtime owner, Andy, so that they can accompany him to college.  He fails miserably.  None of his friends believe that Andy was trying to put them in the attic, insisting that his intent was to throw them away.  He is briefly separated from them as he is usurped by a cute little girl and his friends are left at a tyrannical daycare center, but with time and effort, they’re reunited, Woody is proven right, and things seem to be back on track.

Do his efforts pay off?  Yes – just not in the way he expected them to.  At the end of the movie, a college-bound Andy gives the toys away to a new owner who will play with them more than he will, and they say goodbye.  Is the payoff bittersweet?  Undoubtedly.  It made me cry like a little bitch in front of my young siblings.  But it’s also undoubtedly satisfying.      

So let your characters struggle.  Let them fail.  And let them not always get what they want, so long as they get what they need.  

5.  Loving and Being Loved by Others

Take a look back at this list, and all the characters on it:  a gaggle of small town kids and flawed adults, demon-busting underwear models, an ex-con and his dead wife, and a bunch of sentient toys.  What do they have in common?  Aside from the fact that they’re all well-loved heroes of their own stories, not much.

But one common element they all share is they all have people they care about, and in turn, have people who care about them.  

This allows readers and viewers to empathize with them possibly more than any of the other qualities I’ve listed thus far, as none of it means anything without the simple demonstration of human connection.

Let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite caped crusader, for example:  Batman in the cartoons and the comics is an easy to love character, whereas in the most recent movies (excluding the splendid Lego Batman Movie), not so much. 

Why is this?  In all adaptions, he’s the same mentally unstable, traumatized genius in a bat suit.  In all adaptions, he demonstrates all the qualities I listed before this:  he has flaws and virtues, charisma and vulnerability, regrets from the past and goals for the future, and usually proportionate amounts of failure and success.  

What makes the animated and comic book version so much more attractive than his big screen counterpart is the fact that he does one thing right that all live action adaptions is that he has connections and emotional dependencies on other people.  

He’s unabashed in caring for Alfred, Batgirl, and all the Robins, and yes, he extends compassion and sympathy to the villains as well, helping Harley Quinn to ultimately escape a toxic and abusive relationship, consoling Baby Doll, and staying with a child psychic with godlike powers until she died.

Cartoon Batman is not afraid to care about others.  He has a support network of people who care about him, and that’s his greatest strength.  The DC CU’s ever darker, grittier, and more isolated borderline sociopath is failing because he lacks these things.  

 And it’s also one of the reasons that the Lego Batman Movie remains so awesome.

God willing, I will be publishing fresh writing tips every week, so be sure to follow my blog and stay tuned for future advice and observations!